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09 December 2023

Father to regret, son to forgive, or three points Bidens

The US Congress has launched a procedure to remove President Joe Biden from power in connection with abuse of power and corruption. His son, Hunter Biden, faces federal charges on three counts.

All three counts against Hunter Biden relate to the October 2018 acquisition of the Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver. The first clause states that he knowingly made a false statement about the use of "stimulants, prohibited agents and any other controlled substances." The second - Hunter Biden in writing made a deliberately false statement to a gun sales company, according to a correspondent for The Moscow Post.

The third clause states that Biden Jr. "owned and became addicted to the Colt Cobra revolver, 38SPL" knowing that he illegally used any stimulants, prohibited remedies, and any other controlled substances "as defined in the U.S. Code (Articles 922, 924)." The law prohibits those dependent on prohibited substances from owning firearms.

A grand jury in Delaware on September 14 approved the charges brought by the prosecutor's office and Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison.

Hunter's father, President Joe Biden, as head of state, can cancel or commute the sentence, replace it with a suspended sentence. A person who has not yet been convicted may be amnestied - that is, one who has not yet been formally charged (this is how President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon).

The president by his decree can "forgive" the offspring, but he will not improve his chances of re-election. "Will the president pardon or commute his son if convicted?" reporter Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, asked during a daily press briefing at the White House on Friday. 'So I've answered that question before. I was asked it not so long ago - a couple of weeks ago, and I made the answer very clear and said no, "Jean-Pierre replied.

What a father is, so well done

Hunter Biden owes large amounts of federal taxes for 2017 and for 2018. Biden was aware of the tax liability from the accountant he hired. The accountant prepared the declarations and sent them to Biden for review and signature. Despite repeated reminders, Biden did not sign them.

If in detail, Hunter earned more than $2.3 million in 2017, with 1 million coming from the company he founded with the CEO of the Chinese conglomerate. He also received $664 thousand from a Chinese investment company, $500 thousand from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, $70 thousand from a Romanian business, $48 thousand from an international law firm and $666 thousand from local business circles.

By October 2021, Biden's tax liabilities for 2017 and 2018 increased to $955.8 thousand and $956.6 thousand, respectively. They were paid for by an unidentified "third party." She (this person ") paid 45.6 thousand dollars and 197.3 thousand dollars to resolve unresolved tax issues for 2016 and 2019. In July, the New York Post reported that Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris had lent Biden more than $2 million to help him with taxes.

Of note, an IRS whistleblower from the agency's criminal investigations division told a House committee in June that Hunter Biden illegally deducted tens of thousands of dollars spent on prostitutes and a sex club from his taxes. Those details contain testimony from June 1 that was made public by House Republicans.

Another whistleblower, Tax Office oversight agent Gary Shapeley, told the committee on May 26 that he had found several instances in which Hunter paid for flights for prostitutes.

Political intrigue

The allegations made against the president's son are unsubstantiated, his lawyer, Ebb Lowell, said. The lawyer also criticized special counsel David Weiss, who was investigating Hunter Biden. Lowell claims that he "complied with the Republicans who put pressure on him." But Republicans are also unhappy, the Justice Department, which appointed him, suspects Weiss of bias.

In May, U.S. Revenue Department whistleblower Harry Shapley, who was involved in the case, testified to a House committee, arguing that they were trying to hush up the case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was involved, he said. Representatives of the department informed the Biden people about the investigative nuances of the case. And the Ministry of Justice limited the circle of witnesses with whom the investigator could talk, and also filtered questions.

In June, Hunter Biden made a deal with the investigation, agreeing to confess to tax evasion. The parties also reached an agreement on charges of violating the rules for storing weapons. At a meeting on July 26, the parties announced a revision of the terms of the deal, but it fell apart. After that, US Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden case.

Only 19% of respondents expressed confidence that the investigation would be fair. As the New York Post explains, the survey was conducted between September 7-11. It was not yet known then that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would announce the start of a formal impeachment inquiry against the president over his possible involvement in the Biden family's alleged foreign influence operations.

Impeachment proceedings

Criminal cases that are being investigated against the president's son affect Joe Biden's reelection chances. Especially when you consider that the scandal associated with the alleged crime committed by Joe Biden himself does not subside either.

In June, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said the FBI was looking into Joe Biden's possible involvement in corruption when he served as vice president of the United States. It is speculated that this may have been linked to Burisma.

This is not the only corruption scandal in which the Biden family may be involved. The Washington Post wrote in March 2022 that organizations controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle could receive about $5 million from the already defunct Chinese energy company CEFC.

Evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from this or knew details about the CEFC deals could not be found. But a U.S. House of Representatives committee said Hunter Biden sent a message to Chinese entrepreneur Henry Zhao on July 30, 2017, saying he and his father "would like to understand why the commitments were not met."

Impeachment proceedings will expand the ability of the US Congress to collect the necessary information. In particular, to obtain documents from federal agencies, including the National Archives and the Internal Revenue Service. Joe Biden is not threatened with removal from office, the Democrats control the Senate, but the procedure itself on "sleepy Joe" may work.

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