TRK instead of the estate: Nisanov and Dyumin were found in Krasnaya Presnya

On the site of the historical estate in Krasnaya Presnya Park, the structures of the God Nisanov and Artyom Dyumin can build another "market". 


On the site of the historical estate in Krasnaya Presnya Park, the structures of the God Nisanov and Artyom Dyumin can build another "market". 

The company, which received more than 0.4 billion rubles in losses in 2022, decided to build another entertainment and shopping complex in Moscow, and the address of the development coincides with the address of the former noble estate on the territory of Krasnaya Presnya Park. The beneficiaries of the asset are immigrants from the structures of the God Nisanov and the brother of the Tula governor Alexei Dyumin - Artyom Dyumin. On the eve of the project documentation received a positive conclusion of the state examination. The Moscow Post correspondent found out the details.

Instead of a noble estate - a gastromarket

On July 27, 2023, a message appeared in the unified state register of expert opinions of the design documentation that the project documentation and the results of engineering surveys for the Multifunctional Entertainment Complex, which will be built in the area of ​ ​ Mantulinskaya Street, ol. 5 in Moscow, received a positive conclusion. The developer is Stroysportinvest JSC.

It is noteworthy: at the same address there is a former noble estate "Studenets", which is located on the territory of the park of culture and recreation "Krasnaya Presnya" in the Presnensky district of Moscow.


In 2021, the "Kommersant" newspaper reported that the allotment was bought by the structures of the developer, chairman of the board of directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad company, No. 72 in the ranking of Russian billionaires - 2022 Nisanov and it is allegedly planned to reconstruct the facility, and a gastromarket will be opened inside.

At the same time, in 2021, in the comments of REGNUM, the representative of Arkhnadzor Konstantin Mikhailov stated that for a number of reasons, the completion of the construction and transformation of the main house of the Studenets estate into a gastromarket would be a gross violation of all the principles of cultural heritage protection.

In July 2022, residents of the microdistrict, who learned about the plans for the development of this territory, strongly opposed. After all, this is a historical object! This was reported by the publication "Live24".

In July 2022, apparently, in order to calm the unrest among the protesting Muscovites, an order of the Department of Cultural Heritage appeared, in which the octagon (water pump) was approved as the subject of protection, which is part of the cultural heritage site of regional significance "Studenets Manor." It seems like, look, we protect the cultural heritage, what are you protesting here?

It should be noted here that in the reports of the developer company itself, already in 2019 it appears that she is the developer of the Studenets estate. That is, the purchase deal clearly passed before 2021. Moreover, the report contains a line - a change in the value of investments in non-current assets, where the estate is indicated and at the end of 2017 the amount of 1.6 billion rubles appears. And the amount changed during these years.



It facilitates the work of the developer that the Studenets estate, built as a family estate of the princes Gagarin, has a muddy history associated with the status of an object of cultural heritage. The same Konstantin Mikhailov in 2021 reported that a violation of the security law began under Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, when they tried to replace the historical building of the estate lost in the twentieth century with a remake.

In August 2022, a message appeared on the website of the urban planning policy and construction complex of Moscow that Moskomstroyinvest approved the placement of a multifunctional entertainment complex on a plot of 0.65 hectares on Mantulinskaya, ol. 5. The head of Moskomstroyinvest Anastasia Pyatova said that the object will be about 30 thousand square meters. meters, and the building itself will house a shopping center, cafe and parking.

According to her, the decision to approve draft land use regimes and requirements for urban planning regulations in relation to the site was made by the Moscow City Planning and Land Commission, headed by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

Given the fact that the God Nisanov is associated with evil tongues with Sobyanin, it is not surprising that such a project in the park and on the site of the former estate, despite the protests of the population, received approval.

Moreover, it may not be the first time for Nisanov to try to turn cultural heritage into retail space: The Moscow Post talked about the attempts of the company, the threads from which stretch to the oligarch, to take possession of the Stable Department in St. Petersburg.

According to the data from the register of expert opinions of the project documentation, the developer will be the owner of the site - Stroysportinvest JSC. But again, we want to focus on the fact that approval was received in July 2023, and in the financial statements of the company itself from 2019 it is already (!!!) indicated as the developer of the estate. What could that mean?


As those who prepared the project documentation, seven companies are listed at once. Among them is a certain LLC "Consulting and Expert Center," which previously belonged to the state institution "Mosgosexpertiza", and then was sold in private hands (since May 2023, a certain Andrei Pchelnikov owns).

The expert organization for the estate development project was Moscow Non-State Expertise of Construction Projects LLC (Mosexpert), which previously belonged to another well-known developer, Pavel Tyo. But in 2017, he left the number of owners.

Let's return directly to the developer of Studentsa.

Whose ears stick out of Stroysportinvest?

According to Rusprofile, the developer company was established in 1998, and at the beginning of 2022 the average number of personnel was five people. Since February 2022, the director has been Dmitry Lakko, who previously headed a number of now liquidated assets in St. Petersburg. Also in 2017-2019, Lacco was an official - he headed the FSUE FT-Center in Moscow, which was controlled by the Ministry of Property Relations of Russia.


Another interesting fact: International Development Center JSC is also registered at Stroysportinvest JSC, the founder of which is the International Center JSC registered in Chechnya. The latter is headed by Akhmad Magomadov, who in February 2015 - August 2021 was the head of the administration of the Veduchinsky rural settlement of the Itum-Kalinsky district of Chechnya.

It is noteworthy that Stroysportinvest JSC at the end of 2022 showed sad results - the loss amounted to 454 million rubles. The company was not doing very well in 2021. Judging by the data of the Federal Tax Service, the losses of 2021 exceeded 47 million rubles.


In addition, in 2021, the Moscow City Property Department was actively suing the company for late payment of lease payments.

Most likely, funds in the project on Mantulinskaya will be taken from other structures of beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries of Stroysportinvest themselves are of particular interest. According to the financial reports of the JSC, at the end of 2022, shareholders include businessmen who are considered close to the God Nisanov - Ervin, Mair, Saul Nisanov, Aron Davidov, Evda Izrailov, Oleg Yusupov, and the most important share of 10% is Artyom Dyumin - the full namesake of the brother of the Tula governor Alexei Dyumin.


According to the same report, the company actively borrowed from various legal entities, as well as its shareholders. Among the creditors is Tower Xii LLC, which belongs to Interactive LLC Ziyad Manasir, a billionaire involved in the Forbes rating "200 richest businessmen in Russia - 2016".

The offshore company, a certain GEMENDOR INVESTMENTS LIMITED, also credited the Nisanov and Dyumin company.


It is worth noting that Dyumin is far from the only asset through which he does business with Nisanov.

As previously reported by The Moscow Post, Artyom Dumin also co-owned a construction company in Moscow - Varvarka 14 Multifunctional Complex LLC, page 1.2 (IFC), which is building the elite Zaryadye Complex. It is in IFC that David Nisanov and other persons close to the God Nisanov appear among the beneficiaries.

An interesting fact: Artyom Dyumin in 2015-2019 was the director of the Olimpiysky Sports Complex JSC, and the founder of this asset was, among other things, the Moscow City Property Department.


That is, you don't spit anywhere, but you get into the lobby. It is not surprising that the project received the go-ahead at the level of Sobyanin's team.

But the townspeople in this story with the development of the Studenets estate have a well-founded question - on what basis was the shopping facility allowed to be built in Krasnaya Presnya Park? Or is the law not written to Sobyanin with Nisanov and Dyumin?

In our opinion, it would not be superfluous for Sledky to check the history of the very status of the object of cultural heritage and the transition of the estate into the hands of developers.