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03 March 2024

And the midwife witch is against

Despite the obvious evidence, the West with all its might wants to hide its participation in the IL-76 crash near Belgorod.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, holding a meeting with proxies in Gostiny Dvor, stressed that Russia insists on an international investigation into the IL-76, but there are no applicants.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that the West is not interested in conducting an investigation, during which they would "stumble upon themselves," he said.

How the State Duma called on Congress

The investigation into the causes of the IL-76 disaster, like other threats to the interests and security of Russia, is being conducted in Washington. The current US administration unleashed aggression against Russia, which it conducts with other people's hands, but with its intelligence, equipment and ammunition. A Patriot anti-aircraft guided missile was used to destroy the aircraft, the Investigative Committee said. Fragments of missiles with inscriptions in English are marked with a guided anti-aircraft missile MIM-104A the Patriot complex, the UK said in a press release. Read more in The Moscow Post.

We identified the developers - these are Raytheon and Hughes corporations.

On Thursday, February 1, at a plenary session, State Duma deputies adopted a draft appeal to the US Congress "in connection with the commission of another terrorist act by Ukraine, as a result of which a military transport aviation plane of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was treacherously shot down."

Deputies called on members of Congress to condemn the crimes of the terrorist Kyiv regime, refuse to support it and help bring to justice the direct perpetrators of an inhuman terrorist act, the international affairs committee said in a document.

The foreman of the Nazi regime

In Kyiv, Victoria Nuland, US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs, a kind of "midwife witch" of the 2014 coup d'état in Kyiv, a foreman of the Nazi regime that Volodin spoke about, visited. This event in the history of Ukraine and Europe is ten years old.

Nuland, occupying the chair of the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, came to Kyiv, met with representatives of the opposition, and also went to the protesters on the Maidan. In an interview with CNN, she admitted that since 1991, the United States has spent about $5 billion on "supporting democratic processes" in Ukraine.

This time, Nuland definitely encouraged the wards, promised support with "to guarantee the continuation of the struggle against those who want to steal our freedom." She met with the chief of staff of the President Andriy Yermak, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba and with Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. Discussed coordination issues ahead of the Interagency Donor Platform meeting in February.

Nuland walked away from answering the question of what would happen to Ukraine if the United States did not give money. Americans, she said, "understand what's going to happen if you (Ukrainians) can't continue not only to defend yourself, but to do well, and that understanding will affect the results of the congressional vote."

We can say, reassuring. The topic of rearrangements in the highest echelon of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, if discussed, is not with journalists. Shortly after Nuland's departure, CNN and other media outlets, citing their sources, reported Zaluzhny's resignation. It is clear that her visit to Kyiv was primarily related to figuring out on the spot what the mood in Zelensky's group is, how the internal situation is developing, how else the Nazi regime can be supported, what instructions to give on the control line of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Russia, according to Putin, the situation around the SVO shows that society has a solid and solid foundation. "What is happening now due to the fact that Russia is forced to defend its interests, including with the help of armed struggle, and what began to happen in society in this regard, historical Russia has risen, nevertheless, suggests that we have a fairly solid and solid foundation of education. All this foam, which is always present in any society, it is slowly washed away. So here we work, but we must, of course, work even more, "he said.

Twenty years later

The meeting in Gostiny Dvor took place almost exactly two decades from the day when Vladimir Putin summed up his first presidential term. He then acted as a candidate for president in front of proxies in the Main Building of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov on Vorobyovy Gory.

Russia has since changed beyond recognition. Judge for yourself. In that speech in February 2004, Vladimir Putin said that during his first presidential term, "The government actually had to constantly clean up the current rubble, protect the integrity of the country in the fight against separatism and international terrorism, and at the same time lay the foundations of our future... Virtually a third of the country's population was below the poverty line. At the same time, many months of delays in the payment of pensions, benefits, wages became a massive phenomenon... The country was in a fever from strikes by miners, teachers, other public sector workers. "

Putin then spoke of a "humiliating dependence" on international financial organizations and international financial speculators, and Russia's swollen external debt. He admitted that by 2000 Russia had largely lost its independent position in the foreign arena.

He also understood that those forces in the world that continued to live by the stereotypes of the Cold War, under the "sweet" speeches, considered Russia as their political rival and in every possible way supported everything that could mothball that vulnerable state of Russia, as long as possible.

Vladimir Putin then complained that the separatist processes that had ripened in the country for several years did not receive an adequate response from the authorities, but were actively supported by international extremist organizations and, ultimately, degenerated into terrorism, led to the penetration of gangs of international terrorists into the North Caucasus.

Putin's speech in 2004 set goals for the future, including reducing the dependence of the Russian economy on foreign economic factors. By that time, the constitutional order was restored in the country, a single legal space was recreated, the processes of degradation of state power were suppressed, the vertical of the federal executive branch was rebuilt. The Russian parliament has become a professionally working legislative body. Since 2000, the positive dynamics of all major social indicators has been achieved, slowly, but structural transformations in the economy have begun.

Putin stressed then that "despite the full scale of changes, we only created a springboard for a decisive turn in the country's economic development, a turn leading to a quality of life comparable to developed countries, and through this - to such authority and to such influence of Russia, which will be worthy of our thousand-year history, and our intellectual resources, and our opportunities for full participation in the world division of labor. " The main goal of any of our actions is to improve the quality of life of people, "he added. It was in February 2004.

Two days ago, in 2024, speaking in Gostiny Dvor, Vladimir Putin identified the main tasks for the next period: "We are going through a very difficult, very important stage in the development of our country. In strengthening its independence, sovereignty, independence. Moreover, in all vectors, in all directions. This applies to the economy, technology, health care, social sphere - in the broadest sense of the word, increasing the level of defense capability, security and the situation in the international arena. "

If we compare what was said in 2004 and formulated today, then in a nutshell this can be summed up as follows: "Life has become better, but it has not become easier, and it has not turned out easier!" We will have to continue to work hard to prove to everyone in the world that there is no country better than Russia!

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