"Rashagate" came out in zilch

The American media admitted that they lied about Russia's interference in the elections - but now they are telling the "pure truth" about Ukraine?


The American media admitted that they lied about Russia's interference in the elections - but now they are telling the "pure truth" about Ukraine?

Polishinel's secret is open - it turns out that the American media and special services lied to the whole world (and, above all, to their own people) about Russia's "interference" in the US political processes. This, of course, is about the election of Donald Trump, in whose coming to power they saw a Russian trace.

The fact that this whole situation is sewn with white threads was understandable from the very beginning. Later, Trump himself, in an interview with American TV presenter Tucker Carlson, expressed the belief that the author and main engine of this lie was Democrat Hilary Clinton. But then what about other narratives that are spreading in American society about Russia and the same Ukraine? This is an even larger, brazen and cynical lie, the result of which is mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

All the cheese bor happened after the publication in the United States of the final report of Special Prosecutor John Durham, which says that the FBI ignored the facts when investigating Trump's alleged ties with Russia.

The facts, as you guessed, are that there were no connections or circumstances indicating this. But the investigation continued, because its very fact inflicted political and reputational damage on the blonde "busoter" of the American establishment.

The report highlights facts that support the bias of those involved in the investigation into Trump's alleged ties to Russia.

"Some of the direct participants in the investigation expressed open disdain for Trump, asked when they would be able to open an investigation into Trump, and said they would not allow Trump to become president. Our investigation found that the stated basis for launching the investigation "to determine whether there was coordination between Trump campaign-related individuals and the Russian authorities" was highly questionable. It is extremely concerning that the FBI was unable to critically analyze information that contradicted the position on interaction between Trump and Russia, "an excerpt from the NTV report is given.

Among other things, the Durham report says, for example, about the case of former FBI lawyer Kevin Klinesmith, who in 2020 admitted to falsifying an email. The letter was used to justify the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

I.e. not just lied, injected, made "stuffing" into the information space. But they also did their favorite things - illegal surveillance, wiretapping, and so on, for which they found fictitious reasons. In a good way, this is a serious criminal offense, but no further sanctions on the investigators, as you understand, are supposed. Well, they lied to the whole world - so what?

The goal was to prevent Trump from becoming president. And notice - no sanctions. They cannot cut themselves, especially since there are so many candidates in the world for good American flogging? This is called "hegemony."

Special Counsel John Durham's report emphasized that U.S. counterintelligence "relied heavily on investigative leads provided or funded (directly or indirectly) by Trump's political adversaries."

I.e. American justice, like a gas hooker, leaned over a more respectable and engaging Democratic client to politically bury an objectionable candidate.

An amazing example of the legality and "conscientious" work of American institutions. Those who are watching with breath our so-called refueling oppositionists. Many, however, are no longer just breathing, but have been living there for a long time, like the semi-changeable Garry Kasparov (included in the list of extremists, terrorists and foreign agents on the territory of the Russian Federation).

Recently, Yuri Dud took an interview with the latter (included in the list of extremists, terrorists and foreign agents on the territory of the Russian Federation). We must pay tribute to him, one of the questions was not in the eyebrow, but in the eye - how did the famous chess player and oppositionist manage to save up for a gorgeous American apartment for $3 million?

The answer must have satisfied the American justice, the special services, and the media. It turns out that a foreign agent, terrorist and extremist Garry Kasparov gave many lectures on life - and managed to "get dirty" nobly.

At the place of the interviewer, we would go a little further, and clarified whether he paid taxes on such an acquisition. Well, in essence: we remembered this character for only one purpose, once again demonstrate the double standards of the so-called. Western opposition, which are tracing paper with the absolutely deceitful manner of behavior that the Washington "Hail on the Hill" demonstrates to us.

This in Russia or some other non-Anglo-Saxon country can be corruption, bribery, pressure on political opponents and tons of lies from television screens. In the United States, this is impossible... Or vice versa?

Now - Ukraine

And here we find ourselves at the current moment in time when Trump is driven almost into the political underground (attempts to defame him do not stop), and the United States is promoting a large-scale information campaign to support Ukraine and the ruling Kyiv regime there.

By the way, it was Ukraine that made a significant contribution to the lie about Russia's interference at one time, which did not like Trump's pragmatic approach to our country. Yes, and the old man Joe Biden and his son were too noble in Ukraine for the local authorities to put on another horse.

For example, it was the Ukrainian side that provided the "facts" for the FBI investigation. For example, about the work of the head of Trump's campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, on Viktor Yanukovych, whom they tried to present as a puppet of Moscow.

Of course, in his 306-page report, John Durham did not directly state the existing conspiracy between the FBI, the Democratic Party of the United States and Ukraine. However, the document still states that the FBI acted on the basis of "raw, unanalyzed and unconfirmed" data. We will translate into a more understandable language: any outrageous and inconvenient lie about Russia, especially from the Ukrainian side, was perceived as a worthy fact. Other facts that suggested otherwise were not taken into account at all.

"The Durham report confirmed what we already knew: that federal agencies turned into political weapons created a false conspiracy theory about Trump-Russia collusion. It reminds us of the need to clean up these agencies, as they have never been prosecuted for such a blatant abuse of power, "wrote one of the favorites of the Republican presidential race, Ron Desantis.

The same special prosecutor John Durham, who was forced to admit a lie regarding Russia. Photo: Bob MacDonnell/Hartford Courant/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Now - a new, even more dramatic round of lies, already about Russia's special operation to protect Donbass. Americans regularly lie, hiding the pro-Nazi, corrupt essence of the regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. They lie about the alleged war crimes on the Russian side. At the same time, the real crimes of Ukraine - the murder of "collaborators" in Bucha and Irpen, the execution of pro-Russian teachers after the occupation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kupyansk, and so on and so on - are completely hushed up, ignored.

For the American viewer, they do not exist at all, and for politicians there is only what is beneficial to them right now. One more important factor for Americans has only been added: now this lie accompanies the multi-billion dollar spending of the US budget (which means taxpayers) on financial and military support for Ukraine. And this factor can play extremely negatively in the upcoming presidential elections, which Joe Biden gathered for.

Therefore, the "hangover" after this grandiose lie will be much stronger than after the campaign to discredit Donald Trump... And help.

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