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03 March 2024

In European "garden" of Borel "arrived" excrements

Against the background of mass protests and the cities flooded with sewage, the authorities of the European Union are much more anxious with the help to Ukraine, than wellbeing of own states.

France rolls in sewage - only this time the speech not just about garbage, and about the real fertilizers from excrement with which the French landowners imposed Paris. The capital appeared in a ring from more, than 70 thousand protesting farmers.

Protests pass across the whole country and also nearby, in Germany where a considerable part of infrastructure, first of all, public transport is paralyzed.

People demand support from the authorities whereas officials of the European Union are much more anxious with support of Ukraine and development of new restrictive measures against Russia which already led to serious economic and political consequences for Europe.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Massive strikes - not something new to the European cities. They pass nearly regularly, however recently, and is concrete these months, it occurs against the background of the escalating economic and political crisis caused by large-scale geopolitical events.

In this context there is strengthening of political positions of right-wing parties which demand to return to the national focused policy and to stop working in the course favorable to transatlantic curators of the EU, namely the USA. Never before Europe with such eagerness shot itself in the foot...

Paris and the truth appeared in a ring: protesters blocked all routes which conduct to the megalopolis, two key airports and the grocery market (the largest in Europe). According to the plan of activists, during five-day "siege" any truck with food should not get to the city.

The authorities of Paris already stated: similar - already red line, also intend to work strictly. More than 15 thousand police officers, on call armored vehicles п helicopters are mobilized. Around Paris the defensive boundary is built.

In the city and its vicinities there is an awful stench. It is not the migrants celebrating need on the central streets of the capital - Parisians are very long time ago accustomed to it. And here you will infrequently meet compost tons which farmers throw out at office buildings even in Paris.

How here not to remember already "cast in granite" the word of the chief diplomat of the EU Zhozep Borel that Europe is the garden surrounded with weeds? Here and fertilizers for a garden appeared in time - their "fragrance" for certain will impress tourists.

The other day the same Borel admitted: the anti-Russian sanctions of the EU had no due impact on Russia and its defense industry. Like, the West expected other effect. According to Borel though sanctions allegedly also weakened the military vehicle of Russia, it nevertheless exists.

On this logic, Europe will not deal with own problems until the military vehicle of the Russian Federation ceases to exist. It is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to define such policy as suicide.

In the same time France allocates hundreds of million euros for support of the Ukrainian refugees that causes bewilderment in the ordinary French. Besides, the irritation calls also the politician president Emmanuel Macron who appointed 34-year-old Gabriel Attal's prime minister - the lover of the head of presidential party and Macron's adviser.

And what made Gabrielle Attal, hardly sat down in a chair of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers? Appointed the lover the Foreign Minister. As the French treated it, especially in a situation of an economic and migration crisis – long it is not necessary to guess.

As the result, grows accelerated tempo in France popularity of the right political forces, first of all, of party and personally Marine Le Pen. She supports normalization of the relations with Russia and prosecution of own national interests. Certainly, in France and the EU in general she is called "Putin's agent". The similar label, apparently, only adds it sympathies of a conservative part of the French society.

In parallel with it mass a protest go also in Germany. There was something like traffic standstill: railroad workers from the state operator Deutsche Bahn striked. As a result cargo delivery through the whole country was suspended. Also passenger traffic because of what tens of thousands of Germans could not get for work and to school did not work.

The strike became the largest in the history of Germany. These protests, as well as in France, were supported by farmers who are convinced that the government does insufficiently for support of the industry.

Two weeks ago, on January 15 in the center of Berlin near the Brandenburg gate the largest protest action of landowners on which there came nearly ten thousand farmers by about five thousand tractors took place. The German union of farmers (DBV) acted as organizers of protest actions. Farmers were also supported by many drivers of trucks.

Similar performances take place in Belgium, Poland, Romania, and some other the states of the EU. A keynote at all of them one - the European elite does not find it necessary to pursue national interests, preferring to act on a pointer of the western curators.

The Right Raises Its Head

Europe is rapidly losing its subjectivity. What are the words of the same Borrell that the EU has managed to get rid of dependence on Russian energy resources... only then to become dependent on the US! Given that the same liquefied gas is purchased at a price more than 30% higher than that offered by Russia, the process of de-industrialization of the European economy, especially the German one, is not surprising.

In just the first six months of 2023, over 50 thousand enterprises were closed in Germany. Moreover - with high economic significance, processing. But the military-industrial complex has been launched to the fullest - the German defense holding Reinmetall is literally swimming in orders, its shares have grown significantly in 2022-2023.

Apparently, feeding weapons lobbyists for Europeans turned out to be a higher priority than providing support for the agricultural and transport sectors.

Paris. Something is not clean in Borrell's "European garden"... Photo:

Once again, it is not surprising that due to such a "competent" policy in the EU, the popularity of right-wing parties is growing. For example, in November in the Netherlands in the elections, significant success was accompanied by the far-right anti-Islamic Freedom Party under the leadership of Geert Wilders. In Slovakia, Robert Fico gained momentum, in Hungary, Viktor Orban's position only intensified after he "pushed" the decisions he needed from the EU in exchange for supporting the allocation of new financial assistance to Ukraine.

Elections will be held in many European countries this year. Elections will be held in the United States. Relations with Washington's European wards also depend on their outcome. For Russia, current events once again show that its political system turned out to be much more resistant to crises and external factors than the European one. Trying to cause political instability in Russia, the EU itself fell into this trap, and in the near future will face new serious domestic political challenges. And it would be extremely beneficial for the Europeans themselves if by this time the crisis in Ukraine received a political and diplomatic solution.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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