Civilization that has not submitted to any enemy

The article by Nikolai Petrovich Patrushev "Protection of historical memory - the foundation of Russian statehood," published in the journal "National Defense," is dated June 22, the Day of Memory and Sorrow.


The article by Nikolai Petrovich Patrushev "Protection of historical memory - the foundation of Russian statehood," published in the journal "National Defense," is dated June 22, the Day of Memory and Sorrow.

Patrushev writes that the collapse of the USSR, "which so pleased the Anglo-Saxons, was a moment of tragedy for the population of the largest country in the world." The Russian people, who made a decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany, turned out to be the largest people artificially divided by borders. Details in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Liberate Ukraine from occupation

The aide to the President of the Russian Federation said that Nazism has been revived, is again used by the Anglo-Saxons and their henchmen against our country, and "attempts to rewrite history in some sense are more dangerous than a military threat" and this "obliges society, government, law enforcement agencies and security agencies to act ahead of the curve."

The United States and Great Britain are reviving Nazi ideology in Europe under the guise of words about "freedom and democracy" in order to turn it against the Russian Federation. This happens in conditions when "the peoples of Russia today again liberate the long-suffering population of Ukraine from Western occupation. Russian - for the most part, "and the descendants of the Nazis do not even try to make amends for millions of ruined lives, and their" repentance "was not sincere.

Documents from Germany and other European countries confirm that "an unprecedented act of genocide was planned against Russians and other - without exception - nationalities living in the USSR." But the memory of the history of the war in the West is hushed up and distorted, while Russia, as the historical heiress of the USSR, is blamed for the events of those years.

Having decided to inflict a "strategic defeat" on Russia in modern conditions, the West has set the Kyiv Nazis to continue the conflict and is doing almost everything in its power, supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, and the Zelensky regime with financial injections and political guardianship.

The reaction is expected, but time will tell

In the depths of these plans are the resources and territory of Ukraine near the Russian borders. Forbes magazine estimated all natural resources of Ukraine at $14.8 trillion according to a simplified scheme. Valuable species of wood, coal, ores, rare earth metals, other minerals and even chernozem are already being exported from the country. The target may be deposits of titanium, the reserves of which are 20% of the world.

But in the foreground, the goal of the West is to weaken Russia as much as possible, to inflict as much damage on it as possible. US Vice President Kamala Harris bluntly said on the sidelines of the conference in Switzerland: "We support Ukraine not as a charity, but because the people of Ukraine and their future are in the sphere of our strategic interests."

"Ultimately, the selfishness and arrogance of Western states led to the current extremely dangerous state of affairs. We have come unacceptably close to the point of no return. The calls for a strategic defeat of Russia, which has the largest arsenals of nuclear weapons, demonstrate the transcendental adventurism of Western politicians. They either do not understand the scale of the threat that they themselves generate, or are simply obsessed with believing in their own impunity and in their own exclusivity. Both can turn into a tragedy, "said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The most "frightening" for Western public opinion is Moscow's "determination" to continue hostilities and spread them beyond the borders of the western regions of Ukraine. Convincing their voters of this, Western politicians themselves are determined to deploy military preparations in order to be ready for an armed clash in "a few years." So far, most European leaders are inclined to do just that, believing that the conflict in Ukraine should continue.

Commenting on the refusal of Western countries from the conditions for its peaceful completion, Putin suggested that "Everything will depend on how the situation on earth changes. I think that some sensible politicians will still think about whether the proposals I have made are realistic, objective and in line with the interests of all contracting parties and all of Europe, including if it really wants to end the conflict in the center of Europe. "

But it's not just the West's position. The proposals made by Putin run into the problem of the legitimacy of the Kyiv authorities. Moscow considers the Verkhovna Rada as the only legitimate body, the only one with which it is possible to agree. Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that if the proposal is rejected, the conditions for starting negotiations will be "different, less favorable." He stressed that in case of refusal, the collective West will bear full responsibility for further bloodshed.

From Ukraine to Eurasia

The President actually combined in one speech his proposals for a settlement in Ukraine with the idea of ​ ​ starting a discussion of a system of bilateral and multilateral guarantees of collective security in Eurasia.

According to him, the "collapse of the Euro-Atlantic security system" requires Russia, together with interested countries, to work out its options for creating an "circuit of equal and indivisible security, mutually beneficial and equal cooperation and development" on the Eurasian continent.

States and regional structures of Eurasia themselves must determine the areas of security cooperation. To do this, it is necessary to intensify the dialogue process between working multilateral organizations, including the Union State, the CSTO, the EAEU, the CIS and the SCO, as well as involve the countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East in the discussion.

In the future, "it is necessary to do business" to gradually curtail the military presence of external powers in the Eurasian region. So get rid of the influence of the Anglo-Saxons? At the same time, the future security architecture will be open to all Eurasian countries that wish to take part in its creation, including European and NATO countries.

Moscow supports the idea of Minsk to draft the charter of multipolarity and variety in the 21st century. "In her it is possible to formulate not only the frame principles of the Eurasian architecture with a support on basic rules of international law, but also in wider plan strategic vision of essence of the nature of multipolarity and versatility as the new system of the international relations succeeding the zapadnocentrichny world" — the Russian leader assumed.

Putin discussed these offers with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Russian offer supplements and accords with the basic principles of the Chinese initiative in the sphere of global safety. If Europe wants to keep itself as one of the independent centers of development, it, certainly, it is necessary to be in the good, kind relations with Russia, Putin noted. "And we, the main thing, are ready to it" — he emphasized.

"Lend-lease po-Kiyevski"

But to the world still far. Settlement is opposed by Washington, London, Berlin and others. Russia opposes granting as the West of military aid to Kiev, noted that the countries going on such step are involved in the conflict, at the same time similar support from their party won't prevent Russia to achieve the special operation objectives. But the purposes of the Pentagon and other NATO officials remain invariable so far.

Only for the first incomplete one and a half years of SVO, or to the middle of 2023 Ukraine received 71 billion dollars only from the USA. Kiev received about 64 billion dollars from other countries of the West, about 10 billion dollars from London and about 15 billion dollars from Berlin.

As of July, 2023 ten countries of "gold one billion" allocated to Ukraine the help of about 135 billion dollars. The European Union provided the largest volume of humanitarian and financial aid, in addition to military.

Scales of the western support of Ukraine to summer of 2023 surpass the help which the Soviet Union in the years of war with fascist Germany received on a lend-lease for the first one and a half years of the Great Patriotic War. In total since June 22 the 1941 in 1 January 1943rd USSR received from the western allies of the help for 1.4 billion dollars. One dollar then cost nearly 18 dollars today.

Therefore, 1.4 billion dollars of a lend-lease received for the first one and a half years of war made about 25 billion present dollars. A difference more, than considerable, it is multiple. At the same time, as wrote Politico, Washington decided to give preference to mechanisms of the help, not burdensome for Kiev.

"The truth about the Great Victory and its price – our national property and our national pride. The juggling of the facts, derogation of a heroic feat of millions of voiyon and home front workers have to be perceived as the insult of all multinational people of Russia demanding immediate and rigid countermeasures", Nikolay Patrushev in the article in the Natsionalnaya Oborona magazine noted.