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03 March 2024

The case is "shito-covered," or how Sweden "jumped" from the "streams"

The results of the "investigation" of the undermining of Nord Stream-2 by Sweden show the real objectivity and independence of Western "law enforcement officers," special services and governments.

The Swedish government announced the end of a preliminary investigation into the case of sabotage on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. The results "amaze the imagination" - the case is closed, the involvement of any persons in this crime could not be established.

The investigation of the terrorist attack is still ongoing in Denmark and Germany. But it is already obvious that they will not find the perpetrators, although everyone is well aware that the United States and Great Britain are involved in the crime - the main "chants" of the Western anti-Russian coalition. And it is more expensive for yourself to go out on them. These are the costs of the "free world."

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Sweden in this regard is much easier than the same Germany. Initially, straws were "laid in Stockholm," saying that the main purpose of the investigation for the country is to identify the possible involvement of Swedish citizens in the sabotage. It was not possible to establish such, and Sweden allegedly has no more interest in this topic. As a result of the "investigation" said the Swedish prosecutor Mats Jungqvist, due to the lack of data on the involvement of the Swedes, the Swedish jurisdiction does not apply to this case.

In response to this, the Kremlin said that the Swedish authorities "preferred to simply curtail this case." The Foreign Ministry believes that Sweden was afraid to reveal the truth about what really happened to Nord Stream in its economic zone. According to the special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, the Swedish authorities initially demonstrated the frivolity of intentions to complete the case and engage in it in general. The Federation Council of the Russian Federation suggested that the Swedish prosecutor's office was simply lying.

Here it would be worth remembering how our "non-living" liberal experts and activists cited the countries of the West, and even more so Scandinavia, as an example in terms of the work of the investigation, courts and the law enforcement system. Like, everything is according to the law, institutions work, political expediency will never prevail over the actual circumstances of the case, justice will be restored.

So much for "justice." And in this context, the refusal of Sweden and other countries to offer Russia to take part in the investigation, to provide the necessary data and legal assistance looks even more ridiculous.

"Nagadili" themselves

At the same time, it will be much more difficult for Germany to hush up this topic. First of all, because Nord Stream was a joint project of the Russian Federation and Germany. Berlin invested considerable taxpayer funds in it, the country's energy security was tied to the pipeline.

Today, Germany's industry is seriously declining amid rising prices for gas purchased in the United States and other countries except the Russian Federation. The country was gripped by massive protests by farmers, workers in transport and other industries, who were in a serious minus due to the country's suicidal policy towards Russia and the metropolis in Washington.

The rejection of their own national interests, the delegation of part of sovereignty and powers to the supranational level, complete dependence on the will of Western patrons made themselves a pale shadow of the strongest economy in Europe.

And while railway workers, pilots, farmers, food workers are on strike throughout the country, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is discussing a new package of anti-Russian sanctions and is thinking about where to find money for the next needs of the Kyiv regime. The result will be natural and will manifest itself in the next election. Already, Mr. Scholz's rating is around 20%, he is the most unpopular German chancellor in the entire post-war history.

At the same time, the decision of the Swedish authorities may play into the hands of the German side if Berlin can study parts of the pipes that the Swedish military removed from the Baltic Sea shortly after the explosions in the fall of 2022. Traces of explosives seized with him can be compared with those that German investigators found on the Andromeda yacht.

The yacht allegedly turned out to be connected with Ukraine and took part in sabotage. Previously, their views on this issue were expressed in Poland, whose citizens, presumably, could also be involved in the crime. Law enforcement agencies of this country denied the data that the yacht was involved in the explosion of gas pipelines. They considered that the version of her involvement could have been created to confuse the investigation.

Actually, this is a matter of responsibility. Washington and London are willing to frame anyone to deflect suspicion from themselves personally. But in this case, we are talking about the secret of Polishinel. Everything is so obvious that even the Poles do not want to play the fool, so that later they do not face possible lawsuits. This was not influenced even by the "obsequious" attitude towards its overseas allies.

The very same version is absolutely ridiculous. As well as an attempt to present what happened as the action of a certain group of Ukrainian saboteurs. Without intelligence and permission from the authorities of the EU countries and Scandinavia, without powerful state resources, it would be impossible to do this.

The truth will surface

Previously famous American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh openly accused the United States of organizing sabotage. And he built his conclusions not from his own conclusions, but from communication with competent sources from the American special services. He argues that the bombings were precisely a secret US operation.

The journalist found out that in December 2021, US Presidential Adviser on National Security Jake Sullivan convened a working group to respond to the "Russian threat." Allegedly, the Americans from the intelligence were aware of the military operation being prepared by Russia. In early 2022, the journalist writes, CIA representatives reported to Mr. Sullivan that "there is a way to blow up the pipelines." Which was done.

This is an unprecedented act of international terrorism.

At the same time, after that, Seymour Hersh was subjected to real obstruction in the United States and EU countries. And separately - in Ukraine, where almost a national enemy and "Putin's accomplice" were made of it. At the same time, it was Seymour Hersh who once covered the Watergate scandal, revealed the secret bombing of Cambodia. In 2004, he reported on the mistreatment of the American military with prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison.


This is the journalist of world size. But such people are not necessary to the modern States and their satellites. Because the truth is not necessary to them. But we that in Russia know that in the truth - force. Sometime the truth about diversions on "Northern streams" "will surely emerge" outside, i.e. will become known to the general western public - and there will be it much earlier, than "tsivilizator" and "sanktsioner" hope for that.

Photo: Yamal-Media

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