with Tinkov and Kondrashev

The "runaway" banker Oleg Tinkov, in collaboration with the oligarch Pyotr Kondrashev living in Austria, can well develop the credit business in Russia.


The "runaway" banker Oleg Tinkov, in collaboration with the oligarch Pyotr Kondrashev living in Austria, can well develop the credit business in Russia.

Marketplace " Sravni" began issuing loans from five different banks online. The legal entity of the service LLC " Sravni. Ru" is headed by Sergey Leonidov. This is the former vice president of Tinkoff Bank. But he can not only represent his former boss.

About whose hands the asset could fall into, and how reliable they are for future consumers, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Cypriot from GOK

The first quick look at the company makes you wary. Legally, it is registered with the offshore company COMPARE MIDCO HOLDING LIMITED. This already suggests that the company's financial flows are opaque. According to the Cypriot register, a certain Silia Panagi is the director of the offshore company.


The same madam is called as the general director of the company "VSD World Corporation Directors LTD" ("VVD VCD LTD"), which was held by a third party in the case of invalidating transactions on the transfer of shares in Fin-Project LLC, which owns 100% interest in the authorized capital of Lovozersky GOK LLC.


Moreover, the role of "VSD VKD LTD" is not small. As follows from the materials of the case, it is this company that acts as the sole executive body of a number of companies (Slontecco Investments Limited, Voiesco Holdings Limited, Fullsurkle Facilitis Management LTD), which made transactions to acquire shares in Fin-Project.

So, Ms. Panagi in this system, through COMPARE MIDKO HOLDING LIMITED, uniting three Cypriot structures operating in the interests of the notorious billionaire Pyotr Kondrashev, can be a link between him and Mr. Tinkov. Which, by the way, had a Cypriot passport.

Offshore "feints" Kondrashev

As for the GOK case, the court ruled that the transactions were made illegally. Since the defendants, who are in foreign jurisdiction, gained control of the plant without prior coordination with the relevant government commission.

It follows from the text of the court session that Slontecco Investments Limited belongs to Peter Kondrashev, who is a member of the board of directors of the Solikamsk Magnesium Plant (the main recipient of the products of Lovoberezhny GOK). The rest of the companies also acted in his interests in order to gain, in fact, sole control over the asset. The scheme was uncomplicated.


The court established that each above-mentioned Cyprian company Slontekko Investments Limited, Voyesko Holdings Limited, "Fullsyorkl Fasilitis Management LTD" got 24.99% of shares in "Financial-project". Money was allocated for this purpose controlled by Pyotr Kondrashev by World Corporate Directors in the form of a loan, and as providing the company received as proof of 74.97% of "Financial-project".

Didn't leave to turn at Kondrashev what many will call swindle. But, perhaps, at him it turned out to get rid of theft at the enterprise in which he could be engaged, on the main opponent of transactions with the Cyprian companies appearing in court from a position of their illegality of Igor Pestrikov.

Conflict with Pestrikov

The last was also a shareholder of "The Solikamsk magnesian plant", and literally later half a year after the agreement of the Cyprian firms with "Financial-project" was recognized as illegal, Pestrikov was in absentia arrested for instigation to commission of abuse of authority of the plant manager Artur Urutayev. According to the investigators, on June 1, 2022 mister Urtayev signed the loan agreement with Igor Pestrikov according to whom he received 250 million obviously irretrievable rubles.

At the same time, according to Kommersant, Pestrikov, acquiring the equity stake, I acted for Pyotr Kondrashev's benefits. There are bases to believe that at some point Pestrikov that is called got out of hand. Perhaps, took offense at the fact that Kondrashev didn't take him in gallant "privatization" team? Both paid.

According to the informed sources which decided to keep the anonymity, the money given on the "lime" credit for which took Pestrikov were nothing else as "compensation" from Kondrashev to Pestrikov.

Not so long ago The Moscow Post sued Kondrashev for the publication of materials where we lit activity of the last and his dispute with Pestrikov, we were forced to go to the settlement agreement under pressure from Kondrashev.

