What Dmitry Olegovich and Vitaly Petrovich did not share

The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin and the beneficiary of Norebo Vitaly Orlov are torturing the Pella shipyard.


The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin and the beneficiary of Norebo Vitaly Orlov are torturing the Pella shipyard.

According to The Sankt-Peterburg Post, Herbert Tsaturov's Leningrad Pella Shipbuilding Plant paid off a debt of 223.4 million rubles to the Arsenal Engineering Plant, which became the reason for filing a bankruptcy lawsuit against the shipyard. But the proceedings between the companies will not end there: recently, another lawsuit from Arsenal came to court. Arsenal is associated with Mikhail Gutseriev and the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin - it turns out that they are now interested in what is happening.

Among other things, Vitaly Orlov from Norebo is eyeing the assets of Pella. All this indicates that soon a serious struggle may unfold for Pella. They decided to squeeze it to its fullest?

Arsenal, it seems, intends to sink Pella. Now the latter has paid the plant so as not to fall under the surveillance procedure. At the same time, Arsenal objected to the termination of bankruptcy proceedings. In particular, the plaintiff pointed out that Pella has debts to about 20 creditors and court decisions have already been issued on some claims. However, at the moment, these creditors have not applied for bankruptcy of the shipyard. The case was discontinued on 28 September.

However, in the file cabinet of arbitration cases there is a lawsuit from Arsenal to Pella, dated October 5, 2021. It turns out that the plant still does not abandon attempts to bankrupt Pella.

And companies have been suing since 2018. Arsenal tried to recover from Pella a total of about 483 million rubles of debts and penalties under the contracts. The processes ended in October 2020 with the signing of peace agreements and the extension of delivery and installment dates. However, the world apparently did not reign in their relationship for long.

But why suddenly Arsenal is so "demanding" for Pella and is trying to sue the company time and again? All this suggests that they want to gain control over the shipbuilding company. And standing behind it can... the main one in Russian space is Dmitry Rogozin.

So how many?

Let's start with the fact that there are actually two Arsenal. There is a design bureau with the name that is part of the Roscosmos structure, which Rogozin himself has repeatedly talked about. And there is the Arsenal machine-building plant (he is now suing Pella). Confusion adds that both enterprises are registered in St. Petersburg.

But you are even more surprised when you realize that the second legal entity is officially connected with Roskosmos. As follows from the quarterly report of the machine-building plant for the 2nd quarter of 2021, 7.89% of the enterprise belongs to the United Rocket and Space Corporation - 100% of the subsidiary of Roscosmos.

A certain Kharitonov Nikolai Yuryevich sits on the Arsenal Board of Directors. From 2014 to 2016, he was the head of the Department of Property Relations at the United Rocket and Space Corporation, and from 2016 to 2017 he held a similar position at Roskosmos.

Another representative of the state corporation in the machine-building plant is Kireev Pavel Vladimirovich, who has been working at Roskosmos since 2012 to the present. Note that at Arsenal he is a member of the audit commission, where he was appointed by order of the Government.

In addition, Arsenal OJSC is 24.99% owned by a member of the board of directors Sergey Saruev. And, surprise, the latter turns out to have previously owned an apartment, now owned by Dmitry Rogozin's son Alexei.

There is real estate in the elite residential complex "Triumph Palace" in the north-west of Moscow. There, on the upper residential 38th floor, almost under the clouds, there is an almost 208-meter apartment of Alexei Rogozin, which he bought just a couple of months after he left the post of state manager - director of the Ilyushin aircraft factory. The average cost per square meter in similar apartments on high floors is about 860 thousand rubles. That is, Rogozin Jr. real estate can be estimated at 180 million.

But where did he get that money? In the years preceding the purchase of the apartment, 8.5 years, according to the most generous estimates, he earned 55 million. So, Mr. Saruev made him a generous discount? This is a real friendship!

By the way, such apartment stories are quite in the spirit of the Rogozin family. Earlier, The Moscow Post told in detail that the top manager of the state corporation found an apartment with an area of ​ ​ 346 sq.m. in the elite Belaya Dacha complex. Its cost can reach as much as half a billion rubles. And Rogozin Sr. also could not afford such a purchase, so there was talk that someone gave it to him. And the main "suspect" in such generosity is Goda Nisanov, with whose Kiev Square Alexey Rogozin collaborated when he was the general director of the company that was developing the Nagatinskaya transport hub in Moscow.

