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03 March 2024

Maria Zakharova: Georgia is trying to make a transshipment point of international terrorism

Russian Foreign Ministry Special Representative Maria Zakharova gave another press briefing, at which she traditionally answered questions from The Moscow Post.

At the briefing, Maria Vladimirovna touched upon the most important issues of the Foreign Ministry's activities in the context of international politics, including the recent resonant terrorist attacks staged by the Kyiv regime with the full approval of their Western curators from Brussels, Washington and London.

The first question of our publication concerned the recent scandal after an interview with the Israeli ambassador to the Russian Federation Simone Halperin to the Kommersant newspaper. The ambassador's answers clearly distorted Russian foreign policy approaches and historical realities. This caused a reaction from the Russian Foreign Ministry. The correspondent asked what exactly the discrepancies of the parties in positions and assessments.

Note that following this interview, Simone Halperin was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. There was a thorough conversation with Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, who, among other things, has the status of the special representative of the President of Russia for the Middle East settlement.

The ambassador was expressed the claims of the Russian Foreign Ministry. As Zakharova explained, this is not only an interview with an unsuccessful set of phrases. These are precisely approaches - personal, personal, party. How they are formulated. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry has already published a refutation of the theses of Simone Halperin. Zakharova called them anti-historical and anti-scientific.

The second question concerned directly terrorism, namely explosives discovered by Georgian special services from Ukraine, which was intended for use in Russia.

As the special representative of the Foreign Ministry explained, this episode demonstrates the true essence of the Kyiv regime as best as possible. "This gang formation feels impunity, is encouraged by Western curators, continues the practice of terror, copying the methods of the most odious terrorist organizations," Zakharova said.

She recalled that the Kyiv regime regularly resorts to committing barbaric terrorist attacks on the territory of our country, and Ukraine itself. The Armed Forces of Ukraine hide behind people as a human shield, equip firing positions in a residential building, torture and shoot prisoners of war.

There is no need to go far for the latest examples. Shelling of Belgorod on December 30, 2023, Donetsk on January 21, 2024, Lisichansk on February 3. This time they tried to carry explosives through Georgia.

Zakharova drew attention to the fact that this is not the first time that Georgia, its territory is used by those who want to destabilize the situation in the post-Soviet space. We all remember the rampant international terrorism in the North Caucasus, when it was through the territory of Georgia that international terrorists transported explosives and weapons.

"We remember who was behind the transfer of terrorists to our country, as they were welcomed in Washington and London. How they tried to turn Georgia into a transshipment point of international terrorism. And this is remembered not only in Russia, but also in Georgia, "the diplomat said.

Maria Vladimirovna stressed that they tried to push us and Georgia in the past, provoked conflicts. And they're trying to do it now. At the same time, answering the question of whether the special services of Georgia and the Russian Federation interact to counter general terrorist threats, she sent journalists for comments to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Among other things, a lot of other important issues on the international agenda were also raised. For example, Zakharova drew attention to the situation in Lithuania, where leaflets and posters dedicated to Nazi criminals are hung, cooperation with Tajikistan, Nicaragua, China, many other friendly or neutral states, as well as the results of Sweden's "investigation" into the undermining of Nord Stream-2. Recall that in Sweden, the criminal case on the explosion of the gas pipeline was closed due to the inability to identify those involved in this crime.

Among other things, Zakharova assured Moscow of retaliatory measures against possible restrictions on the movement of Russian diplomats by the EU.


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