Things are bad and getting worse

How to use the tools of financial pressure on Moscow and support Ukraine are discussed by the relevant ministers of the G7 member countries, who gathered in Niigata, Japan, on May 11 for a summit of the heads of financial departments and central banks of the Seven countries. The G7 leaders summit will take place in Hiroshima just a week after that, on May 19-21.


How to use the tools of financial pressure on Moscow and support Ukraine are discussed by the relevant ministers of the G7 member countries, who gathered in Niigata, Japan, on May 11 for a summit of the heads of financial departments and central banks of the Seven countries. The G7 leaders summit will take place in Hiroshima just a week after that, on May 19-21.

It cannot be ruled out that this week the curators of the Kyiv junta will force the Armed Forces of Ukraine to go on a "long-awaited" offensive. Otherwise, the main initiator of the crisis in Ukraine (and Europe) will have to face questions, the main of which may sound like this: "Why is THIS ALL started?"

Indeed, the position of US President Joe Biden is unenviable. The US House Oversight Committee has released a 36-page report outlining the history of his family's dealings, sending millions of dollars into the bank accounts of Biden's relatives, according to a correspondent for The Moscow Post.

Leading US media outlets ignored a press conference on the report into these "illegal and unethical" transactions. But in the air there is a feeling that "everything is bad and getting even worse," comments The Ron Paul Institute. The Biden administration is looking for how to get out of the crisis, saving face.

Exacerbate the crisis in Ukraine

One option to divert attention is to exacerbate the crisis in Ukraine. But Kyiv hears the ambiguity of American assessments about the likely outcome of the planned counteroffensive. Volodymyr Zelenskyy asks to wait a little longer, realizing that this request could lead to the "completion of the project." Biden can translate all attention to China. Moreover, his meeting with the leaders of the collective "six" will be held in Japan.

London, without removing the role of an arsonist, decided to transfer Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine, CNN reported. This means that Crimea and the new territories of Russia will fall into the zone of action of these weapons. Washington itself is watching these actions of an ally from the outside.

The conflict in Ukraine would end in a few days if Western aid was refused to Kyiv, but hostilities should continue, EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said in an interview. Showing by this that the West is angry to the limit, supports Kyiv by all possible means, the United States and the NATO alliance - weapons, ammunition, intelligence and... sabotage "under the Ukrainian flag."

Even acts of terrorism are interpreted depending on where they are committed. Biased journalists justify the persecution of Russian opinion leaders by the special services of Kyiv. The head of the Russian Bar Association, Sergei Stepashin, speaking at the session "Legal support of national security in the light of modern threats" at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, proposed recognizing Ukraine as a terrorist state.

Did a lot of bad things

"A real war has been unleashed against our Motherland again, but we have rebuffed international terrorism, we will protect the residents of Donbass, we will ensure our safety," said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a military parade on Red Square on May 9.

According to the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov, the USA and alliance NATO directly participate in the conflict, transferring to weapon and preparing shots for AFU on the grounds. NATO now - the actual participant of this conflict, on side of Ukraine and before full completion of SVO "still far", - Dmitry Peskov in an interview to ATV TV channel told (The Republika Srpska, entitt Bosnia and Herzegovina).

According to Peskov, "definite purposes" are achieved, operation difficult and will be continued, considering that "first of all safety of the people living in Donbass has to be ensured. Those people who lived long eight years under shells of the own state." Demilitarization of Ukraine will continue too, "we try to keep infrastructure, … we try to keep human lives", - Peskov told.

"The countries of the West made a lot of bad and many mistakes and forced Russia to begin with it special operation. The western countries deceived us after the collapse of the USSR, they organized six waves of expansion of NATO. This system of mistakes led to the fact that Putin decided to begin operation. Russia is too big state that with it it was possible to act this way and Russia - too powerful country to be given", - Peskov in an interview told.

Time of the CFE came

What occurs in Ukraine affects Europe, returning safety of the continent during an era of block opposition. Some conventional concepts are in the eyes cancelled and others, including such as trust, constructive cooperation, restraint and mutual understanding are sharply devaluated.

