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03 March 2024

Zaks will walk on Redmond: what is Philip Gens up to?

The owner of the company "Lanit," the disgraced creation at GIS TEK, can prepare an unfriendly takeover of the business of Yosef Zaks?

The structure of the Lanit IT company has registered the Elari Aichi legal entity, which can be used to promote Elari watches.

It is a Chinese brand that is made in China. The company was created by Yosef (but he prefers to call himself Viktor) Zaks, in Russia he works as a legal entity "Tree of Life." The software developer for Elari is Family Aichi.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, Philip Gens could want to do with Zaks' firms about the same feint that had already happened to Redmond.

Businessman-multimachine operator

But before we get to the bottom of it, let's figure out the current Elari distributors. "Tree of Life" belongs to Viktor Zaks, Yulia Zaks, Elena Lagutkina (a relative of his business partner), who changed his name after a hobby for religion, and the offshore company TOL CAPITAL LIMITED. Since 2020, the company began to rapidly reduce revenue. Now the company is bankrupt on the claim from the Federal Tax Service. "Family Aichi" has roughly the same roots.

As for Yosef Zaks himself, this entrepreneur was born in Russia, studied abroad, then worked at McKinsey, brought the 36.6 pharmacy chain to the IPO, was a top manager of Alfa Group, but exchanged a brilliant career for his own startup - this is how Forbes characterizes him.

Zaks founded many different business projects, threw something, burned out something, the entrepreneur rushed between hired work and the creation of his products, took up gadgets around the 2010s, since then he has created partnerships mainly with Chinese suppliers and promoted his own brand. Now, according to the information on the kidgram website, he lives in Israel.

As we have already mentioned, in recent years, the Tree of Life has shown far from rosy pictures of financial viability. It is possible that Zaks decided to overtake funds for new projects and leave the hobby for gadgets. Or maybe someone bigger appeared, who in the format of an ultimatum invited Zaks to leave this business. This idea is led by attacks on the Web on the "brainchilds" of the entrepreneur and the "biography" of the Dihaus company, which owns the newly created Elari Aichi.

From this place in more detail

"Dihaus" is personally decorated with the owner of "Lanit" Philip Gens. Until mid-2019, this company had a fairly large portfolio of government orders - mainly from Rostelecom structures, it supplied mobile phones. Interestingly, 31 out of 36 contracts, according to Rusprofile data, are under execution.

We opened several contracts and found that the state customers purchased Chinese equipment - Xiaomi phones. Whether they waited or not is a question, since contracts are at the execution stage. But Rostelecom did not file a lawsuit.


But that's not the most important thing. Dihaus is primarily interested in the fact that it participated in the "privatization operation" of Redmond employees.

Recall that in 2016, after the death of the founder of the distributor of household appliances "Redmond" Maxim Ageenko, the division of the inheritance began between his heirs and business partners, which provoked a protracted conflict.

In 2017, most of the inheritance went to Ageenko's former partner Andrei Sinyavin. Almost immediately after this, the latter was accused of tax evasion for 2 billion rubles and put on the federal wanted list.

Five years passed, and Sinyavin, in the absence of the latter at the general meeting of shareholders, was removed from the post of CEO of Redmond, putting Mikhail Komissarov, who was previously the company's legal director, in his place.

Sinyavin was, to put it mildly, dissatisfied with what happened and even filed seven lawsuits with the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg, trying to challenge this decision, and at the same time terminate the license agreement with the Innovation Solutions company controlled by him for the use of the Redmond trademark.

There is a feeling that Mr. Sinyavin could have been "thrown" by his former partner, Mrs. Diana Zhelyaskova, who currently owns a controlling 51% stake in Redmond.

This lady entered the capital of the company in 2016 together with Sinyavin and Maxim Ageenko, and increased her stake after Ageenko's blood heirs were "thrown out" of the company.

According to Kommersant, Zhelyaskova was sentenced to a year in prison in 2018 in the case of tax evasion of Technopoisk LLC (the company is the owner of the Redmond brand). It is possible that this case is connected with the Sinyavin case. Only he managed to spend years abroad, and Zhelyaskova had to serve some time in a pre-trial detention center. In addition, she had to compensate for the damage. How can you not be angry with your partner?

While the court battles were going on, another major market participant "joined" the story. Namely, the Lanit Group of Companies, which, against the background of "weakness in the ranks," Redmond created several legal entities into which Redmond employees began to flow.

Here we are faced with Dihaus Retail LLC, Dihaus Ecom and the parent Dihaus (created earlier, it includes retail and ecom). Already at the beginning of 2022, "Dihaus" presented its brand of household appliances Red. According to Kommersant, the company hired about 700 developers who left Redmond amid litigation.

Advertising of the new distributor. Photo:

At the same time, RED LLC, which was registered by Dihaus, was created together with Yulia Barashova. According to information from the LinkedIn website, Barasheva was the marketing and sales manager of Technopoisk, the same company that owns the Redmond brand. It seems that the lady was simply "overbought."

Thus, Gens could make a clever move with the further possible bankruptcy of Redmond by dragging the company's employees to him and producing equipment extremely similar to Redmond's products, which is now traded at almost every corner.

So did Mr. Gens decide to "take hands" on the same scheme, and, in general, Sachs's fairly successful business? We must think that the connections of the head of Lanit will help Russian state customers in the sale of Chinese products.

Lanit is now very actively engaged in buying up everything that "lies badly," and sometimes, possibly, through proxies. For example, the situation with the National Computer Corporation, which after a series of corporate conflicts went to Denis Frolov. Behind the latter, it seems to be the influence of Gens.

The Moscow Post covered this story in detail, but let's briefly explain: "NNK" and "Lanit" collaborated closely - so much. That they even had searches at the same time in 2017. The case has faded.

At a certain moment, the shareholders of NNC Yevgeny Lakov and Leonid Goldenberg for no reason suddenly wanted to sell their shares to the structures of Denis Frolov mentioned by us, and in 2020 the then president of NNC Alexander Kalinin was detained.

Frolov owns RusBITech-Astra LLC, which produces Astra Linux. Recently, the State Duma purchased licenses for this product for 52 million rubles. At the same time, the supplier was not Astra Group of Companies, but Step Logzhik, which was bought by Lanit from the Systematics company, which belonged to the interests of NNC. Then the company was managed by the father of Philip Gens George. Apparently, to pick up the business "NNK" "Lanit" could have gathered for a long time and Gens Jr. brought the matter to the end?

Better safe than sorry

At the same time, it is worth remembering that the Lanit company appears in the criminal case on embezzlement of 600 million rubles on the creation of the GIS TEK - for this, former Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov, who has not been able to pass a verdict for several years, is now sitting down to study the volumes of the criminal case.

Meanwhile, Lanit continues to receive large state contracts and expand its "empire." We even found a legal entity engaged in parking at Lanit - a speech about City Parking LLC from the Krasnodar Territory, which until recently was controlled by Lanter LLC, owned by Lanit-Holding. Now the founder is Viktor Serebryakov, the former owner of the TDI company owned by Lanit Holding.

Photo: Rusprofile

So, we think, the beneficiaries of the company remained the same. And, of course, she also receives large government orders. But the nominal exit of the Lanita structure from the founders of the company raises concerns about whether they will be implemented. There is a feeling that Gens wants to abstract from something in advance. Isn't it from possible embezzlement on the lord's orders?

So, we will watch how events develop with parking lots, with Elari Aichi companies and those owned by Mr. Sachs. No matter how the second GIS TEK happens...

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