Zakharova: Russians did not suffer from Iranian strike

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova gave another press briefing.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova gave another press briefing.

Traditionally, the most pressing issues on the international agenda were discussed. The Moscow Post correspondent also managed to ask his questions.

The first question of our publication concerned the information previously provided by the Russian Foreign Ministry that in 2024 our country will open consulates general in the cities of Aktau (Kazakhstan) and Samarkand (Uzbekistan). A large number of citizens of the Russian Federation who need consular services live in these countries and cities.

The order of the Government of the Russian Federation on the opening of the Consulate General in Samarkand was issued on February 13. According to Maria Zakharova, it is too early to talk about the opening date. Now the relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are carrying out personnel and organizational measures related to the opening of the Consulate General. Regarding Aktau, the Foreign Ministry is also actively working with Kazakhstani colleagues on the conclusion of a bilateral agreement on the creation of such an institution and the creation of a legal basis for this.

Our publication did not bypass the topic of aggravation of the Iranian-Israeli conflict. A few days ago, Iran responded to the attack of its diplomatic mission in Syria with a massive missile strike. In the coming days, Israel is expected to respond. Meanwhile, in both countries, especially in Israel, there are many Russian citizens. What about their safety?

According to Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry has no information about the Russians affected by these attacks, including the recent rocket fire on Israel. Our diplomats pay attention to Tehran's signals of its disinterest in further escalation. The Foreign Ministry calls on all parties to the conflict for restraint and hopes that they realize the degree of risk of provocative actions fraught with peace and security in the Middle East.

She also again called on our compatriots in the region to closely monitor the messages and recommendations that are published in the information feeds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions in the relevant states.

In addition to these issues, The Moscow Post drew attention to numerous publications about the alleged negotiations between Russia and Ukraine with Turkey on the conclusion of an agreement on security in the Black Sea. As if the agreements already reached were thwarted by the Ukrainian side.

The diplomat did not comment in detail on this issue, mentioning only the ongoing dialogue on security in the Black Sea with the Turkish side. Thus, she does not refute the very fact of negotiations in the Russian Foreign Ministry.