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03 March 2024

When Avdolyan watches

Honorary Consul of Armenia in Yekaterinburg Narek Spartakyan buys assets in the interests of his patron?

The day before, an administrative building and a plot in the capital of the Sverdlovsk region were bought.

Taking into account that Avdolyan himself is possibly closely connected with the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, and the sold asset previously belonged to the division of the state corporation, an unpleasant soul comes from the transaction itself. Hiding behind Spartakyan, Avdolyan buys up Rostec assets?

The Moscow Post correspondent in the Sverdlovsk region understood the deal.

Back in December 2023, JSC Production Association Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after E.S. Yalamov, which is part of the Rostec division, sold an administrative building under the hammer on ul. Vostochnaya, 33b with an area of ​ ​ 1697 square meters and a plot under it. At the same time, the struggle for the lot was quite stormy - five participants claimed it.

Photo: sale.etprf.ru

The winner who bought the asset for 85.77 million rubles against 50.67 million rubles of the initial price was Nasta-Group LLC.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the Nasta-Group company was established in July 2020 and is engaged in the wholesale of metals. The company is 50% owned by the Honorary Consul of Armenia Narek Spartakyan, and part of his business assets is registered at the consulate address. It is noteworthy that the main business portfolio of Spartakyan began to form in 2020, some assets went uphill sharply in 2022: for example, Nasta-Group's revenue increased by 1095.6% - from 328 million rubles to 3.92 billion rubles.

Photo: rusprofile.ru

Perhaps such luck is due to the fact that Spartakyan became the "man" of the oligarch Albert Avdolyan.

This connection was highlighted in 2023, when Avdolyan allocated 33% to his protege in A-Tek, which since September 2023 has owned the Yakutsk Gas Processing Complex (YAGK), which previously belonged to Avdolyan's YATEK.

In February 2023, Spartakyan indirectly (with a share of 14.85%) also entered the capital of the Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company, Avdolyan's main energy asset.

Photo: rusprofile.ru

Another interesting fact: Spartakyan and his Nasta-Group LLC established Elga-MK LLC in February 2023, which was called Elsi-MK at the start, and then Elga-Engineering LLC. The fact is that among Avdolyan's assets there is the Elginskoye field, which he once bought from the Mechel group. Avdolyan even has companies that also have the word "Elga," for example, Elga Engineering LLC, Port Elga LLC, Elga-Ugol LLC, Elga-Service LLC and Elga-Stroy Mining Service. Moreover, Rodion Treasure, a native of the structures of Sergei Chemezov, who received shares in a number of Avdolyan companies, also has a share in the latter.

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Thus, we can conclude that Elga-MK will be associated with Avdolyan's business and could be created as a cover. Moreover, Spartakyan could acquire the building itself on Vostochnaya near Rostec for the needs of the same oligarch.

Avdolyan himself did not glow in transactions with Rostec, probably so as not to increase the degree of scandal around his name. After all, only the lazy one does not know that Avdolyan and Chemezov maintain close relations. So, for example, the head of Rostec and his wife Ekaterina Ignatieva are members of the board of trustees of the New House charitable foundation, which is actively working in Yakutia, and Avdolyan established this fund.

Photo: noviy-dom.org

And more than once large purchases of Avdolyan went hand in hand with Rostec. For example, in Yota Devices from the Avdolyan division, the state corporation previously had a block package, and in YATEK two years ago, the support bank Rostec Novikombank had 21%. And in transactions on the Elginsky coal deposit, YATEK itself (Avdolyan got after the arrest of Ziyavudin Magomedov) flashed state financing.

Scandalous stories with an offshore land

Avdolyan's surname has not recently left the media outlet, opening scandal after scandal - from his role in the division of the inheritance of businessman Dmitry Bosov, who died under mysterious circumstances, whose Sibanthracite was bought by the oligarch, to participation in such dirty stories as possible withdrawal of funds to offshore companies and an attempt through them to go into the history of bankruptcy of the scandalous holding Mezhregionsoyuenergo (MRSEN) and have its own margin from this - 4.5 billion rubles. At the same time, among the defendants in the criminal case of the MRSEN, whose division threw suppliers for a large sum, was Avdolyan's relative, Eldar Osmanov, who was put on the wanted list. The Moscow Post has previously disclosed in detail the role of these two in the MRSEN case.

Avdolyan also appeared in the story of the withdrawal of 100 million rubles through a Latvian bank to the accounts of offshore companies associated with him. Dmitry Gordovich played his role in this.

As a person who was associated with Avdolyan's offshore companies, there was Irina Belyanova, the president of the charitable foundation that Chemezov takes care of, and she is also the director of many of the oligarch's assets, including A-Tek, where Spartakyan has a stake.

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It is known that more than 100 million rubles went to the foreign exchange accounts of offshore companies affiliated with Avdolyan in JSC Citadele Banka (Latvia), opened in both cases with the participation of the management of the representative office of Wooden Fish Agency Limited (Belyanova I.V. - the head of the representative office in Russia).

Photo: kad.arbitr.ru

An interesting fact: in that part of the Avdolyan division, where the word "Elga" is present, Alexander Isaev also lit up, who had previously been dismissed from Sibanthracite with a scandal (during Bosov's lifetime). It was rumored that Bosov jerked when he learned about Isaev's cooperation with a competitor - Avdolyan. Almost immediately after the death of Bosov, Isaev entered Avdolyan's business, including through Energogrupp LLC, which became the owner of shares in a number of companies, including Elga UK LLC. We will not be surprised if Spartakyan will continue to turn Avdolyan's affairs, including through Isaev. It is the latter who owns a share in A-Steel LLC (production of cast iron, steel and ferroalloys), and Spartakyan's companies trade in metals. A great team is going, don't you find?

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Probably, the scandals and risks of sanctions force Avdolyan to cover his interests in denominations. Moreover, no one apparently removed it from the state supply and the screens in this case will play a double role.

The fact that Avdolyan's business is still supported by state-owned banks can be judged by the fact that in June 2023 a certain LLC "Infrastructure Development of the East" (RIV) entered Port Elga LLC. It was created in April 2023 and the beneficiaries were not disclosed, but meanwhile the shares of the port owners were pledged to Gazprombank and Igor Zhilkin is the director of RIV.

Zhilkin was previously the head of PJSC United Machine-Building Plants (Uralmash-Izhora group), which, judging by open data, belongs to Gazprombank. Moreover, it was with the latter on the fields of the WEF in 2022 that an agreement was concluded on the project in Porto Elga.

Photo: rusprofile.ru

It may well be that the building in Yekaterinburg was bought from Rostec by the "Avdolyan man" Spartakyan not for his needs, but at least for the same Elgin division or branch. But taking into account Avdolyan's friendship with Chemezov, does it smell bad from such a deal?

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