But back to our "Arsenals." The machine-building plant was at one time owned by Mikhail Gutseriev. Gutseriev's new shareholder was personally represented by Dmitry Rogozin. Then Gutseriev fell under sanctions and either nominally, or actually sold the share to the former owner of the Rogozin apartment Sergey Saruev.

All flags to visit us...

Saruev himself has been on the board of directors of the BiN financial group for many years. He is also listed in the co-owners of the company "Adventage-Real Estate," which in 2016 acquired the shopping center "Skipper Mall" at auction for 1.1 billion rubles. Then there was talk that in reality Mr. Gutseriev was behind the deal.

The person of Olga Fomina, who owns a 4.76% stake in Arsenal, is also interesting. The entrepreneur is the general director of Chaika Media Group LLC, which is officially owned by Gutseriev Mikail Safarbekovich.

Until the last moment, Gutseriev owned Russneft - most recently, he transferred his stake in the company to Sait-Salam Gutseriev's brother. And, surprise, the shareholder of Russneft is Felix Length, who owns 24.99% in the Arsenal machine-building plant.

And the name Felix Length appeared in one very interesting story. He commented on RBC as the chairman of the board of directors of the Arsenal plant that the companies registered by Alexander Viktorovich Yanukovych, apparently the son of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, were located on the premises of the enterprise.

According to Rusprofail, in 2014 he registered Arsenal Invest at 2 Komsomol Street, St. Petersburg. And in the neighboring house is the same machine-building plant Arsenal. And the design bureau "Arsenal" too. That's the coincidence!

This is how many interesting and influential people gathered in neighboring houses in the sleeping area of ​ ​ St. Petersburg. And all this suggests that in fact all three "Arsenals" have the same person. And apparently, it may be Dmitry Rogozin, who is just interested in enterprises of this profile. Indeed, according to information on the website of JSC MOZ Arsenal, Arsenal has been actively developing space production for more than forty years. Well, Rogozins' love for real estate is eloquently spoken about by their own personal chambers.

In addition, on June 8, 2019, it was the delegation of the Roscosmos leadership, led by Mr. Rogozin, who visited the Arsenal Design Bureau and the Arsenal Ministry of Health, where she conducted an inspection of the progress of work and a meeting on the development of Russian space nuclear energy. This indicates a close cooperation between KB and MoZ Arsenal.

In addition, in an interview with TASS, Rogozin said that the Russian Federation plans to launch more than 600 communications and remote sensing satellites into orbit as part of the Sphere program. It can be assumed that MoH Arsenal will take part in this program.

It is possible that through Arsenal Rogozin may bankrupt enterprises. which he liked. Recall at least that last year the plant filed multimilion lawsuits against Karat Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC, which works in the field of scientific research, as well as the Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time JSC. Just these assets can be very useful to Roscosmos.

I went after Sberbank

But in the case of "Pella" everything may not be so simple. Vitaly Orlov from Norebo does not hide his interest in the company's assets. Just a couple of weeks ago it was reported that the Norebo holding was exploring the possibility of buying the Pell plant by Herbert Tsaturov. At the same time, negotiations began not with the owners of Pella, but with its main creditor - Sberbank. Recall that an agreement on cooperation in the field of financing investment activities was signed by Sberbank and Pella Shipbuilding Plant in 2019.

In other words, Orlov approaches the asset from a completely different side. And very profitable: the deal to transfer Pella to the new owner is likely to be almost cash-free if it is possible to achieve bankruptcy of the enterprise. During the bankruptcy procedure or before its start, the cost of the business is actually zero. The buyer will simply assume all the credit obligations of the enterprise.

The desire of Norebo to have its own shipyard is understandable. Now the fishing holding places orders for the construction of fishing vessels for its needs at the Northern shipyard. Perhaps Norebo wants to be insured and have its own enterprise where you can build vessels for fishing. In addition, in this way, Orlov can achieve an increase in quotas for fishing.

And if indeed now the Rogozin people and Orlov took up the "Pella," then the battle promises to be spectacular. After all, both sides have enough money, influence and ties. On the one hand, Rogozin can use his position as the head of Roscosmos, but Orlov is not so simple - he began to establish bridges with Sberbank, the main lender.