The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) was signed in 1990 in Paris by representatives of 16 countries of alliance NATO and six countries of the Warsaw Treaty Organization. The document set quotas for number of fighting tanks, armored combat vehicles, artilleries, attack helicopters and warplanes. Their use was limited in the territory of validity.

The agreement on his adaptation drafted at insistance of Russia and signed in 1999 didn't come into force because of a destructive position of the USA and other countries of NATO. Though the document was ratified then by Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

In July, 2007 validity was suspended as members of alliance actually bypassed his provisions in process of expansion of NATO on the East. This decision was ratified by both chambers of parliament and came into force on December 12, 2007. Thus, the CFE signed in 1990 and which came into force in 1992 is hopelessly obsolete, became a past remnant.

In these conditions Vladimir Putin introduced the bill of denunciation of the CFE by Russia to the State Duma. Will represent the Russian President at discussion of the document the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. In the explanatory note it is noted that the contract "is in many respects obsolete and I lost communication with reality", including because of expansion of NATO. Also there it is said that the USA and their allies pursue "a policy of military confrontation with Russia".

Sergei Ryabkov said that events of the last time are requests of Helsinki and Stockholm for membership in NATO, inclusion of Finland in alliance and her agreement with the USA on placement of the American forces in the Finnish territory – significantly worsened a military-political situation in Europe.

Everything badly and becomes even worse

For Joe Biden to be "the military president" can be considered as "solution" of problems of America. But Washington hasn't enough disorder of a system of the European safety. Without representing how to solve the economic problems at the global level on the terms of the competition, the USA leans on the designs explaining inevitability of military collision with China.

Preparation for war gains steam at the state level. The arms traffic to Taiwan grows. The special troops of the USA will see off on the island of a training for local military. South Korea allowed the American submarines to moor with nuclear warheads in the ports. Japan informally, joins AUKUS, Indonesia and Philippines - in the list of candidates.

The functionaries of NATO representing the countries of Europe try to be fenced off diplomatically from these preparations. Claim that in the Strategic concept of NATO adopted at the summit in Madrid in June of last year China, unlike Russia, wasn't called by threat for alliance. It doesn't mean that in alliance there are no countries which also look narrowly at China and our plans in this context, but it doesn't enter the common military efforts of NATO", - the head of the military of committee Rob Bauer said.

Though, in EvroNATOsoyuz there are also other opinions. The EU High Representative Zhozep Borel offers that the Navies of NATO would patrol also the Taiwan Strait. The NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said "enhancing cooperation with partners in the Indo-Pacific region".

Niigata reclaims hub role

If something goes wrong, then, most likely, the war in the Pacific will affect Russia, history will repeat itself. In a bizarre way, in the city of Niigata, where the meeting of the finance ministers of the G7 group is taking place these days, the fates of Russia and China intersected.

In the summer of 1941, Japan was preparing for the occupation of the Soviet Far East and Eastern Siberia. 850 thousand soldiers and officers of the Japanese army were concentrated on the territory of Manchuria and Korea. Taking into account the troops in Hokkaido, South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, a group of about 1 million people was created to attack the USSR.

In the summer of 1941, the port of Niigata served for the Kwantung Army as one of the supply bases, used to transport personnel and military cargo from Japan to Manchuria. The United States had not yet fought, but the war was already underway.

Now, the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao writes, Biden and his "rattled" administration have been unable to prevent a financial crisis. The inability to raise the ceiling of public debt has led to a stalemate that threatens catastrophic consequences for both America and the global market.

The emergence of a default in the United States due to the situation around raising the ceiling of public debt may undermine Washington's economic leadership. This was announced on Thursday at a press conference in the city of Niigata by the head of the US Treasury Janet Yellen.

"Default will create a risk to the global economic leadership of the United States, will call into question our ability to defend national security interests," the head of the department said. Only America's national security is now interpreted differently: China and Russia for the United States are on the other side of the conditional front line.

Photo: RIA Novosti