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29 November 2023

Biden gets personal special counsel

Discrediting information regarding US President Joe Biden continues to pour in like a cornucopia. Now "Sleepy Joe" will receive not only a "personal carer," but also a "personal" special prosecutor.

US President Joe Biden is in an unenviable position with accusations that he benefited from the business connections of his son, Hunter Biden. The appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter poses great difficulties for the US president and a possible candidate for the post in the upcoming 2024 elections. Details in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The US Department of Justice suddenly decided to raise the federal prosecutor David Wise, who was conducting the Hunter Biden case, to the status of a special prosecutor. Thanks to this, he will be able to act more independently than before. As Minister of Justice Merrick Garland said, this was done in connection with the "extraordinary circumstances of the case."

A special prosecutor is a freelance, however, procedural person authorized to investigate a criminal offense committed with the participation or interest of high-ranking persons, when there is reason to doubt that the investigation will be objective as usual.

According to a Reuters source, the special counsel's investigation could lead to unexpected results. Thus, the investigation into former President Bill Clinton began with a real estate deal when he was governor of Arkansas, but ended with Monica Lewinsky.

Junta and in America junta

Hunter Biden has become the "favorite" of President Joe Biden's political opponents, one might say the biggest pain point for his father. The Democratic leadership was counting on reaching a deal between Hunter Biden and Weiss, but negotiations stalled.

Republicans claim Biden "discredited the office of president." So, for example, said Rep. Greg Stuby (R-Fla.), who raised the issue of impeachment. The congressman accused the US president of "profiting from government positions," committing other sins, as, for example, "violated the principles of the rule of law."

The campaign of accusations is launched under the slogans unusual for the American political elite - "Find out the truth"! Earlier, Republican deputies of the "2021 recruitment" - Marjorie Taylor Green (Georgia) and Lauren Bobert (Colorado) - took the initiative to impeach. Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House of Representatives (California), also spoke about impeachment.

But impeachment is still far away, and the desire to "find out the truth" about corruption in the family of Joe Biden serves other purposes. It's about a tough rivalry for power that the Republican Party lost in 2020 but aims to retake in 2024. Democrats are holding back the onslaught through the courts dragging Republican former President Donald Trump. There is also something to cling to, including the belated revelations of the victims of his once-alleged "molestation," as well as the riots in the Congress building in January 2021.

Everything is very serious and the press has something to do. In addition to the "dark affairs" of the Biden family and the trials of Trump, all this reflects the deep crisis of the American political system and the split in society. Politicians' verbal inventions are becoming increasingly radical. What, for example, are the words of Taylor-Green, who compared the "Biden regime" with the juntas of third world countries and dictatorial regimes.

The deputy of the House of Representatives did not limit herself to the head of the White House, also called the special prosecutor appointed in the case of Hunter Biden, as well as the US Department of Justice "corrupt." She stated the existence of "a conspiracy to cloud, distract and, ultimately, hide the corrupt business model of a criminal family."

Biden's son is accused of acquiring and storing weapons, taking drugs at that time and hiding it at checkout. Also, Hunter Biden did not pay taxes. He was also remembered for his acts as a "liaison intermediary" of Biden Sr., when he was vice president and, as it were, "traded influence." But this, rather, applies to Joe Biden himself and his reputation.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have disclosed payments of more than $20 million and claim the money came from Elena Baturina, Ukrainian company Burisma and Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev, as well as some Chinese sources. Democrats say the money was not intended for politics, that in meetings involving Joe Biden, they talked only about "peace and weather."

They sold a "Slavic closet"

"Obviously, Joe Biden knew about his son's business connections and allowed himself to become a" brand "sold to enrich the family when he was vice president of the United States," said Republican James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.

Hunter Biden joined the board of directors of the Chinese investment fund BHR Partners back in 2013 and acquired a 10% stake in it after his father's term as vice president ended in early 2017. He continued to work for that firm until 2020, which is still being used by Republicans as evidence of Biden Sr. "s" corruption "and his ties to Chinese business.

Materials published later indicate financial ties between the president's son and brother and the now liquidated CEFC China Energy. Biden Jr. met with the head of this oil and gas holding Ye Jianming. The company transferred more than 5 million to create a joint venture Hudson West in order to obtain contracts for the supply of LNG from the United States to China, but the Chinese partner was soon arrested.

Remittances from Mykola Zlochevsky, a Ukrainian oligarch and owner of Burisma, are also mentioned. It was Joe Biden who advocated the fight against corruption in Ukraine and promoted the investigation into the group of oligarchs, which included Zlochevsky. The Oversight Committee also said Hunter Biden received a million dollars a year ($83,333 a month) as a Burisma board member despite his father overseeing Ukraine. Joe Biden himself has always denied any involvement in Hunter's financial affairs, claiming that he learned about his work at Burisma from the media!

Impeachment, as it was said

Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress, said that Republicans have enough grounds for impeachment. He noted that it "gives Congress, Republicans and Democrats on their committee an opportunity to get information." If the Bidens have nothing to hide, let them provide copies of bank accounts, he suggested.

Everything escalated so much that such formulations as "conflict fatigue" appeared in the dictionary of the inhabitants of the Capitol. Now Republican lawmakers themselves have begun to "fight wastefulness" and say they are tired of voting for aid packages for the Kyiv regime.

A group of lawmakers sent a letter to Biden urging him to withdraw his request to Congress for an additional $24 billion in aid and other types of assistance to Ukraine. They said the request violates the Fiscal Liability Act, exacerbates the administration's uncontrolled deficit spending, bypasses a "bipartisan agreement on the ceiling of public debt."

Difficulties of transfer to rehabilitation

An attempt to evade the punishment of Hunter Biden failed. According to the terms of the agreement, he had to admit guilt in two episodes of "deliberate tax evasion," undergo rehabilitation and "tie up" with prohibited substances. In addition, it was noted that the parties reached an agreement on charges of violating the rules for storing weapons.

But US District Court Judge (Delaware) Maryellen Noreika refused to accept the terms of the deal, in which Biden Jr. could get off with a suspended sentence for illegal possession of weapons.

As a result, a trial is ahead and Joe Biden will face difficulties in conducting the election campaign, Reuters said. This puts Biden's campaign headquarters in a difficult position. Campaigning for re-election in an environment where a candidate will have to answer uncomfortable questions about his son's case? "He risks being constantly confused," said a source in the president's entourage.

Interaction in American

To divert attention from the scandal, Joe Biden may look for a way out on the "external front," in particular, in the Chinese direction, where the first signs of rising tensions have already appeared, when he compared China to a "ticking watch bomb."

John Kirby, representing the White House National Security Council (NSC), was forced to explain what the president meant by the "internal problems of the PRC." But, according to him, "the Chinese somehow do not interact with the world like that"! Like, other countries listen to the opinion of Beijing, which in itself is unacceptable for Washington. Russia, they say, was isolated, it was China's turn, with whom, as Biden said, should move on to "rational relations," including limiting investments in the technological sphere of the PRC.

Something similar in the history of the White House has already happened when American presidents in their own way began to "interact with the world," using bombs with depleted uranium and destroying embassy buildings, as happened in Belgrade with the Chinese Embassy. Some media outlets called the attack on Belgrade "Monica's war."

"Sleepy Joe" came under suspicion of bribery, but also pretends that nothing happened. "Welcome to America!," say the sometimes critical inhabitants of this country, implying that there is not only a lot of good things to be seen there.

Photo: BBC

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