"Suggestion" to the Lithuanian Jew: OTEKO crawfishes

Structures of the Belgian oligarch Michel Litvak began to reduce the prices of transfer of coal in the port of Taman. It can be nationalized?

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Structures of the Belgian oligarch Michel Litvak began to reduce the prices of transfer of coal in the port of Taman. It can be nationalized?

As the correspondent of UtroNews reports, the activity of coal miners and the journalists who supported them was noticed at last in the Government. Recently there took place the meeting under the chairmanship of the first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov at whom there were representatives of stevedoring business and other industries, strategic for the country.

It seems that that the Lithuanian Jew began to reduce the prices for coal miners, he had to hint that the terminal in Taman via which there is a transfer can have also other owners.

According to in Network, allegedly at all can take away Taman port from Michel Litvak. As if at a meeting with Belousov there was a shareholder of Delo Group Sergei Shishkarev and the co-owner of Trasnmashholding Andrei Bokarev who directly threatened Litvak with external management and even depriving of his port terminals with assistance of the Government. Here to you and two obvious interested parties for receiving assets of Michel Litvak.

And if the Lithuanian Jew doesn't agree - to his OTEKO there can be an enhanced attention from control supervisory authorities.

If it is the truth - hardly Shishkarev and Bokarev told fairy tales - it had to receive coordination at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers. And it is simple to understand why. Because of wild increase in prices mister Litvak risks to bring down nearly a half of the Russian coal industry. It is not a business problem any more - it is a problem of the state scale, it turns out that Litvak, in fact, profits on the coal industry which appeared under trying conditions.

Several months ago the coal companies of the country boycotted OTEKO holding of Michel Litvak which didn't hesitate to lift up the prices of transfer via the tamansky terminal in the conditions of falling of the world prices for coal and growth of logistic costs.

Fuel to the fire was added also by the Cabinet of Ministers - on March 1 it introduced the export duties on coal cancelled several months ago again to support the industry. And how here not to try to see lobbying efforts of the Lithuanian Jew and other stevedoring magnates?

As a result now the price of steam coal when sending from the ports of Baltic is about $64-67 for t, of Taman - $73-74 for ton, of ports of the Far East - $102-105 for ton. It means that really coal miners can earn only from the Far East. However, there are just not enough transport capacities of BAM for transit of all necessary cargoes.

And they are literally forced to pass through Taman. And there already the Lithuanian Jew skims off the cream.

"Suggestion" to the Lithuanian Jew: OTEKO crawfishes

Until to the Lithuanian Jew threatened to take away business – he didn't see reason? Photo: https://img2.fedpress.ru/thumbs/800/2020/12/1982/8e6a85717fbeecd71f23b9517ce280a3.jpg

We will repeat, it is not just a business question, it is a question of national economic security. At the same time all attempts of coal miners to agree with the Lithuanian Jew failed.

Instead of reduction of prices he suggested industry specialists to save on a freight of Capesize vessels with a deadweight up to 220 thousand tons along a short route from Taman to Turkey. I.e. save on yourself, and you will pay so much how many I find necessary for transfer.

Such "readiness" for compromises for the sake of development of the industry and the whole country was also "estimated" in the Cabinet of Ministers. Until the thunder bursts - the Lithuanian Jew won't cross. Only to what term he "saw reason"?

But now OTEKO "suddenly" chose more convenient "indexes of a binding" for definition of a rate of transfer and cancelled a number of correction factors. Why it couldn't be made in the last three months? However, the answer is higher.

"Jugs" of the Lithuanian Jew move to the UAE

Completely different question - where money which OTEKO receives from the Russian coal miners and the logistic companies leave. But before it is worth remembering how he received the tamansky terminal. In 2018 the Lithuanian Jew opened a credit line in VTB for 2 billion dollars, the total investment to the port was about 8 billion dollars. I.e. building was conducted considerably at the expense of the State Bank.

At the same time the port could not appear at all if didn't get support from the Government. The influential deputy of the State Duma Alexander Metkin who could lobby this question could help with it at that time. Metkin is the former employee of OTEKO, and he can be the relative (father-in-law) of mister Litvak. Besides, the Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko could give him support. With such interested parties no wonder that the tamansky terminal started working.

Earlier how mister Litvak lobbied construction of the tamansky transshipment terminal, journalists of The Facts agency on the YouTube channel told. It would seem, after it to Litvak strongly on to become impudent. But, we will repeat, appetite comes during a meal.

Video: The Facts YouTube channel

Today, Litvak's companies have not only taken a key position in coal transshipment through Taman, playing into the hands of anti-Russian sanctions. His companies continue to receive large government contracts. For example, Tamanneftegaz (oil and gas transshipment in the same Taman port) has already mastered over 100 million rubles on agreements with Rosneft and other Russian structures.

At the same time, the net profit of OTEKO-Terminal LLC for 2022 approached 390 million rubles. Revenue increased by a third, to 3.3 billion rubles. The profit of OTEKO-Portservice LLC amounted to 60 billion rubles.

So where does the money go? Of course, abroad. OTEKO-Terminal LLC is owned by Tamanneftegaz, and it itself is BALJU HOLDINGS LIMITED from the United Arab Emirates. Many other assets of Mr. Litvak are tied to the same company.

"Suggestion" to the Lithuanian Jew: OTEKO crawfishes

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And here is an interesting point - until July 2021, BELEGGINGSMAATSCHAPPIJ NES B.V. from the Netherlands. Just at that time, a campaign was underway in Russia to deoffshorize business. It turns out that Litvak simply dragged the main Russian assets from one offshore (European) to another, less dangerous in terms of sanctions.

But coal miners should suffer from sanctions - including because of the positions of Litvak himself?

As for the OTEKO holding structure, there is also an offshore offshore. Since 2021, the founder of OTEKO has been the offshore structure RAILVAT BI VI (Netherlands) and Kapitalinvest. The founder of Kapitalinvest is the Cypriot structure IVERLON LIMITED, as well as Irida LLC. The latter owns Yugterminalproekt LLC. And it is also tied to the Cypriot offshore INDUTERN EQUITI FUND LIMITED.

Since 2024, in the same Yugterminalproekt LLC, INDUTERN has changed to the already familiar BELLEVUE HOLDINGS LIMITED. I.e. now Litvak's financial flows have completely transferred to the UAE?

"Suggestion" to the Lithuanian Jew: OTEKO crawfishes

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What can this say, if not that Mr. Litvak, cutting the Russian coal miners from the bush, stubbornly does not want to leave funds in Russia, is afraid to pay extra taxes to the Russian treasury?

And also that the free space for the oligarch's money in the West is rapidly declining. Why, in such cases, also "nightmare" Russian coal miners, endangering the country's economy, risking the loss of assets, is not clear. Apparently, it finally came to Litvak.