Traitors and Ukrainian terror in Belgorod region

Loud, but senseless from a military point of view, terrorist attacks on Russia will not help Ukraine change the course of the SVO.


Loud, but senseless from a military point of view, terrorist attacks on Russia will not help Ukraine change the course of the SVO.

Yesterday, a sabotage and reconnaissance group entered the territory of the Greivoron district of the Belgorod region from Ukraine and attacked peaceful villages. As it later became known, it consists of participants in collaborators and terrorists from the Legion of Freedom of Russia (recognized in the Russian Federation as a terrorist organization and banned) and no less terrorist, but not yet officially recognized as such, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDC).

It is clear that this attack on peaceful Russian villages is a kind of "response" to the catastrophic defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk (Ukrainian name - Bakhmut), completely liberated by Russian units on May 20. This attack cannot change the balance of power in the SVO, but the terrorists made a lot of noise.

Why the terrorist attack on Belgorod is a step of despair, and not a manifestation of strength at all, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

There is still little officially confirmed information about the attack from the Ministry of Defense and other services. A counter-terrorist operation regime was introduced in the region, which as of the morning of March 23 has not yet been lifted, which means that the destruction of terrorists can continue now.

According to information from the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov, at least 8 civilians suffered from the actions of terrorists. How many attackers were destroyed and captured - so far there is no official data. Unofficial - dozens of people.

The exact number of the group is also still unknown. There are various assumptions on the Web about the possible call of about 100 people with the support of several armored vehicles. It was also reported that armored vehicles left the DRG after landing. I.e. she was not going to evacuate them - it means that the terrorists who entered the territory of the Russian Federation were identified by the Kyiv regime as suicide bombers.

This is not surprising if information is confirmed that the detachment consists of members of the Legion of Freedom of Russia (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation and banned) and the RDC. After all, traitors from among the citizens of Russia, the Kyiv regime is even less sorry than its own fellow citizens, sent to death in batches.

But that's not the only motive. Using traitors from Russia itself against Russia, the Kyiv regime is distancing itself from the barbaric attack, trying to present the saboteurs as a kind of "partisan detachment" that is fighting the Russian Federation allegedly without the participation of Kyiv. It is difficult to believe in this nonsense, but it is possible, given the unintelligible work of the information block of the Russian Federation itself.

Similarly, in Ukraine, the attacks of Ukrainian drones on Russian facilities were explained - Kyiv cynically transfers responsibility, and sometimes openly "trolls" Russian government agencies, although all officials in the West and the Russian Federation are well aware of who is behind these crimes.

Such a lie is needed, first of all, for the so-called Western partners of Ukraine, or rather their electorate. They must explain to their societies that Kyiv does not attack Russia, but allegedly only protects its territory.

Something similar was used by the Nazis during the war with the USSR, when traitors accountable to the Nazis under the leadership of General Vlasov portrayed a "popular struggle" against the hated Bolshevik regime. Well, those collaborators and Nazi killers have grown a "Kyiv shift."

Also, for now, let's leave aside the questions of how it happened that huge amounts of money have been allocated for the defense of the region by the SVO for a year and a half, but the DRG was still able to freely go to the settlements. All this, of course, will have to be dealt with by the authorities and competent authorities.

But the main thing is that the background of this attack is clear. And whatever the information noise of Kyiv turns out to be, this is a step of despair and an attempt to hush up information (primarily in front of its citizens, but not only) the largest defeat of Ukraine on the battlefield this year. We are talking, of course, about the liberation of Artemovsk, on the defense of which in Kyiv and in the West made a big bet.

"Block" Artemovsk

For more than 200 days, a fierce battle continued in Artemovsk, which received the "popular" name "Bakhmut meat grinder." According to various experts, initially Artemovsk was not of strategic importance. The Kyiv authorities made it a strategically important city, declaring it a fortress, throwing huge funds and Western weapons on its defense. Nothing helped.

According to the most preliminary estimates, in Artemovsk, Kyiv could burn the main troops and reserves for 30 thousand people. For the current Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are preparing to attack new regions of Russia, this is a disaster and a disruption of all plans to organize an attack. Recall that she has been expected from Ukraine since the beginning of spring 2023. But Russia's actions to destroy accumulations of equipment, personnel, ammunition and fuel led to the fact that the offensive has not yet begun - i.e. the plans of the spring campaign of the Kyiv regime were thwarted.

For the slandered population of Ukraine, this was supposed to be a shock. Indeed, in the official sources of Ukraine - "peremoga" on "peremoga." And then President Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself visited Artemtovsk, but the city still fell. And not just fell: thousands of poorly trained and poorly armed Ukrainian mobilized, and elite units of the MTR and GUR of Ukraine were killed in a meat grinder.

This is a huge image loss for the entire western block. Especially against the background of the G7 summit held in Hiroshima. And they need to beat off investments in the war - otherwise billions of dollars sent to Ukraine, some of which were stolen long ago, would have been lowered into a pipe. Therefore, the defeat in Artemovsk, which may precede the failure of the entire offensive of Ukraine on our new regions, can seriously shake the support of Zelensky's team in the West.

Similarly with its own population. Despite the rabid propaganda, fewer Ukrainians believe in victory, not to mention a complete return to the borders of 1991. Therefore, faith and morale must be somehow reinforced. Even if these actions will not have any real impact on the situation in the SVO zone.

And so it happened. Ukrainian sources rejoice, the attack on peacefully sleeping villages delighted the audience there. But in fact, such acts are a manifestation of weakness, they will not change anything. One can recall more serious operations, the main goal of which was the psychological support of a failing nation.

Historical footage of the liberation of Artemovsk flew around the world. Photo: Open Sources

For example, the famous counterattack of German troops in the Ardennes at the end of World War II. However, unlike the current attack, it brought certain military results, but most importantly - for a short time gave the illusion that "not everything is lost."

So in Ukraine they cannot come to terms with reality in any way - the new regions of Russia will never return to Ukraine. But you will have to come to terms with it, and no terror against the civilian population, mixed with lies about "internal confrontation," is unable to prevent this. Well, meanness, betrayal and lies - they will always remain so.