Embarrassment of "controllers" of Ukraine

Americans lose control of Zelensky, Zelensky - over the country and their own mind.


Americans lose control of Zelensky, Zelensky - over the country and their own mind.

Bradley Delvin, a columnist for the American conservative magazine The American Conservative, doubted that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy controls the situation in the country. Perhaps so, but another question also has the right to exist - how much do the Americans themselves, or more broadly, the Anglo-Saxon elites control Zelensky himself and his entourage?

More and more signs that Zelensky is out of control not only of his handlers, but also of his own brain. Just watch his latest public appearances, vaporization on his forehead, wild eyes and speech more like a delirium generator.

In the conditions of President Zelensky's difficult struggle with prohibited substances, the levers of government of the country could have long been in the hands of a kind of politburo around Volodymyr Alexandrovich. First of all, from representatives of the special services and, first of all, the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of Ukraine, which is headed by the odious curator of terrorist acts Kirill Budanov.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

A certain dogma was the thesis of Ukraine's lack of independence in making the most important military, political and economic decisions. Actually, there is a lot of evidence for him, and this became obvious long before the SVO. Suffice it to recall how former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko fired Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin on a call from Mr. Biden.

There were no criminal cases or any other claims against Shokin. Moreover, the Prosecutor General (a man of old school, Soviet) in recent years Poroshenko in power launched a real campaign against corrupt officials - it seemed to be doing his job well. But not in the kingdom of crooked mirrors called Ukraine.

After all, then Mr. Shokin, among other things, was puzzled by the work of the Burisma oil and gas company, in the activities of which (and, as it turned out after - in the withdrawal of tens of millions of dollars from it) the family of the current US President Joe Biden was involved. Here is the reason for the dismissal of Viktor Shokin.

Hunter Biden became a member of the board of directors of Burisma in April 2014, almost immediately after the coup in Ukraine. Among other things, it also included a galaxy of other Western figures - "creators" of present-day Ukraine - ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, friend of ex-Secretary of State John Kerry Devon Archer and others.

He was supposed to oversee the legal block and promote the company in international organizations. His salary was $50,000 a month. Subsequently, the numbers became known: allegedly, about $10 million was withdrawn from the country monthly through Burisma. In this light, the Biden family's interest in maintaining the current authorities in Kyiv is completely clear - they are guarantors of the inviolability of their corruption savings.

Push back Zaluzhny

After the start of the SVO, Ukraine found itself in complete, blood, if you like, dependence on the support of Western countries. And militarily and even more so. According to a variety of experts, military, intelligence officers, political scientists, today not a single operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the GUR takes place without coordination with the NATO command.

Their presence in Ukraine is certain, but sometimes it comes out sideways. As a "sideways" they came out a massive blow to the fortified bunker, in which there were over 300 instructors of NATO countries in April of this year. Perhaps it was as a result of this attack that the Dagger hypersonic missile, which pierced concrete fortifications tens of meters in depth, was wounded by the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

It has been in almost information blockade mode for more than a month, except for a short appearance via video link with a blurred background. There is an opinion that he could have received serious injuries and even be on the verge of life and death. But it was Zaluzhny who American "friends" of Ukraine, at least, were married to Zelensky's successors in the media.

In this sense, he has the right to life and a conspiracy theory that the death of Zaluzhny is beneficial to Zelensky's team in order to "push back" the popular competitor. At one time, Joseph Stalin and Georgy Zhukov turned something like this (although comparing Stalin and Zhukov with Zelensky and Zaluzhny seems to be blasphemy). Of course, he did not kill Zhukov alone, but sent him to "exile" in the Odessa Military District.

So, until a certain time, the complete control of Ukrainian officials and military curators from NATO did not cause any doubts. However, now doubts have appeared - it seems that the wards, stunned by impunity, have come to taste and began to show independence, striking at the territory of our country.

No matter how bloodthirsty NATO is, escalation to a nuclear war is not in their interests. And so we see an attack by traitors of the Russian Federation and members of the GUR of Ukraine on the Belgorod region, from which the Americans themselves, it seems, were not delighted.

Steal before it's too late

Returning to the column of Bradley Delvin, a columnist for the American Conservative, in his opinion, it was Kyiv's attempts to attack Russian territory contrary to US efforts to convince Ukrainian intelligence not to do this, and testify to the loss of power by the president of Ukraine over his own subordinates. This means that the Anglo-Saxon lobby also lost control over the Ukrainian elites.

The latter are so happy about the hostilities and the colossal military and financial assistance of the West, but it seems that it is its receipt and distribution that has long become a key area of ​ ​ their activities - and not at all the management of the state and the execution of the orders of the command sitting in Washington, London and Brussels.

The journalist also stressed that earlier Washington justified the sending of weapons to Ukraine by the fact that it "won," and now military sponsorship is explained by the plight of Kyiv at the front. The author believes that in fact there is no rational reason to support Ukraine.

Why doesn't it exist? This would be a fair statement, based on the desire to save as many lives as possible. However, for Zelensky's team and their curators in the West, there is a rational reason - tremendous enrichment at the expense of Western taxpayers.

According to Pulitzer Prize winner, American journalist Seymour Hersch, Ukrainian officials managed to get around $400 million from financial assistance provided by EU and NATO countries.

Endemic corruption began to annoy the sponsors of Ukraine, because due to constant injections of funds, they began to have problems at home, with their own electorate. So CIA Director William Burns in January briefed the Ukrainian president on corruption, handing him a list of 35 officials and generals.

Zelensky already seems to have difficulty controlling even his own mind. Photo: open sources

Only after a week and a half, and only under serious pressure from their handlers. Zelensky fired a dozen of the most "boastful" of them, not shy about driving around in their new Mercedes, Hersh concluded. That is, he dismissed only a part, and the most odious, preserving the very system of distribution of Western benefits among his environment. And someone simply could not, because he himself is largely dependent on the same team of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Thus, while fighting is going on in eastern Ukraine, the country's Western curators have fewer and fewer opportunities to manage this chaos, and Zelensky, it seems, does not think at all about holding the situation in his hands - the main thing is to stay at the top of power, while there is financial assistance ready for development and withdrawal to Western states, where families of the Ukrainian elite have long been registered.

Photo: Word and Deed