"Tambovskys" on the march: who deprived Michurinsk of bread?

Could the former "authoritative" owners of the Michurinsky bakery bring it to complete collapse by selling property for a penny to themselves, and "throw off" debts on the new owner Sergei Pavlovsky?


Could the former "authoritative" owners of the Michurinsky bakery bring it to complete collapse by selling property for a penny to themselves, and "throw off" debts on the new owner Sergei Pavlovsky?

As the UtroNews correspondent reports, a scandalous story is unfolding in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov Region: the owner of the Michurinsky bakery is trying to achieve the truth in law enforcement agencies about who ripped the once successful enterprise.

We are talking about Sergei Leonidovich Pavlovsky, who finalized at the enterprise to the deputy general director, and then bought 73% of the shares from the previous owners of the structure. What was his surprise when he learned that the main property (including expensive land plots) of the plant was sold without his knowledge for a penny, and all the debts of the bankrupt enterprise were "hung" on him and his son - the new main owners.

Having taken the post of chairman of the board of directors of the bakery, he discovered many more things that were extremely dubious from the point of view of the law - for example, that the enterprise could overpay for fuel for many years, which could cause damage to the plant in the tens of millions of rubles.

And even more surprising was the almost complete lack of reaction of law enforcement and control and supervisory authorities. Now Pavlovsky is trying to achieve the truth through State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein. But he only "kicked off" the appeal received from the businessman to the FSB. Like, they will figure it out.

In the meantime, Khinshtein and the FSB are "sorting out," UtroNews journalists are doing work for the former journalist Khinshtein.

"Tambovskys" on the march: who deprived Michurinsk of bread?

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Michurinsky Bakery OJSC worked for about 40 years, making it possible to feed families to hundreds of employees. And, literally, the whole of Michurinsk fed bakery products.

However, in the zero years, the enterprise could be under the control of criminal elements. Among others, the well-known "authoritative" entrepreneur of the Tambov region Viktor Mestyukov, a very famous person in the region, expanded his capital in it. And the problems began.

In 2018, Deputy General Director Sergei Pavlovsky acquired shares from former majority owners. As he himself points out in his statement to law enforcement agencies, those at that time were Viktor Mestyukov, Yuri Semenov, Evgenia Igumnova and Valentina Alekseeva.

"Tambovskys" on the march: who deprived Michurinsk of bread?

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According to evil tongues, allegedly at least two of them, Mestyukov and Igumnova can make acquaintance with representatives of criminals and even come from this environment.

Reputable businessmen

At the same time, after Pavlovsky gained control over the enterprise, it turned out that shortly before the transaction, a significant part of his property was sold off. According to Pavlovsky - for a penny, which could be a banal withdrawal of assets from the enterprise.

Among others, attention is drawn to transactions for the sale of non-residential premises in favor of D.B.U. Nadezhda "LLC (Household Services House" Nadezhda "). As it turned out, at the time of the transactions (06.03.2018 and 20.03.2018), i.e. at the time when Viktor Mestyukov was a co-owner of the bakery, he was also the founder of D.B.U. Nadezhda. I.e. could sell this property to an affiliate of his own. Can we assume that he forced himself to buy premises at a market price? Doubtful.

Today, Mr. Mestyukov also remains the owner of Nadezhda. And besides that, it owns Tambov Holding LLC. Behind the sonorous name is a structure with signs of fictitiousness - 10 thousand authorized capital with a single employee. A dummy, but Mestyukov's real assets may be "deeper."

In the Network of Entrepreneurs, Semenova, Igumnova and Mestyukova are called "authoritative." They also claim that when the company went to the bottom due to financial problems, they allegedly demanded that the then deputy general director Sergei Pavlovsky pay the debt under the contracts for the sale and purchase of the company's shares. By the decision of the Michurinsky City Court of the Tambov Region, the claims of Igumnova E.P., Semenova Yu.S., Mestyukova V.V. to Pavlovsky S.L. on the recovery of funds under the contract of sale were satisfied.

At the same time, in court, Pavlovsky announced illegal actions on the part of his former business partners and that the plaintiffs may be trying to avoid criminal liability for fraudulent actions against him, since an application was filed with the Russian MIA Administration for the Tambov Region.

In his appeals, Pavlovsky claims that law enforcement agencies are not taking any real measures to protect his rights and enterprises.

