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30 November 2023

The "smell" of Gaza is far from appeasement

While the air smells like a big war in the Middle East, Russia is making every effort to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

On the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin held a series of negotiations with world leaders. Two conversations were key - with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

The key theme was the escalation of violence in the Middle East. The specter of a big war is clearly in the air, which will inevitably turn into a disaster for the entire region and further imbalance of the geopolitical situation in the world. At the same time, Israel demonstrates unprecedented cruelty in the Gaza Strip - under the almost complete silence of most Western institutions.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Now Vladimir Putin is on an international trip - today he arrived in China. It is all the more indicative that he found the time and opportunity to talk with world leaders that the heating situation obliges.

In a conversation with the Prime Minister of Israel, the President, first of all, expressed condolences to the families of the dead Israelis, and also condemned any actions that the civilian population, including women and children, fall victim to. Apparently, there was an unprecedented, disproportionate cruelty of the Israeli army towards the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

There is no doubt that, among other issues, they talked about the possible creation of a Palestinian state, which Israel now strongly opposes. The need to create it is supported by other major players, in particular, Turkey and China. Yes, almost everything except for the refueling "peacekeepers" of the United States and the European Union.

In a conversation with Iranian President Raisi, the parties discussed the possible start of a large, large-scale war, i.e., with the participation of not only Israel, but also Arab countries, as well as, in fact, Iran. It is known that the United States is also pulling the military to Israel - one of the American aircraft carriers is already on duty near the coast. In addition, 2 thousand US Marines were sent to the country. Without a doubt, Washington's special operations forces are already operating there.

Iran understands that it cannot directly participate in the conflict now. But there is Hezbollah, which is considered a "proxy" for Iran. The movement has more than 100 thousand people - this is a much more impressive force than Hamas. The recent Israeli strikes on Syrian airfields in Damascus and Aleppo also contributed to the escalation of the conflict. They were applied on the eve of the visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian to Syria. The latter had to turn the plane right in the air. Experts say that he, together with his Syrian colleagues, had to adjust the position of both countries and approve a possible plan of joint action in the event of a further aggravation of the situation.

Israel is launching airstrikes on a sovereign country, on foreign territory. And the entire Western world community is silent in a rag. After all, these are the interests of Israel's security. When Russia attacked Ukrainian military installations to end aggression against Donbass, it caused a real hysteria in the western community.

Another telling point: Saudi Arabia has officially stopped the process of normalizing relations with Israel. The air smells distinctly like a big war. But who could benefit from it other than Israel? Many experts are increasingly inclined to believe that Tel Aviv could specifically "miss" Hamas's preparations for the attack on October 7 in order to get a reason for a "final solution" to the Palestinian issue. This is what is happening today.

"It's different"

As for the population of the Gaza Strip, people were in a blockade without water, electricity, medicines, under incessant bombing. At the moment, it is known about the death of more than 2 thousand civilians in the sector, of which more than 700 are children. Given the population and development density in this settlement, this number will multiply with the start of the Israeli ground operation.

At the same time, the position of world political and humanitarian organizations is surprising. Especially in the context of the extremely cautious actions of the Russian army in the conflict zone with Ukraine. The bombing of Gaza has not stopped for a week, civilian objects and hospitals are being destroyed. But this did not lead to the obstruction of Israel, which is perceived as a victim of Hamas.

Earlier, hundreds of sanctions were imposed on Russia, its citizens are discriminated against throughout the Western world. And what were they silent when the artillery and aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ironed the residential areas of Donetsk? Why didn't they "arouse" back in 2014, after the famous airstrike on the administration of Stanitsa Luhansk, when civilians, including women and children, died? This is different, you know. How a coalition of 40 countries led by the United States bombed Iraq for 40 days before the land invasion in 2003 was completely forgotten. But then the goals were officially civil infrastructure.

Today, no matter how much we sympathize with the victims of Hamas, Israel's response is obviously disproportionate. Moreover, it only leads to an increase in support for the movement from ordinary Palestinians. It very seems that Hamas was counting on this.

In addition to the barbaric blockade of the Gaza Strip, another important point was Israel's demand to evacuate from northeastern Gaza closer to the Rafah border crossing to Egypt in 25 hours. It is clear to anyone that with a population of the Sector of about 2 million people, it is simply impossible to do this in such a period. This is a humanitarian disaster. The UN also drew attention to this - the corresponding statement was made by the chairman of the organization, Antonio Guterres.

His words did not go unheard, but no action was taken. The IDF gave only a small delay of an additional 24 hours to the proposed 6 clock. But this is not so much due to fears for the lives of Palestinians as to the protracted training of troops, nothing more.

At the same time, Israel's ground operation has not yet begun. Perhaps this will happen today. Israeli generals claim it will start at the same time with air, land and water. The goal is the complete destruction of Hamas. Apparently, together with the population living in the Sector.

Gaza after the bombing of Israel. Photo:

The air smells distinctly like the big new conflict in the Middle East.

Under these conditions, Russia's mediation role is rejected, its peace initiatives are ignored. There is a good chance that the Western community may regret it very much. However, for these people, war and violence are quite acceptable. The key point is who exactly it is aimed at.

Photo: Izvestia

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