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03 March 2024

MFA of Russia: Upon - any arrangement is still not executed by the Moldavian authorities

In the MFA of Russia commented on unfriendly behavior of the authorities of Moldova and a situation with gas.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova held another briefing where she commented on world subjects and answered questions of the press. It was succeeded to communicate to her and to the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

"Chisinau denounced nine agreements within the CIS. It is terminated the contract on the coordinated policy in the field of transit of natural gas of November 3, 1995. How will it affect Transnistria and what situation with payment of debts of Moldova for delivered gas?", - the journalist of The Moscow Post took an interest.

Maria Zakharova said that she doesn't see communication between the planned withdrawal of Chisinau from the called agreement of the 95th year and supply of domestic gas to Transnistria.

She also reminded that Russia left this international treaty in 2008.

"And as for the debt of Moldova to Gazprom - we repeatedly commented on all situation. There are no changes", - she added.

In 2021 there took place the meeting and negotiations between the Russian company and representatives of the government of Moldova. Gas supply was the focus of attention. The company from the Russian Federation at that time again proved readiness in practice to consider the interests of Moldova and accepted all offers, the diplomat reminded. Even the protocol in which obligations of Moldova, including on audit of historical debt were specified was signed.

"Upon - any arrangement is still not executed by the Moldavian authorities. And in September, 2023 the Ministry of Energy of Moldova published so-called as they called it, the report of audit of historical debt on the basis of which the Moldavian authorities declared the actual lack of a debt", - Maria Zakharova continued.

At the same time, as consider in the MFA of Russia, the report doesn't conform to the international standards and requirements of independence of audit, and can't be considered as the appropriate final document, and the conclusions which are contained there can't influence the size and validity of a debt which is documented and also decisions of the international arbitration.

Maria Zakharova emphasized that Gazprom is a reliable supplier of energy resources. The MFA of Russia urges the authorities of Moldova to show the same responsible approach to execution of the obligations.

"Moldova terminated two agreements on military observers and collective forces on peacekeeping of March and August, 1992. How will it affect the status of the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria?", - our journalist took an interest.

Maria Zakharova in reply reminded that these documents were signed within the CIS. And the legal framework of carrying out peacekeeping operation is the agreement on the principles of peaceful settlement of armed conflict which was signed in the summer of 1992.

Peacekeepers from Russia were entered into the region in the summer 92 years and are on the left coast of Dniester according to Articles 2 and 4 of the specified document.

"And together with the Moldavian and Dnestr contingents they are a part of joint peacekeeping forces", - she emphasized and reminded that the mandate of peacekeeping operation accurately coordinates duration of participation of the Russian Federation in her to an exit to political arrangements about settlement of the conflict. However before their achievement it is still far.

"The Russian position is invariable - it is that peacekeepers ensure more than 30 years the peace on Dniester and they have to continue the mission. And the fact that the situation around Transnistria efforts of the Russophobic mode is fraught with new aggravations - it only confirms need of continuation of this peacekeeping mission", - she added.

Maria Zakharova considers that the questions asked by us are connected not only that the speech goes to them about Moldova.

"They are connected more by the principle on which westernized force acts", - she added.

"How to take a word or even to trust those documents which are signed? They at once again will tell (if the situation changes) that they are obliged nothing to nobody and have to nothing to nobody. And all references to documents - they will tell that they are insignificant. Here, you understand what it is about? It, by the way, unfortunately, becomes the principle of all what the hand of the collective West touches. And the western hand more than touched the present government and the leadership of Moldova. I would tell took root inside", - Maria Zakharova concluded.

Photo: RT

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