With the same Mestyukov there is another remarkable story - they are trying to attribute fraud with the Rasskazovsky market in the city of Rasskazovo, Tambov region. Now it is JSC "Trading House" Central. " JSC is in a state of bankruptcy, although it has recently shown good profits.

In January 2016, 15.01.2016, Trade House Central and Michurinskaya Financial Company JSC entered into a loan agreement for up to 100 million rubles and additional agreements for the transfer of all market property as collateral. City property was pledged under the loan amount, which could be several times lower than the real value of the market.

After some time, houses, land plots with a total value of 10 million rubles were mortgaged. and the building of a new shopping center worth 50 million rubles.

Funds in the total amount of 70.7 million rubles were transferred to the settlement account of the Central Trading House, which were allegedly spent on the needs of the enterprise. Moreover, interest under the loan agreement, together with penalties, could total 75% per annum.

"Tambovskys" on the march: who deprived Michurinsk of bread?

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What is this "Michurinsky Financial Company"? And this is an obvious "dummy," the founder of which was Mr. Mestyukov. Today it is liquidated by reorganization into a company with exactly the same name. At the same time, the "old" IFC also managed to receive a state contract from the Rasskazovsky market for 25 million rubles.

But the new IFC LLC was almost immediately liquidated: it was excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities due to the grounds provided for in Article 21.3 of the Federal Law of 08.08.2001 No. 129-FZ "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs." None will be the wiser.

Obviously, it would be impossible to do this without the assistance of local authorities. But law enforcement officers are silent...

Greetings from Tambovskie

It was not in vain that we paid attention to the story with the market, although there may be much more such stories behind Mestyukov. The fact is that there is also a Central Market in Tambov. Which is believed to be the "patrimony" of criminal elements since the 90s.

In particular, the attitude to his work is attributed to another "authoritative" businessman Andrei Popov, the former deputy chairman of the local Duma. In April 2024, his own security guard beat him with fittings. But this guard has known him since the 90s, could be related to crime, and behind this whole story there may be a process of dividing property and spheres of influence.

In the video below - the plot about Popov, his beating and the market. It also says that Mr. Popov could be close to the Tambov organized criminal group - in the video where he welcomes the leader of this organized criminal group Barsukov-Kumarin Popov says that they started with Barsukov. Other comments are perhaps superfluous.

Why did we remember about Popov? Because the Michurinsky bakery was privatized just in the 90s, and probably in a very dubious way. And one of the possible participants in the process could be just Andrei Popov through the Tambov organized criminal group. And didn't he transfer the enterprise into the caring hands of the Igumnovs and Mestyukovs?

Video: YouTube channel "Alexander"

His, Andrei Popova, in his appeals to security officials and social activists mentions the chairman of the board of directors of the Michurinsky bakery Sergey Pavlovsky. The latter claims that Popov may have involvement in the murder of the head of the Tambov police department, police colonel Valery Juraev, known for his principled position in the fight against crime.

It also refers to many other alleged crimes - contract killings, to which people associated with former co-owners of the Michurinsky bakery and masses of other assets could be involved.

One of them may be Michurinskneftegaz LLC, which belongs to Oleg Mitin. Previously, this LLC supplied fuel to the Michurinsky bakery. According to Pavlovsky, when he, in the status of the owner, began to deal with the finances of the structure, he found out that since 2010 the company had purchased fuel allegedly much larger than was required for production. As a result, the plant could suffer major property damage.

"Tambovskys" on the march: who deprived Michurinsk of bread?

The leader of the Tambov organized criminal group Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin is behind bars, but does his business live? Photo: https://www.bryansk.kp.ru/radio/26956/4009609/

Interestingly, since 2019, i.e. with the loss of control over the bakery by Mestyukov and others, Michurinskneftegaz LLC suddenly completely lost its revenue - for three years it showed only zeros.

If we bring all this together, including the sale of liquid assets of the bakery, it becomes clear why the enterprise, which had worked for 40 years, turned out to be insolvent at a crucial moment and was bankrupt.

It is not even surprising that this can happen in modern Russia. It causes indignation and surprise that until now the assessment of these facts did not really give law enforcement officers. But there are still a lot of such "gutted" enterprises in the Tambov region - and all the same people may have involvement in this.

To be continued...