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03 March 2024

Maria Zakharova: to harm us the USA, Britain and NATO are able, and to defeat us — no

Today another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took place. Traditionally, the questions were asked by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The journalist reminded that The Washington Post claims that plans of summer approach of AFU were formed the American and British military, including the Minister of Defence Lloyd Austin.

"Whether it is possible to consider these actions acts of war against the Russian Federation?" — the question was asked.

The diplomat specified that the MFA of Russia specified more than once that the purposes for drawing AFU of blows by rockets of the western production will directly be coordinated with representatives of the countries of NATO who provide to the Kiev mode intelligence information and coordinates.

That is, in fact, AFU and the Kiev mode are performers of will of the USA and Britain which act as tipper-ofs. Means not only air reconnaissance, but also space group of the countries of alliance are involved. The Ukrainian officials recognized more than once that all their actions are carried out with support and approval of the USA and other countries of NATO. There are no doubts that plans of counterattack and to that similar terrible failures were developed, obviously, not in Kiev.

"The Kiev mode has no potential in the future on creation of military strategic opportunities for conducting similar fighting independently. Not that there is no money anything. Everything is given by the West" — the diplomat said.

The same The Washington Post in February wrote that AFU use the systems of exact targeting only on the basis of coordinates which receive from Americans. Even the American media report it, as the obvious fact.

One more moment — can be said that the USA, Britain and in the whole NATO wages against Russia hybrid war by hands of the Kiev mode. This formulation was said and displayed on components on all levels — from legislature of the Russian Federation and the President to war correspondents who on the place point to existence among combatants from Kiev of English-speaking faces and also other languages of representatives of the countries of NATO. The Russian Federation speaks about it at all levels with the facts on hands for a long time.

The USA, Britain through "collector" of NATO deliver to the Kiev mode of arms, and just demand continuation of fighting from Ukrainians. Everything what tells alliance about, including his secretary general — that his task not to allow direct collision — all this hypocrisy and The Glass Bead Game for derivation of attention and "to rehabilitate" the modes of alliance in the face of their voters.

"In reality of NATO, London and Washington stand behind each step of Kiev, and their true purpose as they speak, to achieve strategic defeat to our country in the battlefield. These plans aren't fated to come true, there was no it earlier, won't be and now. They are able to harm, and to defeat us — no" — the representative summarized the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The second question touched upon a subject of closure of airspace from Bulgaria for Maria Zakharova's plane.

"In what claims to you consisted from the authorities of Bulgaria when those didn't allow to use country airspace? And how it was succeeded to get permission to flight at the authorities of Greece?" — the correspondent took an interest.

Maria Zakharova reminded that she was placed on the sanctions list of the EU with a formulation "for assistance to accommodation of the Russian troops in the territory of Ukraine". It is ridiculous, but sanctions were imposed even prior to the Russian special operation. Possibly, the similar solution was developed even earlier. She received the first messages about plans of the EU for Maria Zakharova's inclusion in the sanctions list at the end of 2021.

"Absurdity, an alogism, a lie, a lie, but nobody in the West pays to it attention. They don't tell a half of information, and represent a half in a wrong way" — the diplomat noted.

As for the authorities of Bulgaria, they couldn't explain what they made. The authorities of the country said that Maria Zakharova is included into the sanctions list. But the diplomat reminded that the sanctions regulations of the EU Council allow EU member states to give as an exception the entry visa in the EU even of subsanctions faces if it is necessary for their participation in the international actions for OSCE line.

"They act not against me specifically, and even not against our country, and against themselves. They show all the denseness, wild russophobia, terrible nationalism. And are those who draw the western line among the authorities of Bulgaria, they don't act for the benefits of the people of the country and can't even explain to it what they made", - the representative specified the Russian Foreign Ministry

Further Greece granted permission for flight of the Russian board, probably, in this country officials and diplomats more expert in the documents accepted from the EU.

The final question touched upon a subject of the Russia exhibition forum which to foreign diplomats the President Vladimir Putin advised to visit.

"Will your colleagues offer to conduct a collective excursion or conduct organized visits for foreign diplomats?" - asked the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

On November 15, the Department of State Protocol, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Presidential Administration, visited the heads of diplomatic missions that work in Moscow at VDNH. Senior officials from more than 70 countries attended the event.

But due to the fact that the President's appeal came to the newly arrived ambassadors who are just taking up their duties, the Russian Foreign Ministry is ready to do everything to organize an additional visit to the Russia exhibition.

Maria Zakharova said that she was impressed with the level of organization and technical capabilities of the exhibition, she performed at it on the first day after the opening. In total, she managed to visit VDNKh three times already, everything is very interesting and informative.

The diplomat also spoke about the annual event - the Rook exhibition, which has been held at the Expocenter since December 13. At this exhibition, the achievements of the country can be viewed in a historical context, through crafts and arts and crafts. The Russian Foreign Ministry is actively organizing visits of diplomats to such events, which are also a great success with the foreign public.

Photo: "AiF"

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