Maria Zakharova: Western sanctions contradict the development of the climate issue

Today the next briefing of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova took place.


Today the next briefing of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova took place.

Traditionally, The Moscow Post correspondent asked his questions.

The first question of our publication concerned the terrorist attack in Dagestan. Did Russia ask for help from other countries in investigating the tragedy?

Maria Vladimirovna did not go into details, since more detailed and accurate information can be given by law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

The second question of The Moscow Post concerned the climate agenda. Namely - how do Foreign Ministry experts assess the impact of sanctions on climate cooperation? Are there changes in Russian policy?

The diplomat began to answer with the second question, and then smoothly moved on to the first.

"The fact is that the unilateral sanctions are not legitimate, which the West is taking. They destroy everything, including environmental cooperation. They are destroying the global economy, today we talked about this again with concrete examples. They destroy bilateral relations. They destroy world stability, including cooperation on the ecological track, "said Maria Zakharova.

The sanctions pressure of the Western countries has absolutely nullified the potential for mutually beneficial cooperation and interaction with Western states in the interests of solving the global problem.

Now, regarding the position of Russia, Moscow remains, as before, a responsible participant in international documents in the climate sphere.

That is, Russia fully fulfills its obligations, and these are the conditions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Paris Agreement, and the relevant decisions taken under the auspices.

"We continue to actively participate in all types of activities within the framework of the mentioned convention," Maria Vladimirovna emphasized.

In addition, according to Maria Zakharova, we are increasing cooperation on environmental issues at such sites as BRICS, EAEU and in other formats.

The Russian Federation is consistently promoting the thesis on the inadmissibility of introducing unilateral economic measures bypassing the UN Security Council in the decision of the 28th session of the conference of the parties to the framework convention on climate change.

The event took place in Dubai from November 30 to December 13, 2023, she recalled.

It is recognized that the parties to the Paris Agreement should cooperate in promoting a supportive and open international economic system aimed at achieving sustainable economic growth and development for all countries, which will better address climate change.

Obviously, Western sanctions directly contradict this, concluded Maria Zakharova.