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03 March 2024

Shugaley and Sueyfan are waited to confess in a crime they didn’t commit

The Head of the Foundation for National Values Protection, Alexander Malkevich, made an appeal to Russian sociologist Maxim Shugaley and translator Samer Sueyfan, after receiving an anonymous message in Telegram.

He noted that "the terrorists who got to power" failed to break the employees of the Foundation for National Values Protection, illegally held in a private Libyan prison, despite the torture and detention in inhumane conditions.

Malkevich said that the other day he received a message from an unknown Libyan number. From the information received, it became known that Shugaley and Sueyfan were moved under guard for "rehabilitation" in preparation for a certain press conference. According to the source, doctors and PR specialists are engaged in this.

The text also said that on November 22, at a public "presentation", the sociologist will be forced to read a pre-prepared text in Arabic. In Tripoli, they want the Russian to declare to the whole world that he allegedly carried out illegal activities on the territory of Libya. After that, he and the translator will presumably be sent to their Homeland.

The translation of the letter that Malkevich received was published by the RuNews24 news agency. The plan for Shugaley's public "confession" states that first he and Samer introduce themselves and report that they arrived in the North African state on the instructions of the Kremlin. They further say that their aim was to interview Gaddafi Jr., as well as collect information, which is not specified:

"We were and acted here in violation of the law, without proper legal grounds," the letter says.

Further Shugaley and Sueyfan have to comment on their detention, which happened "almost two years" before. It is worth noting that the authors of the text suggest that Shugaley call the conditions of captivity in a private detention centre, controlled by the radical Islamist group RADA, integrated into the Government of National Accord (GNA)  power unit, " favourable»:

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Tripoli authorities did everything possible to alleviate our presence on the territory of Libya."

This is followed by personal thanks to the head of the "Interior Ministry" of GNA, Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and other functionaries of the Tripolitan "authorities". Separately, the role of representatives of Qatar and Turkey, who "participated in the fate" of the Russians, is noted. Among other things, scientists are forced to say that reports of torture of prisoners in Libyan prisons do not correspond to reality:

"We want to assure everyone that we were not tortured or forced, and all the speculation spread by the Russian propaganda machine is a lie."

Alexander Malkevich called on Shugaley to read out a "grateful" text in Russian, adding that this way he would not betray national interests. He advised him to comply with the demands of the militants in order to return home as soon as possible, and also assured that the consequences of the charges attributed to him can be dealt with after the fact. The Head of the Foundation for National Values Protection stressed that the whole of Russia is waiting for sociologists and called them heroes.

"You will not give up if you read this nonsense," he stated.

Recall that the employees of the Foundation for National Values Protection arrived in Tripoli at the beginning of last year to conduct a sociological study. The GNA was notified in advance about the scientific work and they crossed the border with all the necessary documents. In May 2019, the Russians were abducted and placed in the unofficial Mitiga detention centre without charge.

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