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01 December 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry announced the need to quickly correct distortions in the grain deal

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his question.

The journalist's first question touched upon the restoration of direct flights between Russia and Georgia. The website of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that "The restoration of Tbilisi's diplomatic relations is determined by the deliberately unacceptable requirement of Russia's revocation of the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia."

"How are bilateral issues resolved at the government level today?," - asked the correspondent of our publication.

Maria Zakharova noted that diplomatic relations with Tbilisi were severed in 2008 at the initiative of the then President of Georgia Mikhail Sahakashvilia. The possibility of their restoration was furnished with political requirements that come into conflict with realities in the region.

Russia has always maintained a course towards normalizing relations with the country, the approach of the Russian Federation consists in a consistent increase in contacts between citizens of both countries, despite the lack of diplomatic relations. Civil society has sent many requests to restore relations between states.

Russia proceeds from the assumption that trade and economic ties should not be hostages of politics. The decisions made by the President of Russia on the resumption of flights and the abolition of short-term visas for Georgian citizens to Russia fully fit into this logic. Our country is home to the largest Georgian diaspora abroad.

The decision is intended to help strengthen relations between countries, including through the intensification of contacts between business circles of states, the development of tourism, the development of humanitarian ties, contacts through scientific institutions, and so on.

"Everything is in line with these interests and requests from civil society - the public and economic operators," said Maria Zakharova.

Another issue was raised by the topic of interaction between Russia and the EU in the context of sanctions and information war, which from the West turned into manipulation and outright slander.

On the website of the EU Representative Office in Moscow you can see the following:... " regular dialogues and cooperation at the highest level, temporarily suspended until Russia fully implements the Minsk agreements. " There is also a claim there of "systematic malicious activity towards EU states, such as the use of chemical weapons." The Moscow Post journalist asked the diplomat to comment on the statements.

To this, Maria Zakharova said that those who publish them should give comments. The assessment of the Russian Federation of the malicious actions of Westerners, representatives of Brussels, the EU and the United States sounds regularly. Why they conduct such activities unfriendly to our country, you need to ask them. Given the fact that the EU has always "boasted" of its information openness - let them show it in practice.

The journalist of our publication also asked about the use of shells with depleted uranium, not so long ago the UN expressed concern about the supply of such weapons to Ukraine.

"It seems that this was done under pressure from your department. Is it so? Britain says it supplied such projectiles to Kyiv but does not track their use. What are the latest data on this score from the Russian authorities?, "The question was asked.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the Russian Federation is not engaged in "pressure" on the Western model, but in political work. Diplomats bring to representatives of international organizations not just concerns, but specific facts and figures. In the recent past, similar projectiles have already been used on the European continent. The supply of British depleted uranium shells will increase the suffering of civilians.

There will be an obvious result - pollution of the area with dangerous substances. But we are talking not only about pollution of the area as such, but also about products that will be cultivated in the territories.

"Did anyone think about it in Britain? Of course not, they don't care. In the depths of Western political thought there is a thesis "after us at least a flood," the same logic operates here. Now Britain is implementing the concept of inflicting a "strategic defeat" on our country in a Russophobic frenzy, "the diplomat said.

The question of the use of depleted uranium shells by the Kyiv regime should be asked to Ukraine, they should understand that if Kyiv speaks in words about love for the earth, then, in fact, its actions indicate the exact opposite. They destroy this land, infecting it, they make people's lives threatening.

"First of all, these questions should be asked to London, Washington and Brussels," said Maria Zakharova.

The final question concerned the completion of Rossi's chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

"How do you see the prospects for this organization and what did Russia get useful from partnership with Western countries as part of the Arctic Council?," Asked the journalist of our publication.

Maria Zakharova noted that she would first comment on their deal. The Russian Foreign Ministry confirms the extension of the "Black Sea initiative" announced by the Turkish president. Thus, there is a chance not in words, but in reality to ensure global food security, to help, first of all, countries in need.

"Our principled assessments of the Istanbul agreements have not changed and the distortions in their implementation should be promptly corrected," the diplomat said.

As for the prospects for the work of the Arctic Council, they look uncertain due to contradictions between member countries regarding the continuation of work and the role of the organization in international Arctic cooperation. Due to the suspension of the council initiated by the West, the implementation of tasks in the strategic plan until 2030 remains frozen. The selection and implementation of new projects does not take place. The responsibility lies with the Westerners, who put their own political situation at the forefront. With this approach, it is possible to predict the weakening and even marginalization of the Arctic Council. We need to see if Norway, which took over as chairman of the organization, will be able to reverse the alarming trend.

The interaction of the Russian Federation with Western countries within the council is important for solving collective problems, including adaptation to climate change in the region. Cooperation made it possible to effectively manage risks, for example, together to fight marine debris, oil spills, fight forest fires in the Arctic, and so on.

This organization, which was engaged in applied cooperation for residents of the countries of the region, based on urgent needs. She was indeed one that solved the problems with relying on experts and residents of the regions that enter the halo of her action.

"Westerners again put politics at the forefront, but this policy is not creative, but blocking, without a future. It is always brought by Westerners to international venues. Blocking everything that was of practical and pragmatic value and replacing it with political husks or pushing through their own interests, which completely turned into chaos, everything that had been developed decades before them and without them, "the diplomat summed up.

Photo: RBC

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