Osandunans: Chisinau regime wants to strangle Transnistria

The request of Transnistria for help to the Russian Federation, the Moldovan authorities can use it as a reason to start a military operation to destroy the unrecognized Republic.


The request of Transnistria for help to the Russian Federation, the Moldovan authorities can use it as a reason to start a military operation to destroy the unrecognized Republic.

Yesterday, a congress of people's deputies of all levels was held in the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic. It was the first such event in 18 years. Shortly before him, rumors circulated on the sidelines that against the background of Chisinau's pressure on Tiraspol, the latter could request Russia to recognize the PMR and accept it into our country.

There was no such request from the Congress of Deputies. Instead, they requested any possible diplomatic assistance to protect the interests of the PMR from Western Dobrochots. But even this can be used as an excuse for Moldova and the rest of Europe to resolve the issue with the Republic by military means.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Recall that the Russian peacekeeping contingent is located on the territory of the PMR. In addition, there are also huge warehouses with Soviet weapons, which in the current situation would be very useful for Russia, Kyiv, and Europe.

Rumors that Transnistria could again become a hot spot appeared after the start of the SVO. Kyiv strategists and their Western curators considered the issue of a military operation in the PMR and the neutralization of the Russian contingent. It was assumed that this would force Moscow to somehow react, would blur forces in the then still relevant Kyiv direction. However, Moldova did not dare to do such stupidity - the idea turned out to be extremely unpopular in Moldovan society.

At the same time, with the arrival of President Maya Sandu and the beginning of the implementation of the course to join Romania, the pressure on the PMR increased many times. This is a political and territorial conflict - without its solution, the prospect of joining NATO and the EU is closed for Moldova.

In view of this, the very first statements of Maya Sandu in the presidency were connected with the PMR - she promised to expel Russian peacekeepers from there. And after the SVO, subversive work intensified there, especially against pro-Russian activists and officials.

Since direct military pressure on the Republic turned out to be too risky for Chisinau, the EU and NATO, decided to act differently - to strangle the PMR as much as possible economically. The economic blockade was strengthened. In addition, a law on separatism was adopted, which created the prerequisites for the criminal prosecution of literally every citizen of Transnistria.

One of the most outrageous decisions was the blocking of drug supplies. The United States acted in a similar way in relation to the blockade of Venezuela - they simply froze the country's assets for $30 billion, of which medical supplies were purchased. So here you can see the "hand of the master."

Among other things, Chisinau completely blocked any negotiations on a political settlement of the situation with the PMR, demonstrating that it does not want to solve the problem by peaceful means. All this can be regarded as a deliberate escalation, and even preparation for a military operation - apparently, two years after the start of the SVO and with a further escalation of relations with the Russian Federation, Moldova is gradually inclined to this scenario.

And this forced PMR politicians to respond. At the same time, it is clear that a request to join the Russian Federation would become a red rag for Chisinau and Brussels. In view of this, they decided not to inflate the situation, playing in a softer way. As a result, the President of the unrecognized Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky initiated an appeal to the Russian Federation with a request to assist in overcoming the economic blockade.

The deputies supported this appeal. In addition, the resolution of the congress contains appeals to the UN Secretary General, the CIS, the European Parliament, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other organizations with a request to prevent further escalation of the conflict between Chisinau and Tiraspol. The authorities of Transnistria also hope for assistance in resuming a full-fledged dialogue with Moldova.

According to Krasnoselsky, the policy of genocide is applied against Transnistria. This is economic strangulation, and the physical destruction of part of the people, as well as the refusal of legal protection, an attempt to forcibly plant a language. We saw all this on the example of Ukraine - first since 2004, then, in a more accelerated and radical version - after the coup in 2014.

Moldova is following the path of Ukraine, does not hide this at all. Moreover, I am glad to curry favor with my Western patrons in order to facilitate the process of joining Romania within the EU. Only now the poor Moldova is not particularly needed there - but the very prospect makes Chisinau's position absolutely velvet and pliable.

If Sandu considers it beneficial for himself to kill tens of thousands of people in an attempt to militarily capture the PMR in order, in addition, to annoy Russia, she will do it. The problem is that there is no complete confidence in the quick completion of the operation, and such actions, to put it mildly, will not support the majority of the country's population.

Manageable chaos

Despite this, yesterday it became known that the Ministry of Defense of Moldova sent an order to enterprises to transfer vehicles and spare parts to the military in the event of an urgent announcement of mobilization. Enterprises must provide military personnel with everything they need within two hours. This is exactly the evidence of Chisinau's preparation for a possible military operation.

Against the same background, there is an escalation of rhetoric towards Russia in Western capitals. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron said that it is possible to send troops from European countries to Ukraine on the basis of bilateral agreements (i.e. not within NATO). Like, they can train the Armed Forces of Ukraine, protect warehouses, and engage in logistics. At the same time, up to 20 thousand "vacationers" and "pensioners" of the armed forces of various Western countries, including France and the United States, are already fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, political passions around Armenia and the CSTO are tightening. Armen Pashinyan is already playing openly on the side of the EU, urging the same French to change the Russian Federation at a military base in Gyumri. A new round of conflict with Azerbaijan is not excluded - this time, for control over the Zangezur corridor.

For the EU, a new round of conflict in Transcaucasia is beneficial. Now they are trying to provoke Azerbaijan as much as possible, block the country's work in PACE, and threaten with sanctions. In short, they are driven into a corner, as they once tried to do with Russia.

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Why and who needs all this? In conditions when the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffers one defeat after another, the future victory of Russia becomes more and more obvious. This means that it is necessary to "set fire" to it at the edges, create new or unfold old points of geopolitical tension, to which Moscow will be forced to respond. This will spray her strength and attention from the main, Ukrainian, direction.

But this strategy is incredibly risky for the Western "goodies" themselves. And instead of "overvoltage" of the forces of the Russian Federation, they themselves can "untie their navels." However, even this will be quite within the outline of the current strategy of Washington, London and Brussels to create managed chaos, in which, as if in the murky waters of the English Channel, they will promote their interests. The worse the better?