D-Day is the opposite: 80 years later, Europe has turned inside out

While Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg calls for peace, fascists are honored in Europe on D Day, and large-scale NATO exercises are held in the Baltic with an eye on Russia.


While Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg calls for peace, fascists are honored in Europe on D Day, and large-scale NATO exercises are held in the Baltic with an eye on Russia.

Today, celebrations begin in French Normandy to mark the 80th anniversary of the landing of Allied forces in Europe during World War II. In historiography, this day is known as "Day D" (Day D). Russia, which made the main contribution to the victory over the Nazis, was not invited to the events.

But Vladimir Zelensky was invited to him, in whose country Nazi criminals and collaborators were erected on a pedestal, made them national heroes. Meanwhile, NATO is conducting large-scale exercises in the Baltic with a clear focus on countering Russia.

Against this background, yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a large-scale interview to foreign media, where he detailed the position of the Russian state.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

What is planned in Normandy today resembles surrealism. People who openly support the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine have been invited to honor the landing of the Anglo-American landing. It's not just Vladimir Zelensky, under whose rule outright Nazis are fighting at the front, glorifying Bandera and Shukhevych. But also in the Baltic countries, where SS legionnaires are annually honored, who carried out mass repressions against Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles - and all objectionable ones.

In one row with Zelensky will be the Polish delegation, which is no worse than others knows about the atrocities of Bandera.

Today's Europe also has an "enemy" - modern Russia, which did not want to endure the killings of the people of Donbass and torchlight processions in Kyiv. Our former Western partners call it the Nazis - an inverted world.

At the same time, Western leaders forget to explain simple things to their voters. Setting public opinion against Russia, they do not mention that 80% of all Wehrmacht forces fought on the Eastern Front, and the landing in Normandy itself was deliberately delayed so that the USSR and Germany would "hone" their military potentials as much as possible. In other words, for them to kill each other by spreading the red carpet to the allies to Berlin.

Thus, the current allies in the anti-Russian coalition are engaged in outright falsification of history - this is an "inverted world" when fans of fascist collaborators celebrate victory over fascism. And the main enemy suddenly became the real winner of fascism Russia, which today is fighting him in Ukraine. They accuse her of fascism. Isn't it surrealism?

Macron prepares for disembarkation

But also it isn't enough. As expected, today the president of France Emmanuel Macron (the protege Rotshildov one of the most aggressive leaders of the EU) will declare sending to Ukraine of the French military instructors. Though all perfectly know that they there already are - and they die under the Russian fire, it is all the same a step to further escalation - the Overtona window is opened and extends.

According to sources of media, according to the plan, at the first stage France will direct to Ukraine the limited number of instructors "for assessment of conditions of a mission", and then - several hundreds. Training will be concentrated on mine clearing, maintenance of operability of the equipment and training of AFU in management of the western weapon, specifies Reuters. As writes Le Monde, training of sappers and soldiers of new motorized rifle brigade is also planned.

The speaker of Embassy of Russia in Paris Makogonov tried to warn France against sending instructors to Ukraine.

"If you send the soldiers, the experts, the instructors to the Ukrainian earth to teach the Ukrainian soldiers better to aim and kill Russians, they, naturally, will become the legitimate purpose", – the Russian on air of the French TV told.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France expressed indignation of this statement. "It is shocking statements which won't be left without answer", – quotes the Deputy Foreign Minister of France Lemuana. Lemuan added that the French Foreign Ministry conducts discussions about the answer which has to let Paris, but refused speak about details.

Revolts them what Russia revolts that they send the people actually to kill our soldiers and civilians. Just imagine!

What is even more curious and disturbing, France requested a meeting of the UN Security Council for June 7. It is expected that the issue of sending instructors to Ukraine will be discussed there. Considering that it really already occurs, and Russia has in SB the veto, for France it is a mere formality that "to observe the procedure". The UN was objectively lost by the functionality as systems of checks and balances in the international relations.

Vladimir Putin commented on Macron's plans as follows: "In terms of presence of advisers, instructors, here novelty any isn't present - they are present at the territory of Ukraine. And, unfortunately for them, sustain losses. I know it for certain, it not specially becomes, but during fighting of loss arise. However, in the European countries and in the States it prefer to suppress".

NATO at gate

Besides, yesterday, June 5, in the Lithuanian Klaipeda, sea NATO exercises of BALTOPS 24 started, they will take place in 119 km from Kaliningrad and Baltiysk where there is a key base of the Baltic Fleet of the Navy of the Russian Federation. For the first time new members of NATO will participate in exercises: Finland and Sweden. Involve in exercises more than 50 ships, more than 85 units of aircraft and about 9,000 servicemen, including amphibious task forces and forces of mine defense.

It seems that our dear former partners prepare for new day of D - only disembarkation and operations assume already on the Russian land. And again - everything was turned inside out.

It is real threat against the background of which chatter about the aggressive plans which are allegedly available for Russia to attack NATO looks absurdity. About same yesterday in an interview to the international media also the President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke. He called "stupid" people who claim about desire of the Russian Federation to attack Alliance.

Besides, Vladimir Putin touched on almost all range of issues in the relations of Russia with the countries of the West, and not only. In fact, again in detail I presented a position of the Russian state. In the conditions of the enormous pressure upon the Russian media Putin almost directly addressed the people of the USA and Europe. In particular, he in detail described how the same Germany de facto refused own national interests.

He mentioned and the mass of other subjects - losses of Ukraine, legitimacy of the Ukrainian president, sources of the Ukrainian conflict. In the latter case he reminded the German press that Germany was one of guarantors of the agreement of Victor Yanukovych with opposition, having conferred responsibility for a coup d'etat and the followed bloody events on the EU.

However, at everything at the same time his tone sounded expressly amicably. Russia never refused negotiations. But for achievement of lasting peace of the EU and curators of the Union because of the English Channel and ocean have to get up from the head and think of the national interests of the societies.