About Trump who "matters"

Americans wait for elections, but not all are sure that their voices will be considered, and counting of votes will be correct. Some of them it isn't excited about Donald Trump, but say that the current president of the USA Joe Biden is more dangerous. Many consider his team the center of the evil which threatens the future of America. Therefore – what to do - urge to vote for Trump. Details in material of the correspondent of UtroNews.


Americans wait for elections, but not all are sure that their voices will be considered, and counting of votes will be correct. Some of them it isn't excited about Donald Trump, but say that the current president of the USA Joe Biden is more dangerous. Many consider his team the center of the evil which threatens the future of America. Therefore – what to do - urge to vote for Trump. Details in material of the correspondent of UtroNews.

The president of the divided America

Trump with his "trump" surname when became the president in 2016 and the Time magazine appropriated him a title of "the person of year", saw on number cover under the portrait: "The president of the divided States of America". Some Americans were crazy about him, others hated. He won then on the number of votes of electors (304 - 227), but conceded to Hillary Clinton on total number of votes (45.99% - 48.07%).

Democrats immediately accused Trump of communications with Moscow, but it wasn't succeeded to prove it to them because no "communications" existed. Trump, in turn, too tried to achieve from the authorities of Ukraine investigation concerning Joe Biden, the following competitor, in connection with "activity" of that in Kiev. But it wasn't succeeded to make it too. Zelensky refused to help him. Unintentionally Hunter Biden, the son who lost the laptop "helped".

Trump is considered to be the conservative and the center-right, but without due political experience. He became the president, the first in the history of the USA, who wasn't holding before the state or military posts. It was known rather as the businessman and "the reckless billionaire" investing, in particular, in casino and "beauty contests". Trump at one time owned the soccer team and conducted a reality show on NBC channel, consisted in Guild of film actors.

He for the first time announced possible participation in fight for the president's post still in the early nineties, stood in 1999 and 2012, but withdrew the candidacy at the first stages. In June, 2015 he returned to a race and participated in a presidential campaign of 2016 from Republican Party with the slogan "We Will Make America Big Again".

From two candidates...

"Trump is better, than Biden. Than better? Than Biden!", - the charade, but in it is a lot of hidden sense. Trump considered a mistake invasion of the USA into Iraq and supported the termination of the American military adventures. But at the same time he relied on some neoconservatives, including odious John Bolton, Nickey Haley and Mike Pompeo. Many of his his appointees didn't favor and about themselves didn't agree with him. Trump's problems in power weren't exhausted by it.

All four years of his board there was a war from media, including the main TV channels and the leading printing editions. He was exposed to the procedure of discharge from the power twice. His appeals on a meeting were on January 6, 2021 the cause for the second impeachment to challenge results of presidential elections of 2020. He was accused of instigation to a mutiny.

The relations with Moscow though he called constructive dialogue with Russia one of priorities of the foreign policy became one of first "victims" of policy of ill-matched team of Trump. In practice the anti-Russian sanctions were expanded. Having chosen as the vice president evangelist Mike Pence, Trump appeared under the influence of the neocons inciting Ukraine against Russia.

Trump allegedly fought against Islamic State group (IS, it is banned in the Russian Federation) and suggested not to allow Iran to create nuclear weapon, but brought the USA out of the nuclear transaction, suggested and to press further to Iran and also the DPRK, Cuba and Venezuela. All remembered his decision to bomb the Syrian air base in 2017 on what as wrote, his daughter Ivanka affected. In 2020 he ordered to strike a blow to the airport of Baghdad. The high-ranking Iranian commander Kassem Soleimani was the purpose. The drone then killed ten people.

Trump made the decision to create Space forces and adopted the defense budget record for those times, undertook tax reform, was engaged in revision of trade agreements with other countries, including China. I insisted on transition of Europe to the American liquefied gas for decrease in her dependence on Russia. As the candidate for president I promised to resolve trade disputes on the terms of the USA. At Trump Washington began to destroy the relations with China.

His administration reduced military presence in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and didn't begin any new intervention abroad. But the USA left the agreement on the Iranian nuclear transaction, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Contract on the open sky, stopped financing of World Health Organization, left UNESCO and the Parisian agreement on climate.

Acting in Florida in 2019, Trump told that "the Jewish state never had the best friend in the White House". As well as other presidents, I visited the Wailing Wall, I called Jerusalem the capital of Israel and also I announced transfer of the American Embassy there. In general he fawned upon Israel, understanding extent of influence of the Jewish lobby in policy of the USA.

His spokeswoman, Carolyn Leavitt, said that "when President Trump returns to the Oval Office, Israel will be protected again, Iran will be devastated, terrorists hunted down and the bloodshed will be over." Trump himself believes that Israel should "end the problem" in the war with Hamas.

For black people, Trump promised to create "peaceful" urban neighborhoods with the "highest standards" of police presence and justice in the justice system. These and other promises of the "Platinum Plan" were empty. He also supported gay Americans and LGBT communities. Speaking at the United Nations in 2019, Trump announced a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality.

Trump has tightened immigration laws, claiming that the US accepts immigrants from "shithole countries." He failed to build a "big beautiful border wall," and Mexico never paid for this construction, which in fact turned out to be just a repair of what had already been done. In South Texas, landowners responded to all attempts by the authorities to purchase land for the construction of the wall with courts.

… choose who is younger

Despite all this "diversity," some believe that Trump can maintain a constitutional republic. On the contrary, given four more years of the Biden administration, the hope that America will return to "normal" will disappear forever. They write that Biden's dementia is so serious that even many Democrats want him replaced.

Trump, for all his shortcomings, has become for rabid Democrats a kind of "test for their reasonableness." He showed, according to Biden's opponents, that he can make respectable and educated politicians turn into a viciously barking flock, incapable of rational decisions. That's another reason to vote for Trump, as his leadership reveals the nature of America's left-liberal forces.

Trump is expected to be needed by the economy, or at least better than under another candidate. During his first term, the US economy performed better than what the Biden administration created.

Many voters are intimidated by Trump's prosecution. This is perceived as an attempt by the Democrats to punish a competitor for defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, to remove Trump from the political scene altogether. It's not even about the "rule of law" in elections, but about the fact that anyone can fall victim to the system that is regulated by the Democrats.

Although there was no evidence in the Mueller report on the Russian Case, a series of criminal cases were soon opened against Trump. Prosecutors brought one charge after another against him. Especially after Trump announced plans to run. That he dared to challenge the ruling elite appeals to voters, though their faith in justice and the US electoral process evaporates.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who previously participated in the Republican presidential race, awarded Trump a victory before the debate began and said on Fox News that he took a bold step by agreeing to participate in the debate according to the rules proposed by Biden. "Sleepy Joe," according to Ramaswamy, has become a "puppet of managers."

The debate will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at the CNN studio, broadcast by all major television companies. At the request of Biden's headquarters, there will be no spectators in the studio - only Trump, Biden and two presenters. Politicians "microphones will be muted until they are asked to start speaking.

Biden and Trump last met in a televised debate on October 22, 2020.