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03 March 2024

Value on an exit: Zelensky admitted own powerlessness

Cancelled resignation of Valery Zaluzhny - sign of chaos in the Ukrainian system of public administration and personal weakness of the president Volodymyr Zelensky.

World media continue to discuss leak about cancelled resignation of the commander-in-chief of AFU Valery Zaluzhny. Versions obvious to be separated, however, one - in president's team of Volodymyr Zelensky contradictions accrue, and to replace Zaluzhny still simply there is nobody.

According to the same world media, the head of GUR Kirill Budanov and the commander of ground forces of the country Alexander Syrsky refused a post of the commander-in-chief. Including Zaluzhny, all three can be considered by Washington as possible reliefs of Zelensky. And it in several months will lose legitimacy, having turned into the ordinary military dictator.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

In it question: Volodymyr Zelensky so strongly holds the power that, apparently, bothered already even to the western curators. Besides, on someone it is necessary to get rid of all failures and mistakes and also enormous corruption which devastates stocks and warehouses of AFU nearly quicker, than fighting.

Other major moment - mobilization. It is known that Zelensky in all pretends that he opposes to will of military to deliver not less than 500 thousand more people under a gun. At this time the commander-in-chief of AFU tries to return people to reality - the remained forces not that the Crimea not to reach, but even the current positions will be difficult to be held.

On this background in the Verkhovna Rada there are discussions of the new law on mobilization which will enter draconian measures concerning deviators. Main "innovation" at all not decrease in military age, and even not danger of blocking of accounts. In case of adoption of the bill the delivery of the agenda personally is not required at all - will be to send them to an electronic office of the unfortunate recruit enough. Thus, nearly a good few of the mobilization resource which remained in Ukraine can be outlawed, even without suspecting about it.

The majority in the Verkhovna Rada - at the notorious Servant Naroda party of Volodymyr Zelensky. Nobody doubts that behind the draconian project there is he, peace talks with Russia for it not an option long ago. Says the law adopted at the very beginning of SVO which in general bans direct peace negotiations with Russia about it. Earlier both the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Foreign Ministry repeatedly emphasized that they are ready to resume dialogue, but for this purpose Ukrainians have to "give" themselves a free hand.

As of 2024 Volodymyr Zelensky became simply inconvenient for the western elite. The USA obviously expected that in the spring of 2024 in Ukraine there will take place presidential elections during which the current head of state can be sent to pension (it has a property in Cyprus, in Israel and Great Britain).

As it was supposed, Valery Zaluzhny can take his place. After a deafening failure of summer counterattack of AFU it began to be silent, actively criticized the management and partners of the country in the western press. The most sensational material came out in The Economist. There Zaluzhny recognized that there was a stalemate, and any breaks to the Crimea, the it is more, its "release" will not be from a word absolutely.

Destruction of these myths affected moral spirit of troops and the population, and it was obviously not pleasant to Zelensky. He and his team are responsible for all aggressive public relations which created absolutely unrealizable expectations at Ukrainians.

According to the western sources, Zelensky tried to fire Zaluzhny "on soft". Allegedly, he made him the proposal to write the official report about resignation, but was refused. And to fire him directly simply was afraid - not only because of popularity of the military, but also because Budanov and Syrsky refused to hold his post. And a year ago they could fight for this position! The Ukrainian leaders slowly sober?

At the same time, same shows both weakness, and uncertainty of the president Zelensky. He is afraid, first of all, for the popularity. But not only. A possible military coup in Ukraine - is quite probable. If his instigators will get support of the western partners as it was in the period of a coup d'etat of 2014.

One more subject - cancellation of presidential elections because of martial law. All understand that Zelensky went to it only to keep the power. He in case of defeat will be made "extreme", will lower on it all dogs. For it it is crucial to remain the leader of wartime, "face" of the country.

Not to mention that he quarreled with all who brought him to power. First of all, with oligarchs, and first of all among them - with Igor Kolomoysky (recognized as the terrorist and the extremist in Russia). Now the last is in the Kiev pre-trial detention center on a charge of fraud and legalization of the property received in the criminal way. It is terrible even to think how many Kolomoysky can have a compromising evidence (it is recognized as the terrorist and the extremist in Russia) on the former ward.

Valery Zaluzhny and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo:

The United States took the news extremely coolly that there would be no presidential elections in 2024. If at the same time there was a prospect of military success on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this would not be such a problem. But Washington's plan to bring the Russian Federation to obedience through a proxy conflict failed. And Zelensky, with his constant requests and pressure, is very inappropriate against the background of the political crisis in the United States, including those related to migration policy and the upcoming presidential elections.

After all these events, both Zelensky and Zaluzhny were weakened. But the latter has unspent political capital and room for manoeuvre. Zelensky, even after March, will find himself in a situation of time trouble, when the next step is even worse than the previous one.


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