"Summit of the insane": Ukraine pulls the strap, Biden has fun in Hollywood

The United States continues to escalate the Ukrainian conflict while the so-called. The "peace summit" in Switzerland failed miserably even before the start of the event.


The United States continues to escalate the Ukrainian conflict while the so-called. The "peace summit" in Switzerland failed miserably even before the start of the event.

On the eve of the strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, said that the United States was ready to discuss with Ukraine the expansion of the geography of attacks on Russian territory.

This happens against the background of recent statements by NATO head Jens Stoltenberg about the need to allow Western weapons to be fired deep into Russian territory, as well as the preparation of the so-called. peace summit in Switzerland. The latter, it seems, even before its start turned into a regular social event without any hope of constructive in resolving the conflict.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

John Kirby's statements, as usual, were mixed with portions of slogans about supporting Kyiv, "we will not turn our backs on them" and the like. However, the situation is really extremely serious: the pressure of the RF Armed Forces on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the problems of Ukraine with the equipment of the army and the lack of equipment - all this causes great concern among its Western curators.

The US presidential election is ahead. Biden cannot go for a second term without showing voters and elites at least partial success in Ukraine. I.e. at least not to surrender what is now, to prevent further military failures - after all, they, like many other problems of Biden, can bury his election campaign.

This is also why the issue of strikes deep into Russia has intensified. Although everyone has long and reliably known that Kyiv inflicts such blows. For example, recently there have been several attacks by the Vampire MLRS on the Belgorod region, civilians have suffered. As for Ukrainian drones, they are trying to attack already in the Kazan region.

At the same time, Washington, London and Brussels are really concerned about Russia's possible response. Earlier, exercises involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons were held in the country. This signal is difficult to interpret in two ways.

Despite him, the Biden administration and NATO officials continue to play with fire. On the eve of a number of first-tier American media reported that the American leader "secretly" agreed to be hit by the same "Hymars."

Earlier, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov noted that the use of American weapons for strikes inland "more than eloquently" testifies to the involvement of the United States in the conflict. The escalation is also supported by our neighbors - Poland, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, and recently the new NATO member Sweden has been especially active. The latter even provided Ukraine with two of its early warning and control aircraft. It is assumed that with their help the F-16 aircraft will operate more effectively, which are about to be sent to Ukraine.

Does Sweden, and with it Finland, understand that they will fall into the sights of Russian rocket launchers? Recently, Vladimir Putin gave a hint of this. True, he meant rather the Baltic countries, he spoke of states small in area and with a high population density.

In addition, it is obvious that early warning aircraft will most likely operate over the territory of other countries - the same Poland or the Baltic countries. Whether they will be shot down by Russian air defense is a question.

Swiss "talking shop"

At this time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy rushes around the world trying to gather world leaders for an event in Switzerland. Its main essence is not at all the development of some acceptable solution to the conflict.

The main task is to impose on the international community (first of all, counting on the countries of the Global South) only one settlement option - one that Russia does not accept. I.e. turn off any alternatives, reduce the discourse to an ultimatum to Moscow and present it with the support of the maximum number of countries.

I.e. initially, the idea itself was a failure. There will be no Moscow in Switzerland - therefore, there is nothing to say. Zelensky has already had to remove seven out of ten points of his "peace plan" from the summit agenda in order to find at least some points of contact with "neutral" or friendly countries of the Russian Federation.

But today it is clear that at the summit there will be an extremely low representation of officials by level. Last day's Hochma - Australia will be represented by a minister for disabled people, not even a foreign minister. The leaders of China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil will not come to Geneva. Well, the biggest blow, even a spit in Zelensky's face - there will not be Joe Biden, who preferred the Swiss "talking shop" to the election event with Hollywood stars in the United States.

The event will take place in mid-July in the canton of Nidwalden. Until that time, Russia will struggle to show military successes in the Kharkiv region to present Zelensky in an even more disadvantaged position. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will act in a similar way, announcing counterattacks in the same Kharkiv region - both for the summit and for the US presidential elections, they need to show at least some success, even very limited. In any case, experts do not expect the start of a real peace process until next year.