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28 November 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry: Tokyo's Amnesia, coupled with Russophobic rhetoric, can only cause rejection

A briefing was held in Moscow by Alexei Zaitsev, Deputy Director of the PIA of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Traditionally, The Moscow Post correspondent asked questions.

Mr. Zaitsev answered one of the questions prepared by our publication in advance - the topic was also of interest to other representatives of the press. It concerned the mourning events in Japan dedicated to the anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Journalists noted that Russia, one of the victorious countries in World War II, was not invited to the events, and the role of the United States in the implementation of the barbaric bombing was completely hushed up.

According to Alexei Zaitsev, the actions of the Tokyo authorities demonstrate the fact of historical amnesia, and there is nothing new in this position of the Japanese authorities. The representative of the Foreign Ministry stated "cynicism, silence of the truth, refusal under the pretext of a difficult geopolitical situation from the invitation of official representatives of Russia".

The diplomat believes that the Japanese administration, led by Prime Minister Kishida, covers the United States as the authors of this inhuman act. And at the same time, he constantly accuses Russia of nuclear blackmail. "In sane people, such electoral amnesia, coupled with Russophobic rhetoric, can only cause rejection", Zaitsev stated.

No Value Added Summit

Further, the journalist of The Moscow Post asked the diplomat about whether the Foreign Ministry could confirm the information about the so-called "peace summit" held in Saudi Arabia, which discussed ways to end the conflict in Ukraine - and without Russian representatives. Among other things, information appeared, allegedly the team of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky did not instruct for the first time on the unconditional withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces from the former Ukrainian territories reunited with the Russian Federation following referendums.

According to Alexei Zaitsev, it is better to contact those who attended this meeting on this issue. Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry believes that Kyiv there promoted the same ultimatum formula of Zelensky, the implementation of which is simply impossible. At the same time, Zaitsev recalled that two-thirds of the summit participants were represented by the directing countries of the Ukrainian crisis, while others, including the countries of the global South, were in the minority.

Any such meetings without the participation of the Russian Federation have no "added value", the diplomat noted. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry appreciates the initiatives of the global South to establish peace - unlike Kyiv, Moscow is ready to discuss serious proposals.

Another question concerned the recent incident in the Astrakhan region, when five Chinese citizens were denied entry to the Russian Federation. Alexey Zaitsev stressed that this situation has no political connotation, and the FSB is engaged in passing through the border - therefore, more detailed comments should be asked from this department. Nevertheless, the unprecedented level of relations between the Russian Federation and the PRC allows us to resolve all emerging issues quickly, in a constructive manner, taking into account the opinions, interests and mutual respect of our countries.

The Moscow Post's next question concerned whether the Russian Foreign Ministry is participating in the preparation of an intergovernmental agreement with China on the Russia-China New Land Grain Corridor project?

Alexey Zaitsev explained that issues in the field of agriculture are regularly discussed at the highest level. In particular, there is an active dialogue on the supply of Russian grain products to the Chinese market, as well as the creation of a land grain corridor and a grain processing terminal in the Trans-Baikal Territory. Both countries note the importance of promotion and cooperation in this area, and the Russian Foreign Ministry provides all support for this work within its competencies.

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

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