Three percent oligarch: how Vladimir Olegovich "divorces" Oleg Vladimirovich.

Vladimir Potanin came up with a new method of "inflation" for Oleg Deripaska?


Vladimir Potanin came up with a new method of "inflation" for Oleg Deripaska?

The dividend scandal at Norilsk Nickel continues. A meeting of the board of directors is coming, and now, the day before, the Krasnoyarsk communist deputy, and concurrently the director of the Emelyanovo airport, which belongs to Oleg Deripaska, Andrei Metzler, said that Norilsk Nickel was going to transfer taxes from the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the Murmansk region. And this very area must be saved.

This, according to him, threatens to lose a significant part of the income from the budget of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which will inevitably affect the social agenda in terms of the number of budgets injected there.

At the same time, Norilsk Nickel enterprises will not go anywhere, which means that the corporation famous for its environmental problems will continue to pollute the air of the region for free? Or isn't it?

In fact, the alleged imminent transfer of taxes to another area can only be a "screen," behind which Potanin is trying to hide the intention to "replay" another Norilsk Nickel shareholder Oleg Deripaska in their corporate dispute. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Lies and provocation

Do not forget that Norilsk Nickel is a company registered to the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which means that while this is so, and taxes must be paid here. It can be argued that a few years ago Potanin signed an agreement with the governor of the Murmansk region, Andrei Chibis, to invest 140 billion rubles in the region. And it is fair to fear that soon the largest metallurgical holding will be there.

However, if you look at the indicators of revenue, profit and value of Norilsk Nickel's subsidiary, Kola MMC JSC, registered there (and they, according to the latest data, amount to 715, 190 and 202 billion rubles), and compare with the profits of Norilsk Nickel itself (there are almost the same numbers, exception - profit is almost 2 times more), it will become obvious that it makes sense to pour more funds into the region to fulfill the agreement, no.



Moreover – last year Potanin agreed with the Lapwing to crown it all also about construction of the residential quarter in Monchegorsk and also development of the Kola MMC and construction of the Polar bear plant. All this doesn't cancel tax payments in the budget of Krasnoyarsk Krai in any way. And liquidation of the enterprises isn't in the plans of Norilsk Nickel here.

Above we already said that Mettsler is a person from the team of Mr. Deripaska. He is the CEO of the Yemelyanovo Airport belonging to the oligarch. So it is logical to assume what observes his interests. Mettsler's position can be considered as Deripaska's position. At the last in the region the mass of the assets living including at the expense of state support. The same Yemelyanovo airport, for example, not only receives state orders. In 2016 the authorities tried to obtain for it the mode of "the open sky" that seriously increased a passenger traffic through a transport hub – so and Deripaska's profits.

So transfer of Norilsk Nickel to other area can negatively affect the relations of the oligarch with local government. It, probably, forced him to be nervous. It turns out, our dear oligarch "was led" on provocation?

Quietly in full view of all

And Potanin is suited by concern of "the bewitched partner". If to tell simply – that will "twitch" less at a meeting of shareholders. And it what is necessary for the head of Norilsk Nickel.

Potanin, apparently, decided to turn quite good manipulation with money of shareholders as a result of which in a prize there will be he. We will remind, in the current year for the first time for all history of existence of Norilsk Nickel the question of non-payment of dividends is brought up. As the board member of MMC and the vice president of RUSAL Elena Bezdenezhnykh reported in the interview, about where the means put on payments in that case will go, by him don't designate.

By the way, not so long ago Norilsk Nickel decided to start the program of motivation of employees, only is small "but": employees transfered to salary cards of potaninsky Rosbank, and still people have to be registered on the Atomayz platform connected with potaninsky Interros.

Whether all this becomes for building of number of voting shares in Mr. Potanin's hands? The motivational program assumes obtaining stocks of Norilsk Nickel – via above-mentioned tools.

Doubts are raised also by an "a digital analog" of actions in which they will be presented. Some believe that so-called "tokens" actually - only the fiction, the price for which their owner can establish, so, in fact, in hands at people will appear "air".

It seems, the oligarch decided to apply such "zakoulochny" method to strengthening of pressure upon Deripaska.

Who whom at an interval of decade

Potanin and Deripaska's conflicts are known long ago. So that else in 2018 when imposed sanctions in America against the last, rumors spread that Potanin "handed over with giblets" the partner.

The same year stocks of Norilsk Nickel were nearly played between two "pillars" in "the Russian roulette". According to the prisoner between Deripaska and Potanin to the agreement, one of shareholders could suggest another to redeem his share at the weighted average price for half a year with an award of 20%. Another could or accept the offer, or itself to redeem the partner's share at the same price, or to call higher price for the package. The initiator of a roulette in reply can or redeem a package of the partner in the new price, or show the package to repayment.

We will remind, Norilsk Nickel is strategically important enterprise, and the constant conflicts between persons interested to snatch the piece shareholders in him – by no means it isn't good for the country in general. As also "investment care" of Potanin which he allegedly empasizes at discussion of a dividend question isn't good. Allegedly because of reduction of prices of metals this year the payments should be cancelled, probably, to develop productions.

But if we are verified with financial performance of Norilsk Nickel again, then we will see that problems aren't observed there. Besides, financial progress of corporation never prevented Potanin "to beg" for state support. We assume that regardless of the decision which will be made about dividends by the board of directors (where the majority of voting shares at potaninsky structures), in this plan nothing will change.

Moreover, as Potanin develops productions all of us saw on the example of the tank which burst in 2020 under Norilsk with diesel fuel. Tons of fuel got to the soil, the rivers and lakes – and all because long ago a time was to change a tank. And as the Russian President spoke then, I cost such 10 million. And here for ecological damage it was necessary to give billions. But that money – the whole ecosystem is ruined!

Besides, at the enterprises of Norilsk Nickel constantly there are not such large-scale, but from it not less scandalous accidents as a result of which people perish, systems and so on fail. The Moscow Post in detail painted only a little bit of such problems in investigation And again Norilsk Nickel.

One gets the feeling that Vladimir Olegovich completely "lost the coast" in pursuit of money. Recently, he has been actively buying up everything that "lies badly," while the state of his assets is not improving. Even the almost eponymous bank, scandalous under Oleg Tinkov, now causes even more criticism and complaints. At the same time, according to Tinkov himself, he was bought for 3% of the face value.

What to do, the time is when we have three percent oligarchs instead of businessmen.