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29 November 2023

"Our offers remain "on a table" — Maria Zakharova about prospects of the summit of "five" of permanent members of the UN Security Council

Today another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took place. Traditionally, the questions were asked by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Potential of increasing cooperation with Sri Lanka will define her government

The first question concerned the prospects of development of the relations of Russia and Sri Lanka which is in a condition of a political crisis now and takes steps for normalization of a situation in the country.

"On what directions there is an opportunity to help this country?" — the journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova noted that Sri Lanka is an old partner of Russia in Asia. Our relationship with this country is built up on the basis of the principles of equality, mutual respect taking into account the interests of each other. Interaction happens also at various international venues, it the proximity of approaches of the states to the main problems of the present promotes. In the long term Russia sees considerable potential in increasing bilateral economic cooperation. It is possible to speak about his full realization after a way out of Lankan economy of present crisis state.

As it was already noted, in the country there is a change of the political management, there is a formation of the government - only it can define the directions in which the country needs the help and assistance. Forms, volumes and other conditions can be discussed within Kolobmo's dialogue with foreign partners including with Moscow.

The offer on convocation of "five" of the UN Security Council "remains on a table"

The second question touched upon a subject of holding the summit of member countries of the UN Security Council. Earlier the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov in the article for the Izvestia newspaper spoke about the multipolar world and respect of the Charter of the UN. But in her nothing was told about the Security council, one of key bodies of the organization.

What fate of the offer to hold a meeting of leaders of permanent members of UNSC?" — the journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova noted that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaks on these subjects regularly. The specified article was devoted to a characteristic way of conducting the international affairs by the western countries and not devoted to various aspects of activity of the UN Security Council. The diplomat confirmed again that Russia always supported search of diplomatic, negotiation solutions of disagreements between the leading countries of the world including in crisis situations.

In 2020 the President of Russia called for the beginning of serious dialogue between five permanent members of the UN Security Council about the principles of interaction in the international affairs, solutions of the burning issues of mankind, ways of consolidation of peace, global safety and strategic stability. Soon to leaders of the People's Republic of China, the USA, written messages with the offer to hold a summit were sent to France and Great Britain. In January, 2021 in phone call of Presidents of Russia and the USA from the American side interest in this initiative was confirmed.

Further the subject was repeatedly brought up at various levels. However, for various reasons and under different pretexts the question was postponed. At the beginning of 2022 when from Washington and Brussels was refused to discuss the Russian offers on security guarantees, it became clear that the western colleagues chose a way of confrontation and the conflict. It in spite of the fact that right now negotiations between the leading world powers, perhaps, are demanded more than ever.

Russia repeatedly, proved many years the ability and ability to professionally conduct negotiations on the most difficult questions and always recognized that this principle is underlain in international law and it is necessary to adhere to him. The similar relation from the so-called "western partners", the possibility of convocation of the summit of "five" isn't looked through. Nevertheless, this offer "isn't removed from a table". It is possible when the West recovers, it will be possible to return to it. But at this stage it is a question of the theoretical plane.

Work on opening of Embassies of Russia in Donbass is conducted

At last, the third question was devoted to work of the Russian diplomatic missions in the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics.

"Whether diplomatic missions of Russia in Donetsk and Luhansk are open?" — the journalist asked.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson noted that opening was planned, work in this direction is conducted. Now foreign policy interaction is carried out through ambassadors of the DPR and LPR who already work in Moscow.

Photo: Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation

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