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03 March 2024

Maria Zakharova commented on the "cleansing" of the Russian media in Moldova

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his questions.

The journalist of our publication asked three questions. And the first concerned possible acts of sabotage against the Russian infrastructure from the West, which was previously warned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"What security measures are being taken to protect employees and property of foreign missions of Russia? Can the question of sabotage and terrorist threats to Russia with the participation of Western and Ukrainian special services become the subject of consideration at a meeting of the UN Security Council? "The journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry regularly informs the international community about the terrorist activity of the Kyiv regime - both against the Russian Federation and against threats to diplomats, including from the special services of NATO countries.

As for the measures, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that she would not be able to concretely indicate everything, since they are related to the safety of diplomatic workers. It would be more correct to say "all the necessary" measures are being taken to counter possible attacks on domestic diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation abroad.

Another issue was raised by the actions of the Moldovan authorities. The ambassador of this country to the Russian Federation was previously declared a strong protest in connection with the persecution of Russian-speaking media in the republic.

"What is this expressed in? And how is the situation with the payment of Moldova's debt to Gazprom developing? "The correspondent also asked.

Maria Zakharova noted that in Moldova the situation with freedom of speech and freedom of the media is catastrophic, about which the Russian Foreign Ministry makes regular statements. The current Moldovan authorities are copying the repressive methods that were previously used in the Baltic states, and then in Ukraine. Today, the republic and its authorities are cleaning up the information space from dissent, independent and Russian-speaking media.

In 2023, about ten Russian TV channels, more than 60 Internet resources were blocked in Moldova, and existing Russian-speaking resources are subject to penalties, their employees are subject to pressure from the authorities. All this is done in violation of domestic law and international obligations of Chisinau.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is forced to respond. In addition to diplomatic protests, retaliatory actions are used, including stop lists.

As for the topic of gas, Maria Zakharova recalled that in October 2021 negotiations were held between Gazprom and representatives of the Moldovan government on fuel supplies. The Russian operator proved its readiness to take into account the interests of Moldova and accepted all the country's proposals. A protocol was signed that obliges Moldova to audit historical debts to Gazprom.

In September 2023, the Ministry of Energy of Moldova published data on the results of the debt audit. In the future, the Moldovan authorities reported on the "virtually absent debt" of the country to Gazprom. The document does not meet the requirements of independence, as well as international standards, therefore it cannot be used as a paper for an independent audit. The conclusions in it also cannot affect the amount of debt, which is confirmed by international arbitration and documented.

The decision of the leadership of Moldova about otherwise does not change anything in this matter. Obligations must be fulfilled.

Finally, the journalist asked if Javier Miley's anti-Russian rhetoric could affect bilateral relations between Russia and Argentina.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that Russia is well aware that there is pre-election rhetoric, and there are specific actions of certain candidates who came to power. The Russian Foreign Ministry will focus on specific actions and rhetoric of the current Argentine authorities.

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