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03 October 2023

Businessman without brakes and laws

The historical centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg fell under the total purchase of property by the oligarch Nisanov. All who are trying to resist break careers?

Associated with businessman Goda Nisanov, Kievskaya Ploshchad, through the Amadeus company, can buy out the Sphere shopping center on Novy Arbat. It can be rebuilt as a "multifunctional complex."

The people are already joking that soon it will be possible to observe another market there, like Food City, which does not fit in with the appearance of one of the city's business cards.

Details from the life of vegetables - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Agreed with Sobyanin?

The co-owner of Amadeus is the alleged relative of the Year of Nisanov - David Nisanov, he owns shares in Kievskaya Square and Kievskaya Square 1. It seems that Amadeus, together with the structures of the Moscow mayor's office, established Zvezda Arbata LLC to renovate the territory under the Sphere.

Apparently, none of the authorities is going to put sticks in the wheels of Nisanov - moreover, the capital's bosses can "bite part of the pie" themselves.


There is no need to talk about financing from at least one of the structures of the upcoming "renovation" - "MIR Group of Companies" in continuous minuses in terms of profit and with zero revenue. There is reason to believe that the capital's pro-government structures in this project act rather as recipients of profits from what Amadeus is going to do on the site of the Sphere.

Moreover, Mr. Nisanov was more than once credited with almost friendship with Sergei Sobyanin. As businessman Ilgar Hajiyev, who worked with the businessman's relatives, said earlier in an interview with the YouTube channel The Facts, Nisanov, together with his brother, the governor of the Moscow region, Maxim Vorobyov, allegedly took part in collecting bribes from construction businessmen for general patronage. Some of this money allegedly went to Mr. Sobyanin and other "fed" officials, about which The Moscow Post also conducted an extensive interview. You can read more in our investigation "On Oreshkin Sobyanina."

Ilgar Hajiyev talks about how the market of the capital and Moscow region real estate works. Video: YouTube

Asset greed

Recently, structures associated with Kievskaya Ploshchad have been actively buying up Moscow land. Perhaps this is due to the strengthening of Nisanov's ties with Mr. Sobyanin and the potential willingness of the businessman to give the mayor of Moscow a share in his very controversial projects. Moreover, he seems to be trying to deal with a certain analogue of privatization very secretly. At least not directly. It is a pity that the journalistic eye did not miss that the territory near the Ukraine Hotel in mid-November 2022 received a structure, the threads from which lead to Nisanov.

We are talking about the Azalea company, which belongs to Yalchin Hasanov. Only now, Hasanov is hardly an independent figure, because he owns a share in Flame LLC, on the balance sheet of which is the Food City wholesale and distribution center. In addition, Hasanov was a co-owner of the Skysotka and Yuzhny Mall companies, which also own the objects of Kievskaya Square.


By the way, Hasanov's share in Azalea is encumbered by the state-owned Gazprombank. The company's revenue for 2021 is zero. It turns out that it is with state money that the next market will be built in the center of Moscow? Whether they will be returned is another question.

Why do we insist on what Nisanov will build (what Ukraine has, what is on the New Arbat) exactly the market? Everything is prosaic - firstly, this is the main activity of companies associated with it. The same "Food City" (very rich in scandals and not the most pleasant place) annually brings him multi-billion dollar proceeds.

In addition, the company Yuzhny Mall, recently associated with Kievskaya Ploshchad, approved a development project in Vostochny Biryulyovo - on the site of the former Emeral market, which at one time caused waves of complaints and protests from local residents - mainly complaints about counterfeit goods, dirt and even trade in illegal things sounded.

"Yuzhny Mall" previously tried to "shove" the project of the so-called speech therapy, behind which there may be a banal desire to "stick" trading shops, but did not grow together. Then they decided to replace the project with the construction of real estate, but with the proviso that about 130 square meters. meters will go for non-residential. What is it, if not the market?

No one wants such a neighbor

The most unpleasant thing in this whole story is that Nisanov's assets are a kind of person involved in a huge number of scandalous situations.

In the same "Food City," despite its decent location in the indoor room, almost bandit showdowns occur from time to time. From 2016 to 2018, a criminal group led by Dzhabrail Heidarov operated on its territory, which extorted money for patronage. For refusing to pay one of the businessmen, Torgul Tagiyev, was shot in his own car on November 21, 2018.

In 2020, migrants staged a massive unauthorized rally at Food City, dissatisfied with the size of the rent that the owner demanded from them.

There are more piquant things about Food City's work. According to the Company, the raids that the security forces carried out in the market territories, presented as operations to identify migrants and illegal immigrants, were in fact attempts to detect illegal "exchangers," as well as cryptocurrency, which, according to the Central Bank, is directly littered with Food City.

And besides all the near-criminal incidents, the banal quality of the goods for the consumer leaves much to be desired: on various sites you can find a huge number of reviews, the authors of which blame unsanitary conditions, beggars and sky-high prices for goods.

What if this spreads to Mr. Nisanov's new markets? For some reason, there is no doubt that this will be the case, and the more his empire grows, the tougher the "showdown" can become.

Who will stop Nisanov?

Just recently, Nisanov seems to have tried to establish contacts with the St. Petersburg governor Alexander Beglov. The Bakhchasaray company associated with its structures at the auction won the right to rent a long-suffering cultural heritage monument in the very heart of the city - we are talking about the Stable Department, an investor for the restoration of which cannot be found for more than a decade.

True, other bidders went to court to invalidate the transfer of the asset. As a result, as Novy Vzglyad writes, the court listened to Futuro JSC. Is there really only in St. Petersburg there are forces that manage to stop the possible process of turning a giant monument of cultural heritage into another "flea market."

Here it is not even so much our assumptions about how Nisanov could implement the object as the very type of activity of Bakhchasaray - "Retail trade mainly in food products, including drinks, and tobacco products in non-specialized stores," - says a lot.

If there was a person in St. Petersburg who could somehow influence Nisanov, then who opposes him in Moscow, where he most likely has excellent ties with Sobyanin himself? It seems that there are no such people. Developers who work in the capital, including because of his near-criminal reputation, are unlikely to want to contact Nisanov.

The businessman is credited with having ties to Aslan Usoyan, better known as Ded Hassan. It is still not completely clear how Nisanov received his assets in the 90s, including Food City. In addition, just recently in the capital there was a series of strange murders of entrepreneurs. And one of them - Oganes Kamaryan (founder of the Gavary Group holding, which produces various products from polymers), as the journalists of The Moscow Post found out, through his daughter, the wife of Sergei Sarkisov, could be familiar with the God Nisanov.

According to the authors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, allegedly because of the "raids" on the God Nisanov, even three high-ranking police officers were dismissed - a speech about the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Southern Administrative District Dmitry Ryabov, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Boris Sheinkin and the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Western Administrative District Anton Romeyko-Gurko. Allegedly, they raided a certain relative of Nisanov, not knowing that he was so close to the businessman, for which they paid.

Kievskaya Ploshchad is the largest owner of commercial real estate in Russia. It seems that Nisanov is not going to stop there.

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