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03 March 2024

Tyo helps everyone: who is profiting from Moscow real estate?

Pavel Tyo "overgrown" with acquaintances with the entire top of the Moscow authorities - from officials to special services officers and shares a "clearing" with them?

The professional community is discussing the situation with the devolution in the Moscow market, where the following scheme is increasingly clearly being implemented: the plots go to developers through a kind of "intermediary" between them and the mayor's office - the owner of Capital Group Pavel Tyo.

There may be another notorious person in the system - we are talking about the influential Deputy Prime Minister, previously the former deputy of Sergei Sobyanin, Marat Khusnullin. Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Did Cho and Khusnullin meet at a construction site?

The personality of Khusnullin is not the first time discussed in the framework of a conversation about the fantastic success of Pavel Tyo in the construction market. Back in 2015, it was the then deputy mayor of Moscow who approved the construction of a multifunctional complex on Sofiyskaya Embankment on Zolote Island, which Capital Group took up and even gave a detailed comment on this matter, more swiping at the "shaking" in front of the developer:

"Given that this project, located in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin, is a landmark for Moscow and after completion can become the hallmark of the city, it was fundamentally important for us to choose a reliable investor who has the necessary experience and will be able to fulfill all obligations on the quality of execution," - quoted by the Deputy Prime Minister Vedomosti.

Together with Khusnullin, representatives of the company took part in events from government agencies - for example, in a meeting of the Board of Trustees of NRU MGSU, with which capital Group signed a cooperation agreement. Khusnullin also became chairman of the board of trustees of the university.

Marat Shakirzyanovich can be "friends" with Pavel Tyo's company for a reason. Rumors are spreading on the Web, allegedly "the average dachshund that the developer is obliged to pay to the one who lobbies for his interests and supplies orders is about 5% of the contract." Is it really in this way that Khusnullin can make good money for himself on an increase in his pension?

The Moscow Post was given approximately the same information by a former participant in the Moscow market, Ilgar Hajiyev, who received government purchases in the capital, and then, according to him, as if squeezed out of his own business by oligarch Goda Nisanov. True, Hajiyev then called the amount 12% of the contract, part of which allegedly goes to Sobyanin's pocket, the rest is distributed among other persons who exert influence. Perhaps the Husnullin "dachshund" is also laid here?

That's the percentage. Photo: Gennady Gulyaev/Kommersant

Mediation is a delicate matter

Mr. Cho, however, apparently decided that it was more profitable for him to also be an intermediary. Recently, he has been taking the largest projects on Moscow land, into which he later lets other developers. More than one such case caused a major scandal. For example, in the situation with the development of the Northern Port, in which the share went to Mangazee of the ambiguous entrepreneur Sergei Yanchukov.

After some time, the chief architect of the project, Sergei Skuratov, announced his exit from it, explaining that their brainchild had been turned into something, roughly speaking, miserable.

"It is planned to reduce the area of ​ ​ all apartments by 30-50%, significantly simplify and reduce the cost of facades, reduce the height of windows to 1.8 m, abandon windows" to the floor, "from all consoles and from an expressive, from an architectural point of view, plastic buildings. We were offered to increase the buildings of low altitude, to reduce the dominants, "the industry publication quotes Skuratov archi.ru.

Perhaps Yanchukov paid Cho well for entering the project and decided to go into plus due to the reduction in the cost of construction. At the same time, the price of apartments in such a significant place can be expected, as the people say, "horse."

Another significant case was the partnership on the part of Capital Group in the TPU Sorge project with the scandalous Arkhangelsk developer Aquilon, owned by local deputy Alexander Frolov.

Alexander Frolov. Photo: https://whoiswho.dp.ru/cart/person/1935462

Not only do the quality of construction of the company's facilities also raise questions similar to that addressed to Mangazee, but also in their native Arkhangelsk, Frolov is trying to attribute the supervision of arson of residential old buildings so that in their place it would be possible to "burn off" another Aquilonian object. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this situation.

