Putin "returns" to Munich

Seventeen years after his historic speech at the Munich Security Conference, Vladimir Putin is "returning" to the podium.


Seventeen years after his historic speech at the Munich Security Conference, Vladimir Putin is "returning" to the podium.

On that day, the correspondent of our publication was interested in what the Russian Foreign Ministry expects from the Munich Conference. Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the diplomatic service said that there are no "special expectations."

It seems that the organizers of the conference do not expect much either. "At the moment, there is a real risk that more and more countries will find themselves in a losing situation that no longer depends on who wins more, but only on who loses less," the text of the Munich Security Report 2024 begins. Details in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

It is clear that at the center of this equation are Russia and the United States, their bilateral relations, as well as the upcoming American elections. "Biden... a person more experienced, he is predictable, he is a politician of the old formation. But we will work with any US leader who will be trusted by the American people, "Vladimir Putin answered a question from VGTRK correspondent Pavel Zarubin about which of the two presidential candidates is preferred.

Is this not a reason to talk? But there are many other assessments that the President gave in this interview. Participants in the conference in Munich are unlikely to be able to silence their content. However, as well as what Putin said earlier to Tucker Carlson in another interview with a billion views.

It's good that they watch and listen

Zarubin's first question boiled down, in particular, to what some Western leaders called a "ridiculous and absurd" attempt to explain the reason for the start of the SVO and justify it with the threat of a NATO attack. "It is good that they watch and listen to what I say," Putin replied and added words of gratitude to Carlson "for the fact that we can do this [to conduct dialogue] through him, as a mediator."

Only here they pervert and cringe. There was no speech "that the start of a special military operation in Ukraine is connected with the threat of a NATO attack on Russia." They promised... " not an inch to the east. Then five extensions and a complete deception. Of course, we were worried and worried about the possibility of drawing Ukraine into NATO, since this threatens our security, "Putin warned.

And once again he repeated that the West and the Kyiv elite refused to implement the Minsk agreements, continued attacks on the unrecognized DPR and LPR. Moscow did not recognize these republics for eight years, but the West torpedoed the Minsk agreements.

"We recognized them, then concluded a well-known treaty of friendship and mutual assistance with them and, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, fulfilled their obligations under this treaty," Putin explained the course of further events.

He added that "we were taken by the nose here," meaning both the former German chancellor and the former French president. They were not going to fulfill the agreements, they used the time to pump up the Ukrainian regime with weapons. "As I said, we did not start wars, but only try to stop them," Putin recalled.

"The only thing we can regret is that we did not start our active actions earlier, believing that we are dealing with decent people," he summed up what was said.

Your Carlson is a dangerous man,...

"Probably, theoretically, everything is possible in today's America, in today's United States," the President suggested and compared Carlson with Asanj. Which "no one remembers anymore" - Putin reacted to the assumption that Carlson could also be under pressure from the US authorities.

But if something happens in the "Asanj spirit," then people around the world will understand what a modern "liberal democratic" (in quotes) dictatorship is that will show "its true face," the President warned.

'It would be sad, I'm kind of jealous of him but it's his choice. He knew what he was going to, "Putin said and added that Carlson" did not touch any secrets at all, "in the conversation" went tough on his plan, "Putin said, regretting that the dialogue lacked aggressiveness and thorny issues.

He seemed to hide his sympathy for "your" Carlson journalist. In the toxic "Washington swamp," such sympathy can only harm!

… and Blinken is our person

Putin told that he after the interview spoke with Carlson about a demonizing of Russia in connection with "interethnic events, with the Jewish riots in the Russian Empire". The U.S. Secretary of State, for example, told how "his relatives, his great-grandfather fled Russia from the Jewish riots", - Putin remembered.

These crimes were – he told, - were in Odessa, then in Melitopol, in Zhytomyr, in other cities of today's Ukraine, were in Belarus. Couple of events of this sort were also in Siberia, including what was connected with murder of the Greek patriarch in Constantinople.

These riots were counteracted by teams of resistance which consisted of the Jewish and Russian youth, and the tsarist government tried to prevent, including by means of army. "We in archives have all this", - Putin assured.

Also I noticed that the great-grandfather Blinkena was born in the Poltava province, I lived in Kiev, and then really I left the Russian Empire. "There is a question: mister Blinken considers that it is primordially Russian territory, Kiev and adjacent territories?".

The question was followed by a statement: "If it says that he [this his ancestor] fled Russia from the Jewish riots, then at least, I want to emphasize it, he considers that any Ukraine in 1904, namely in 1904 the great-great-grandfather of mister Blinken left from Kiev to the United States. Means any Ukraine there wasn't if he says that he fled Russia".

And the first disorder in Kiev happened in the 1905th, and the ancestor Blinkena left in the 1904th. Means that he could learn about it only from newspapers or somehow still. But all these events "took place in the Russian Empire in the south, the southwest, in the territory of Ukraine today's just", - Putin summarized.

And having completed this chain, I joked: "Apparently, mister Blinken our person. Only in vain he makes such public statements. It can lead to a failure".

Berbok is hostile also to the country

The Russian leader kind of regretted the Foreign Minister of Germany Annalena Berbok, having told that "today's generations of Germans" shouldn't take full political responsibility for everything that was created by Nazi Germany. "And in general to mold this label of [Nazism] on all German people is a dishonest position", - he told.

Continuing, I told that it would be useful on "to build the global level this anti-fascist, anti-nazi promotion and work" to leave no room for a talk about any exclusiveness "any people before others" what "the Nazism and began with!". "I repeat, at the global level", at the level of public consciousness and a public initiative, irrespective of the country which initiates it.

That to Berbok's attitude towards Russia, it and is hostile to the country, "because it is difficult to imagine that the politician of such rank with such neglect treated the economic interests of the country, the people", - Putin noticed.

Representatives of this part of a political range of Europe speculate on fears of people and kindle these fears in connection with climate change. At the same time, coal generation grows in structure of power, contrary to the "green" agenda.

Let they understand

Answering a question that the USA, according to Trump, "shouldn't protect the European countries if those don't pay for it", Putin called the politician "non-systemic". I added: "Also sparked earlier. Take withdrawal of the United States from the Kyoto agreements in the field of ecology – then too sparked".

Concerning the North Atlantic Alliance told that "NATO at all to anything any more, doesn't have sense any. Sense only one is a tool of foreign policy of the USA. But if the USA considers that this tool isn't necessary to them, this their decision", - Putin cut off.

He refused to discuss the state of health of Biden because "not the doctor". And "the fact that he somewhere, going out of the helicopter, hit the head against this helicopter – and who at us didn't hit the head somewhere? Let the first will throw into him a stone", - he sympathized with Biden, having quoted one of many sayings of Jesus Christ.

Putin suggested "to look at a political position" the USA which at "today's administration is extremely mean and wrong". Also I cited as an example a visit of Boris Johnson "sent" to Kiev then the Ukrainian authorities left the Istanbul negotiation process.

"Why the West took such position, … the West and first of all the Anglo-Saxon world as the former prime minister mister Johnson couldn't arrive itself, on a personal initiative, without consultations with Washington in this respect", - Putin explained.

Probably, counted, "that it is necessary to be at war with Russia to the last Ukrainian (it was in brackets, of course), but to the bitter end", to inflict over Russia strategic defeat. It "is impossible, probably, it is necessary to introduce amendments. But it is already an issue of art of policy because policy, as we know, this art of compromises", - Vladimir Putin concluded.

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