It didn't work out to scare: attempts to "shake" the Russian Federation continue

Against the backdrop of military defeats, Kyiv and its Western allies are intensifying terror against Russian citizens, interfering with new acts of economic aggression.


Against the backdrop of military defeats, Kyiv and its Western allies are intensifying terror against Russian citizens, interfering with new acts of economic aggression.

Against the background of a series of terrorist attacks in Sevastopol and Dagestan, the European Union introduced a new, 14 package of sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities. It is clear that the restrictions have been prepared for a long time, but the temporary neighborhood with such terrible events gives, it would seem, the sanctions that are no longer particularly interesting to anyone, a special flavor. The struggle of the West for the destruction of Russia continues and takes on more and more grotesque forms.

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Of course, it is difficult to put terrorist attacks in Sevastopol and Dagestan on a par, but they have one thing in common - civilian casualties, as well as the goal - to sow fear and distrust of the current government, cause a split in Russian society, and question the ability of state institutions to protect the life and health of people.

Recall that as a result of a missile attack on Sevastopol, a total of four people were killed, including two children, more than 150 were injured. Missiles, or debris of ATACAMS missiles, hit, among other things, the beach, where people rested on a sultry day off. The action is as cynical as possible - quite in the spirit of the Kyiv regime and its Western patrons.

Against this background, the reaction of the adviser to the head of the President's Office, Mikhailo Podolyak, is indicative - as it is believed, the most odious "mouth" of Andriy Yermak and his boss, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. According to him, there are no and cannot be any "beaches," "tourist zones" and other fictitious signs of "peaceful life" in Crimea.

He called Crimea a large military camp and warehouse, "with hundreds of direct military targets," which Russia is allegedly trying to close with civilians. He called the residents of Crimea themselves "civilian occupiers."

Thus, even in the office of the President of Ukraine, they stopped singing a song that their people were supposedly in Crimea, they were allegedly under Russian occupation. The occupiers are ordinary residents of the peninsula, including those who lived there before the reunification of Crimea with Russia. Moreover, many families have lived there for half a century and even centuries, including the indigenous Crimeans - Crimean Tatars. According to Mr. Podolyak, they are also "civilian occupiers."

This is the whole of today's Ukraine. The greater the success of the Russian Federation on the battlefield, the more it applies terrorist methods of influence. At this time, their curators in London, Washington and Brussels almost wring their hands, mourning the death of the Ukrainian military as a result of Russian attacks in the Donbass. And here is the direct murder of civilians.

The US administration was only enough for the following comment: they are allegedly against any civilian casualties. But they themselves gave Ukraine the go-ahead for mass shelling of Belgorod, and they also directed ATACAMS to facilities in Crimea last weekend.

You cannot ignore the terrible terrorist attack in Dagestan. A direct connection with the Kyiv regime has not yet been established, but we know that in the case of Crocus it was. At the same time, Ukrainian LOMs are trying in every possible way to discredit the Russian authorities, in every possible way inflate the interfaith, interethnic role, and undermine the situation as much as possible. Ideally, to provoke riots and even an attempt to seize power by force in the regions.

Again, in the absence of real success for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield, such information operations are designed to show Russia's weakness to its own population. However, if you listen to their propaganda, Russia should have been brought to its knees in the spring of 2022. Then - in the summer of 2023. Now the term of "kneeling" has been postponed indefinitely. Apparently, the last citizens of Ukraine will not end yet.

New "package" - to package with packages

As for the new sanctions restrictions, they were approved at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg on June 24. Restrictive measures were introduced against 116 individuals and legal entities.

In addition, a ban was imposed on the transit of Russian liquefied natural gas through European ports, measures were taken against 27 ships carrying oil and against the Financial Messaging System of the Central Bank, the Russian analogue of SWIFT, and other restrictions were applied.

On the same day, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced retaliatory sanctions, expanding the list of persons who are prohibited from entering Russia. In particular, the restrictions affected representatives of law enforcement agencies, state and commercial organizations of the EU countries, employees of European structures and government agencies of the EU countries, as well as civil activists and representatives of the scientific community who "distinguished themselves by their rhetoric."

In the same place, in Luxembourg, the final decision was made to direct the proceeds from the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia frozen in the West to the military needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

They will be listed in the so-called. "European Peace Fund" and used to acquire weapons for Ukraine. The amount of €2.4 billion will be transferred to her in two tranches. On the sidelines they call it "compensation" for Ukraine, which requires more and more support

But the EU failed to pay off this money from an ally. Speaking at the meeting via video link, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba demanded that his colleagues hurry up with the supply of additional air defense systems, primarily Patriot and SAMP/T complexes.

The appetites of the Ukrainian side are growing in direct proportion to the readiness of their Western allies to support the crumbling army and economy. At the same time, Russia continues to attack in the DPR and LPR - recently our formations made a breakthrough near Toretsk, jeopardizing the communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Without a doubt, the Russian Federation will continue to move forward.

In view of this and the country's economic stability, it is obvious that the terrorist attacks initiated and supported in the West were not able to have a serious impact on the domestic political agenda in the Russian Federation. In other words, intimidation failed. But the attempts will obviously continue until the defeat of Ukraine - even after it. Thank God, Russia has accumulated a lot of experience in combating the gangster underground - they defeated the Bandera underground in the forties of the 20th century, and we will win in the twenties of the 21st.