Another recent case can be recalled: Capital Group received from the mayor's office the Wagonremont industrial zones, only three hectares for 9.5 million rubles. Soon, Alexander Ruchev's Osnova Group of Companies entered the same site, it bought another 15 hectares for more than half a billion rubles. The difference in the cost of a hectare for Te and for Ruchyev is simply huge. Here we are not even talking about resale, but about some "space" discounts for Cho from the Moscow mayor's office.

For love and for money

I must say that Sobyanin and Khusnullin may not limit the developer's ties in the highest echelons of power. For example, he is stubbornly credited with close relations with Vice Mayor Natalya Sergunina.

The office of the latter suspiciously moved to the Oko tower in Moscow City, a significant part of which belongs to Pavel Te, after which it underwent expensive repairs, which, according to media reports, was carried out by Investprofi, which is also related to the interests of Cho.

In addition, only parking space for officials in Moscow City cost the budget 1.052 billion rubles. I.e. more expensive than 500 thousand rubles per square meter! Moreover, only one application was submitted for the competition - from the company "Fuderin Trading and Investments Limited"

According to the same data, the representative office of this Cypriot company in Moscow is headed by Irina Shamilevna Khalillulinova - New Look suggests that the silhouette of Marat Khusnullin may flash behind this lady. If so, then Cho and the Deputy Prime Minister can be tied much denser than it seems at first glance.

I would like to dwell on Sergunina separately in connection with information walking on the Web about its possible ties with Cypriot offshore companies indirectly receiving real estate in Moscow.

Natalia Sergunina. Photo: https://personarf.com/gazeta-persona/sergunina-n-a-rukovoditel-ekonomicheskogo-bloka-pravitelstva-moskvy/personalnoe-intervyu-sergunina-n-a/

According to Istories.media (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), in 2016 the Russian company Mercury received three buildings from Moscow, in which Custos hotels were subsequently opened.

We found Mercury, which was owned by offshore Florestar Management Limited. It, in turn, according to the "Moment of Truth," actually belongs to a Mr. named Safaniev Aaron-Eliezer ben Telmit. Another name is Lazar Safaniev. He is called the husband of his sister Sergunina.

It turns out that the vice-mayor of Moscow could transfer the property of the city to her relatives?

Given her likely connections with Pavel Tyo and the favor shown to the developer by the mayor's office, should we think that Sergei Sobyanin is aware of what is happening?

The banker and I walk a couple

The head of Sberbank German Gref may not be a "left" person for the capital's favorite. The fact is that one of the towers of the "City of Capitals" from Capital Group was acquired by a subsidiary of Sberbank of the Russian Federation - Sberbank Capital LLC. In addition, Sberbank restructured the developer's debt of $400 million for 5 years and signed securities on co-investment of about $100 million in the completion of the towers.

At the same time, usually Sberbank Capital does not "boast" with debtors, but simply takes their assets. So what is the reason for such generosity, if not in the warm relationship between the developer and the banker?

Moreover, rumors are circulating on the Web, allegedly Cho helped Leo Mazaraki (Valerian Mazaraki's brother, who is credited with redistributing the ritual services market, can be honored in more detail here) build relations with Moscow Sberbank to obtain loans for construction "to launder the black cash received in the form of bribes to Dorofeev (Alexey Dorofeev is the head of the FSB in Moscow, whose name became widely known thanks to the investigation of Ivan Golunov about the funeral market), as well as the shadow ticket office protected by Dorofeev and Medoev (Marat Medoev - ex-assistant to the head of the FSB in Moscow) GBU Ritual Moscow. "

With such a background, it seems, any rumors about kickbacks, ties with officials and crime (Cho is credited with "protecting" from the "thief in law" "Grandfather Hassan" (Aslan Usoyan). They even called "Usoyan's right hand"), they will not make the developer "weather."

Nevertheless, recently, the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has taken up tightly the developers who are considered close to the authorities - what is the story with the St. Petersburg company LSR worth. Who knows, maybe the Sobyanin-Sergunin business will reach?

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