Carlson and the "wall of lies"

Returning to Vladimir Putin's interview with Tucker Carlson, The Moscow Post columnist noted what others did not pay attention to.


Returning to Vladimir Putin's interview with Tucker Carlson, The Moscow Post columnist noted what others did not pay attention to.

All American and Comprador media in Europe are mobilized, the competition of views and assessments is suppressed. It resembles the atmosphere before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, when intelligence on weapons of mass destruction was forged in Washington and London. The forgery was exposed, some British participants in the crime even repented, Iraq paid hundreds of thousands of lives for lies.

Smart wall will bypass

Aggression, massacres, the ruin of Iraq, Anglo-Saxon conspirators were repaired behind the impregnable "wall of control" of information. The work is system. The Hungarian magazine The European Conservative cited Robert Kennedy Jr., who called the CIA "the largest sponsor of journalism in the world."

The department works in dozens of countries around the world with a controlled network of NGOs that distribute grants to journalists and the media.

State and informal "control centers" of information are associated with sources of funding. "Talking heads" work not only in controlled media, but also in cinema, even in the academic world. There are other explanations for who and how manages the information space, hiding behind the "wall of control."

Those who look at Russia through the loopholes of this "wall" were outraged that they invited their already dismissed competitor to a conversation with Putin. Moreover, Carlson agreed with Elon Musk that the content of the conversation with Putin would be available via the X network.

For Putin, Carlson was the conduit that offered a workaround around the "wall of control." For Carlson, Putin was a ram with which the journalist tried to stir his own fellow Americans on the eve of the election of their president. The interview was a challenge to the Washington Swamp.

In other words, both sides pursued their own goals, but they coincided in the main thing. The overall task was to undermine the official media's monopoly on information. Putin and Carlson went around the "wall of control," counting on the attention and understanding of those to whom the truth is true.

It wasn't a 'strike exchange'

The interview took place in the format of a conversation, and not the usual form of "exchange of blows" for the Western media.

"Tens of millions of Americans have received information on issues about which their media has lied to them. That is why Carlson in Moscow was perceived by official Washington as a threat to the Biden administration and the Western elite as a whole, "wrote Martin Jay, a correspondent for The Daily Mail (UK) who works in Morocco.

According to him, the pleasing European Union and Germany looked cowardly, pathetic and narrow-minded. But it was these, as it turned out, deceitful globalists who were complicit in Washington's plans to destabilize and finally deal with independent Russia. It was their unceremonious "courtship" of the Nazis and plans to make "anti-Russia" out of Ukraine that pushed Moscow to the line behind which the SVO began.

NATO's expansion in Ukraine, the coup d'etat and the aggression of the Kyiv regime in the Donbass - Washington was behind all this. Moscow was looking for "a solution to the problems that arose in Ukraine after the 2014 coup d'état by peaceful means. But no one listened to us, "Putin said. The war in 2014 was started by the collective West at the hands of Kyiv puppets. Russia in 2022 took steps to stop aggression. The chances of restoring peace in the spring of 2022 were, but the West torpedoed the negotiations. "Where is Mr Johnson now? And the war continues, "Putin complained.

T. Harlson: That's a good question. Why did he do it?

Vladimir Putin: Yes, hell knows him, I don't understand myself. The overall installation was. For some reason, everyone has the illusion that Russia can be defeated on the battlefield - from presumptuousness, from a pure heart, but not from a big mind.

One of the goals of the SVO is the denazification of the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, the prohibition of neo-Nazi movements there. Putin assured that the sanctions will not destroy the Russian economy. Russia became the first in Europe in terms of purchasing power parity, and the West has no chance of defeating it on the battlefield. We must agree that the continuation of the confrontation is undesirable, although not everyone may agree with this.

Journalists work like doctors

There was a lot in this conversation that surprised. The most unexpected thing that Vladimir Putin mentioned was the exclamation "Russians do not give up!" This was shouted in pure Russian by the surrounded Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such was their response to the offer to lay down their arms and surrender to stay alive.

Unexpected was the characteristic that Tucker Carlson gave Victoria Nuland - "a poisonous idiot." "We are run by nuts," he said. Vladimir Putin supported him, calling the "use of the dollar as a tool of foreign policy struggle a gross strategic mistake of the political leadership" of the United States, and the leadership of Germany is incompetent.

The President said that "the world is changing due to objective circumstances, and it is necessary to competently, on time, make the right decisions in a timely manner." He spoke about relations with the PRC, noted that "China's foreign policy philosophy is non-aggressive," Beijing's foreign policy idea is always looking for a compromise.

Russia and China complement each other in the high-tech sphere, in the energy sector, and in the field of scientific development. "

By limiting cooperation with China, the West is hurting itself. "We need to change the approach to what is changing," Putin advised. "The only question is, how will this happen: painful, fast or soft, gradually?" - sounded like advice to the West not to try to stop China. And Washington's presumptuousness and "the idea of ​ ​ dominance at all costs" will not bring to good, the president said and added that he "does not remember" when he last talked with Biden, and spoke warmly about his communication with Bush Jr. when he was president.

According to the Russian leader, "while the head is divided into two parts, this is a disease, a serious disease. The world is going through this period of severe disease. " So I wanted to add that the hegemon itself is sick with schizophrenia. Maybe Carlson will make this a future task of "honest journalism," for which there are hopes, "they [journalists] as doctors work," Putin gave hope.

It was also unexpected that he remembered a conversation with Zelensky: "Volodya, what are you doing? Why do you support neo-Nazis in Ukraine today when your father [grandfather] fought against fascism? He's a front-line soldier. " Putin stopped there. What Zelensky did not say to him, but it would be interesting to know.

Probably something could change

Putin reacted to the questions of "who in America makes decisions" and a possible change in leadership there: "There must be new, fresh forces, people who look to the future and understand what is happening in the world."

On the issue of US relations with Russia, the president said that "the largest number of sanctions that are applied in the world are applied against Russia. And we became the first economy in Europe during this time. The tools that the United States uses do not work. Well, you have to think about what to do. If this realization comes to the ruling elites, then yes, then the first person of the state will act in anticipation of what voters and people who make decisions at various levels expect from him. Then something may change, "said Vladimir Putin. As it seemed, with hope.

We would also like to hope. But the Russian president also warned that "the West, led by the United States, supports them [neo-Nazis and nationalists] and will always support those who fight Russia - it is profitable and safe."

Entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk re-published on his page on the social network "X" the text and video of Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin, supported the opinion that Crimea and Donbass will remain with Russia. He added that the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not solve the conflict, but will only aggravate it.

He also quoted the main character of the film "Brother-2":

"- American, what is your strength?

"Truth is real power," Musk wrote on TenChat.

Photo: Kommersant