Bank and near-crime stories

But on it Kondrashev's "adventures" don't come to an end. You shouldn't forget that to all this story he was the secret owner of Ecoprombank of Andrei Tuyev that since 2014 is declared by bankrupt. Naturally, Kondrashev influenced decisions and also is responsible for the incident. Only for some reason only in words.

And money which missed in bank could settle in offshores, numerous, related with Kondrashev. Why it concerns nobody?

As also the strange similarity of actions in 2016 doesn't concern, probably, Tuyev accused of waste with what happened to actions of "Financial-project". According to the investigators, he in 2013 helped LLC Race to obtain the credit for the sum of 250 million rubles. Upon I directed the most part of the developer company Permgrazhdanstroy. Providing the contract in fact wasn't, as well as in a situation with SMZ, and money didn't return to the creditor. It seems, or it is reminded подчерк by Kondrasheva? Only accuse for some reason all around, except him.

But the most unpleasant shadow on all this story is imposed by the strange and unexpected death of one of managing directors of Ecoprombank of Ivan Shatrov. In June, 2016 that took off for London and lodged in the apartment belonging to the member of the supervisory board Alexander Gutin. And already on July 1 in this apartment his body was found. The official version of the event sounds as: "a consequence of the mechanical asphyxia caused by Shatrov's actions". But who arrives to other country in search of death?

According to one of versions, Tents brought the folder of documents on financial transactions of Kondrashev to London. If to rely on our knowledge of what manipulations with actions and the credits this mister can make, benefits of the last from sudden death of Shatrov become obvious.

Having profited in the homeland

Oleg Tinkov is good too. According to many, he a little in what differs from the new potential partner. Tinkoff Bank. When still I was in Tinkov's hands, it was issued on the Cyprian offshore. When wanted, Tinkov didn't hesitate to sell shares of this credit and monetary establishment under personal needs. Naturally, I didn't ask investors. I told – like, all money for fund for cancer patients. It is good if so, only who believes?

In our edition there was a material according to the letter of the reader where it told about how affiliated structure "Tinkoff of Bank" collected from him the considerable sum according to counterfeit documents. So the attitude towards people at Tinkov hardly it trembling.

The Ministry of Finance of the USA accused Tinkov of submission of false tax data. He could hide up to $1 billion income. At the same time the bank issued the credits including from means borrowed from other banks. How many did the former owner of bank manage "to extort" from the asset?

Eloquent indicators of the bank's activities during the leadership of Tinkov from February 2020 to September 2020. Photo:

According to the authors of the site allegedly the bank can rightfully be called a financial pyramid, since it traded depositors' money in financial markets, issued credit cards at high interest rates and then knocked out debts in the style of dashing 90s through its subsidiary structure from debtors.

Perhaps that is why Tinkov, who, against the background of SVO, decided to withdraw from all assets, could not sell his bank to anyone for so long? Little by little, those familiar with banking probably understood the position of the monetary institution.

Now, we recall, Mr. Tinkov in London. N condemned the SVO, got rid of Russian assets (or allegedly got rid of it?) And went away from Russian justice.

Tandem to match - time to run?

Let's summarize: logically, the head of Sergei Leonidov is well acquainted with Oleg Tinkov and may also be engaged in his projects. So, despite the county from Russia, the former head of Tinkoff Bank can still receive solid income in the Russian Federation, including from the Compare service. I wonder if this will affect the sample that the service will offer?

Now Tinkoff Bank is under the head of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin, about whom Tinkov said that he bought a bank from him for 3% of its real value, when the banker had nowhere to go. Will Tinkov begin to "take revenge" by throwing Potanin's current asset at the very end of the list of profitable offers?

At the same time, judging by the presence of an offshore company in the structure of the company, followed by Mrs. Panagi, Tinkov took as his partners Mr. Kondrashev, a person with not the most crystalline reputation, who can turn those other frauds with funds in his hands. Is it possible to trust such a tandem - let everyone decide for himself.