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30 November 2023

Union of Sword and Plore 2.0: Pensioner Chubais recalls

The employment of the ex-official is again postponed.

Printouts of speeches from a seminar from June 2023 appeared on the Web, at which the former head of Rusnano, and now the Israeli pensioner and "British scientist" Anatoly Chubais, allegedly spoke. In them, the person represented by Chubais discusses the future of Russia after leaving the political arena of the current leadership of the country.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

If the decryptions are genuine, Chubais turned out to be a worthless predictor - after all, among the promising politicians he names the late Yevgeny Prigozhin, the previously convicted ex-colonel of the GRU Vladimir Kvachkov and Igor Girkin, who is languishing in a pre-trial detention center.

Not to mention the fact that in the words attributed to Chubais, it literally runs through fear of real democracy. One gets the impression that Anatoly Borisovich is very worried that the inhabitants of Russia will choose the wrong one. Apparently, he also considers the choice of Vladimir Putin to be incorrect, although he himself worked calmly in state structures for many years under him.

You can remember something else. As you know, Anatoly Chubais left almost immediately after the start of the Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass.

"Father of the Russian democracy"

Far more interestingly the fact that Chubais who "inflated" from money participates in actions of obviously anti-Russian orientation. Moreover against the background of the outlined criminal case concerning the young reformer for that corruption bacchanalia which was developed at his management in RUSNANO.

Will turn out, mister Chubais can participate in similar parapolitical "meetings" at which for certain there were other guardians for happiness national. Namely the disgraced politicians-foreign agents who got under criminal cases like the father and the son Gudkov (are recognized in the territory of the Russian Federation as foreign agents), or representatives of even more odious non-systemic opposition.

The last were noted by the forums "Free Russia" (the organization is recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation) where on the American money the whole conglomerate of runaway politicians, calls journalists and "social activists" for disintegration of Russia. Now it is clear who wasn't enough there: in the same row together with foreign agents, terrorists and extremists also Anatoly Chubais could sit.

All this reminds Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov's work "12 Chairs" which became classical. There too was an organization (the truth, secret) from "former" which nourished idea for an antistate revolution. The main character of the novel, the speculator Ostap Bender, getting money and participants of gathering, I gave him the name "Union of the Sword and the Plowshare".

As well as present "oppositionists", participants of "Union of the Sword and the Plowshare" divided positions in future government of "Free Russia" (the organization is recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation). But finished ridiculously and disgracefully: they so didn't trust each other, so didn't believe in success of the undertaking and were afraid that at some point, at own will went to hand over each other to bodies of state security.

How here not to remember notorious "Coordination council of opposition" of the beginning of the tenth years which for several months of work because of contradictions between the leaders couldn't approve even own regulations. But they sacredly believed that they can run such country as Russia.

As precisely about same so-called "young reformers" in the 90th years which representative was Anatoly Borisovich thought. Meanwhile, in printouts of a seminar about "Russia of the future" at it and the idea of fear of democracy appears. Like, people will choose "not that". And most not that for them, apparently, the current President Vladimir Putin who earlier got support more than 74% of votes on elections.

By the way, Anatoly Borisovich as other hero of "12 chairs", the former leader of the district nobility the Pussycat Vorobyaninov, could apply for monasteries of "The father of the Russian democracy". Why not? It is possible to refresh elections of 1996 where the candidate of the CPRF won memory. But the American political strategists helping Yeltsin solved differently. For some reason then "the guardian for democracy" Chubais didn't leave civil service. What was farther - already history.

You recognize him by affairs

Returning to the members of "Union of the Sword and the Plowshare" who handed over each other. And both former, and present "colleagues" of Anatoly Chubais for certain too can tell about him a lot of interesting. For example, about his activity at the head of RUSNANO state corporation in the financial hole after his departure from which Russian Federation exceeded 90 billion rubles. From a default the company was saved by only the next feed from the Russian budget. In total for lifetime of RUSNANO directed over 400 billion rubles from treasury to her needs.

In 2022, after Chubais's departure from Russia the domestic security officers strengthened work with top managers and partners of state corporation. Then the investigation brought criminal case against the former partner of RUSNANO Oleg Dyachenko. He was suspected of plunder of $50 million at Luxembourg "subsidiary" of the company - Fonds Rusnano Capital S.A.Poslednyaya was a cofounder of Nanoenergo fund who was managed by the Sberezheniya and Investicii Management Limited company. Dyachenko was the director of the company.

Nanoenergo transferred $90 million from the accounts in JSB Peresvet and Bank of Cyprus banks into accounts of a number of the doubtful companies, having violated own statutory documents. The Nanoenergo fund was engaged in development of nanotechnologies in the power industry and also raised funds of the Russian and western investors.

During creation the target capital of structure was $150 million. Today the companies in which I made Nanoenergo contributions or invalid, or are in a condition of elimination, or don't give signs of life since 2018. Perhaps on the means banished through them abroad Anatoly Chubais "walks" today?

In the beginning October of RUSNANO warned about possible bankruptcy again. About a week ago, October 17, 2023, in the State Duma, appeals to check Anatoly Chubais for corruption sounded. And not only his activity in RUSNANO, but also in RAO UES of Russia which at his management was shattered into a set of parts.

Anatoly Chubais. Photo: https://telegra.ph/file/a15a256e4022ae7152962.jpg

However, criminal cases against Chubais were proposed to be initiated back in 2015. Not to mention the 90s. Rusnano itself was created only in 2007 (in 2011 it became JSC), as one of the advanced institutes of high-tech development of the Russian Federation. It was assumed that it would become a center for the development and promotion of nanotechnology, a promising topic. But not when Anatoly Chubais, known throughout the country for a series of economic crises in the 90s, became its ideologist and leader.

Few people can believe that, talking about the future of Russia, Anatoly Chubais really thinks about our country. Otherwise, his work within the Russian Federation would have a different result. But the idea to curry favor with Western institutions should look much more attractive to him. And for Russia, bringing Chubais to justice for possible crimes is not the main thing. The main thing in the future is never and under any circumstances not to allow such people to public administration and budgets.

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