The Bidens considered criminal terms

Journalists accused President Joe Biden of a "scheme" to exchange money for political decisions.


Journalists accused President Joe Biden of a "scheme" to exchange money for political decisions.

This was stated by Republican Senator J. Chuck Grassley (Iowa). Rep. James Comer (Ky.) supports a party member, citing an internal FBI document that he said contains evidence of bribery that took place when Biden was vice president, according to a correspondent for The Moscow Post.

"We believe the FBI has an unclassified internal document that includes very serious and detailed allegations relating to the current president of the United States," Grassley said in a joint statement.

The White House is also preparing for the fact that the son of President Joe Biden may be charged with criminal charges, writes Politico. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has set a May 10 deadline for the FBI to submit documents related to the charges against Hunter Biden. On Wednesday, May 10, he will hold a press conference at which he can present evidence of corruption not only of Hunter Biden, but of "the whole family," including Joe Biden.

Birds of a feather flock together

But today it was the "case" of Hunter Biden that was at the center of the confrontation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. It only indirectly hurts the US president himself, whose approval rating is falling. The reason is his age and performance. If "sleepy Joe" is re-elected, then at the end of the second presidential term he will be 86 years old. Donald Trump's rating is rising even though he is 76 today. And he too was charged with falsifying business records in connection with the payment of money to a porn star.

Some voters are more concerned not about the age of the top job contenders, but about corruption. It cannot be ruled out that the outcome of the 2024 elections will depend on the court results of the "adventures" of the son of the current owner of the White House. Hunter Biden's defense is handled by his lawyers. They met with prosecutors at the Justice Department, according to The Washington Post. We discussed a case related to tax evasion and the acquisition of weapons according to fictitious information.

Hunter filled out a federal form asking if he was, the Washington Post reported "illegal consumer or dependent on marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic or any other controlled substance" he replied "no" But he himself admitted in his memoir of 2021, Beautiful Things, that in 2018, when he bought a gun, he smoked crack "every 15 minutes."

The situation for the Democrats is hopeless, writes Politico. If Hunter Biden is charged with a crime, Trump and Republicans will try to link his behavior to his father's behavior and his fitness for office. If no charges are filed, Republicans will say the Justice Department sided with the administration and Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Biden appointee, rigged the decision. Though the case is being investigated by prosecutor David Weiss of Delaware, a Trump appointee.

"The Biden administration is the most corrupt administration in American history. Hunter Biden is a criminal and nothing happened to him and nothing will ever happen, "Trump said at the rally, explaining that" the Democrats are sticking together. "

Hunter is the "tip of the iceberg"

The investigation into Hunter Biden began in 2018 or earlier and involved business connections and consulting work. Later, there were suspicions of undeclared income and information filed in the acquisition of firearms.

"My son did nothing wrong," the president declared. 'I trust him. I believe in him, and it affects my presidency, making me proud of him.' But the president and first lady have yet to publicly acknowledge the existence of the four-year-old, who is their seventh grandson. White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre declined to discuss the topic during the briefing.

The offspring failed his father with his financial machinations, or maybe he followed his instructions. As it really was, it may come to light during a press conference to be held by James Comer, who chairs the House Oversight Committee. But, strictly speaking, with his statement in support of his son, Joe Biden intervened in the process of administering justice.

James Comer and his colleague Jim Jordan announced investigations into President Biden and his family members back in November last year. The president's son, Hunter, used his marital status to build a business network, Comer said. Earlier, the New York Post claimed that the correspondence and photographs found in Hunter Biden's laptop could prove his participation in drug trafficking, human trafficking and prostitution.

The House Oversight Committee believes the "overseas deals" of President Hunter's son and his brother Frank are "just the tip of the iceberg." Joe Biden used his position as Ukraine's vice president and "handler," as well as ties to China, to promote his son's business interests. In simple terms, he traded influence.

Biden and his "family"

Democrats accuse Republicans of seeking to portray the Biden family as corrupt and undermine a rival in the 2024 election. The Oversight Committee views the actions, Biden as president and vice president, as "money laundering" by members of his family.

"There did not appear to be legitimate business transactions there and it was influence trading. And if you switch to legal terms, it's called being a foreign agent, "said James Comer, head of the Oversight Committee on Biden's relatives.

He noted that for the Ministry of Justice "it would be impossible to choose only Hunter Biden to bring charges and do nothing about [some] other family members, because they, in fact, did the same and received the same payments."

The head of the Oversight Committee said: "It seems to me that more laws have been broken than just tax evasion, and that there are many more Bidens involved than the president's son and his brother."

Comer declared "one hundred percent confidence" that the evidence is real and said that he had already subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Ray because of a document that apparently contains direct evidence that Vice President Biden received payments in exchange for political decisions, writes The Washington Examiner.

In an appearance on Fox News, Comer claimed he had gathered evidence that President Biden and eight members of his family received payments in exchange for lobbying for foreign partners. This happened during Biden's tenure as vice president.

Hide the silt, close the duckweed

It's not just about family affairs in China. A federal grand jury in Delaware has been investigating Hunter's taxes and his foreign business dealings since at least 2018. The question of whether he traded his father's "influence" in Kyiv was directly related to his membership on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

Republicans will definitely seize on the criminal case against Hunter Biden in order to cause political damage to the US president, who announced plans for re-election in 2024, writes the British The Guardian.

But it cannot be ruled out that this whole story with Biden's son will be "visible under the carpet." In recent American history, there are vivid examples of this. Biden may be playing the same game that President Barack Obama played in the interests of Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state of the Obama-Biden administration. In April 2016, the FBI investigated Clinton's email scandal.

Then the attorney general of the Democratic administration refused to appoint a special counsel, and the Justice Department conspired with defense attorneys to prevent the FBI from accessing evidence and testimony.

That's when Obama took to the airwaves to make clear he didn't want Clinton indicted. Obama knew that any prosecution of Clinton would have exposed that he, too, had communicated with her several times through her unsecured email.

Also, in the investigation of the story of how Joe Biden "traded influence" there is a conflict of interest. Its essence is that Biden's Justice Department is investigating the president's son, the president's family and the president himself. And if the Ministry of Justice claims that it does not investigate the president's involvement in the transactions of his family members with foreign partners, then it would be necessary to appoint a special prosecutor in this case.

As it did in January, when U.S. Justice Secretary Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Biden's improper possession of classified documents.

"The president has never discussed with the US Department of Justice investigations regarding any of his family members" and believes that the Justice Department will independently decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor to conduct possible proceedings regarding the president's son, according to a White House spokesman, things were more than a year ago.

But Joe Biden is obstructing the investigation into the "monetization of political influence" because he knows that he himself should be the main target of this investigation, according to a correspondent for The National Review.

The Justice Department could strike a plea deal with Hunter Biden on a small tax violation and a false statement when registering a firearm. The Washington Swamp has its own laws: "It will hide the silt, close the duckweed, quietly become above the water."

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