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03 March 2024

Sandu goes through: on the "earth" they answer "no"

Residents of Moldova, contrary to the aspirations of President Maya Sandu and her Western curators, do not want to turn their country into a second Ukraine.

While the attention of the whole world is riveted on Russia's successes in the Avdeevsky direction and surrounded by the northern part of the Gaza Strip, interesting political processes are taking place in Eastern Europe, in particular, in Moldova.

In the last local elections, the Action and Solidarity Party (PDS) of the country's President Maya Sandu suffered a crushing defeat in two rounds. This is due to all the obvious support of Sandu on Western curators who brought to the handle of Ukraine. It becomes the second "square," with devastation, constant confrontation with Russia and a mountain of empty promises from the European Union and NATO, Moldovan residents do not want.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The second round of local elections took place last weekend. According to the results of the first round, "Action and Solidarity" managed to win only in two regional centers out of 32. It would seem that with the help of Western financing and political technologies, Sandu will be able to recoup, but no - her party prevailed in only two additional regional centers.

Only 305 thousand residents of Moldova voted for the ruling party in 2020 Sandu won the presidential election with a result of 943 thousand votes, in 2021 her party received 775 thousand in the parliamentary elections)

For a political force based on the administrative and other resources of the president of the country, this is a complete defeat. And this is an eloquent response of the bulk of voters, the so-called "deep people," to the destructive course of rapprochement with NATO and confrontation with the Russian Federation, which the country's president chose.

And this is against the background of numerous threats to Maya Sandu to deprive European funding of those "obstinate" municipalities where the "pro-European" heads of administrations will not be brought to power. Moreover, these threats rather mobilized the population against the ruling party. Sandu's party did not win any of the country's 11 major municipalities. No ruling party in Moldova has achieved such a terrible result since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But the opposition Party of Socialists (PSRM), led by such a hated Sandu and its curator, ex-president Igor Dodon, achieved serious success. Their total in local elections amounted to 10 out of 32 district centers, including the large municipality of Soroki. In two other significant cities, Floresti and Sholdanesti, PSRM candidates significantly bypassed direct representatives from the PDS.

Even after summing up the results of the first round of elections, Igor Dodon called for Sanda and her ruling party to be dismissed. "Opposition parties must join forces to achieve early elections of the head of state and parliament after the ruling party supporting Sanda suffered a crushing defeat in the elections, despite the administrative resource involved, violations of the law, unprecedented pressure on the opposition, the closure of parties and dozens of TV channels, other media," the former head of state said.

And the words about the media are for a reason. Recently, an unprecedented campaign has been launched in Moldova to pressure and close the media, which do not support the current authorities' course of rapprochement with the EU and NATO to the detriment of relations with Russia.

As for the Russian media, then the Sandu administration decided to hit the squares. At the end of October, the head of the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova, Alexander Mustyatse, ordered to block access to a number of leading Russian media. The ban affected TASS, Interfax, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Izvestia, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, In response, on November 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry closed the entry of a number of Moldovan officials into the Russian Federation as a retaliatory measure. In addition, Moldovan Ambassador Lilian Darius was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

On the Ukrainian curves

However, we in vain called pressure of team of Maya Sandu upon media unprecedented. The same way after "Maidan" the Ukrainian authorities began to work. The irresponsible and illegal decisions on infringement of the rights Russian-speaking and to a course they provoked enormous split in society which led at first to civil clashes, and then and to military opposition with the Russian Federation to a rupture of all relations with Russia.

Just the same rhetoric, as well as Poroshenko-Zelensky's administrations, madam Sandu uses. They are generously flavored the whole lots of promises from our former western partners to accept Moldova in the EU and NATO, having provided all of them comfortable life with a celebration of "the European values". What from it was received by Ukraine, all know well. And on others example the citizens of Moldova perfectly see to what it goes.

From the very beginning of SVO on protection of Donbass the western well-wishers who make the lion's share of team of Maya Sandu together with their Ukrainian wards push Chisinau to opening of "the second front" against Russia. The speech, of course, about blow on our forces in Transnistria and attempt to solve an old territorial and political problem by force.

Meanwhile Sandu had enough mind not to begin this adventure. But, considering those steps which it already took "for the benefit" Moldova, it is impossible to exclude it. It is perfectly seen by voters of the country. And especially in Gagauzia which traditionally supports the normal relations with the Russian Federation.

In 2023 in the Gagauz autonomy there took place elections of a bashkan, at the same time the party in power didn't participate in them, and in the second round representatives of opposition fought for a victory. The president Maya Sandu and the prime minister Doreen Rechan unanimously spoke about numerous violations which were allegedly recorded by police. They try to advance the idea about need to deprive of autonomy Gagauzia - allegedly, because of threat which that poses for national security of Moldova.

All this as under carbon paper is removed from rhetoric concerning inadmissibility to provide political autonomy Donbass - what, actually, from the Ukrainian side the so-called "Minsk process" was burned on. However, for Moldova danger absolutely in other plane - the citizen of Romania Maya Sandu doesn't consider at all that her country has to remain the certain independent state, frankly heading for entry into the EU - even if by full absorption by the neighboring Romania.

Losing identity

In March, 2023 in the Moldavian parliament after the fierce debate adopted the bill of "Action and solidarity" of renaming of the Moldavian language into Romanian. Passions boiled such that ended in a fight. Representatives of opposition from Blok of communists and socialists (BKS) called colleagues from PDS mankurts. At this time in the neighboring Ukraine forbid to speak to Russian-speaking residents of the country the language, call "cattle" and agents of the enemy. In Moldova, it seems, all who recognize existence Moldavian became agents of the enemy.

This deleting of own national identity to please to extremely doubtful political environment. And, of course, it received direct assessment on last municipal elections.

Whether understands Sandu what digs to itself a political grave? However, in Ukraine there were too few persons interested to clash with Russia until the western curators and huge funds which they spent for creation of new "historical memory" and national myths interposed in the matter.

Protests against Maya Sandu's policy in Gagauzia in 2022. Photo:

As "cherry on cake", the day before Maya Sandu decided to aggravate once again the conflict with Russian Gazprom concerning payment of the put natural gas. It appears, Maya Sandu has "proofs" that Moldova has to for delivered gas not of 700 million dollars, but only 9 million.

However, so far nobody saw these "proofs", but statement of question with accurate contractual obligations says that it that is called sends to administrations of present chapter of the Moldavian state racing. It seems that in Chisinau consider the best benefit for the country not only to quarrel finally with Russia, but also to buy natural gas on the party – extremely expensively and for without that poor budget.

Considering dependence of Moldova on external players, it seems, only the consciousness of an overwhelming part of her population keeps her from accident. The next presidential elections will take place in 2024, parliamentary - in 2025. We will hope that in case of a bad outcome for present ruling elite of the country their results not to turn back the next "Maidan" paid from the outside.


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