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03 March 2024

"SNS" goes to E-ON, or "energy" for Trump and Gordeev

Russian business "SNS," which may be associated with ex-President of America Donald Trump and businessman Sergei Gordeev, expands its influence.

GC "SNS" wants to enter the market of vending machines for the sale of drinks. Thus, a business is developing, possibly associated with ex-President of America Donald Trump and the former head of the PIK construction group Sergei Gordeev. Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

SNS Group of Companies was founded by Oleg Smirnov, Sergei Nesterenko and Oleg Salo. It is curious that now the head legal entity of the company has been liquidated, like all its numerous subsidiaries.

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So far, only SNS-Service is alive, which, in general, will also soon sink into oblivion - the legal entity is in the process of liquidation. That is, the company does not actually exist or somewhere a mistake crept in - intentional or accidental - an open question.

The company's website contains the following branches:


Only these legal entities also do not function. And their address is not always what is indicated on the site.

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What is this, if not consumer deception?

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And at the address indicated on the site there are "duplicates" of companies - with an almost similar name, but also liquidated. And those registered not at the SNS Group of Companies, but at the SNS Limited Group of Companies offshore.

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Photo: Rusprofile

The feeling that a maximum of "cubes" is being made so that it is simply unrealistic to understand them. Perhaps in order to avoid liability when concluding deliberately "clumsy" contracts.

Such structures can also be used to withdraw funds to Cyprus.

The same "live" "SNS-Service" is registered on the offshore "AMKR LIMITED," behind which are two interesting ladies: Pampina Votsi and Eleni Lau.


Lawyers from Cyprus and their "raider capabilities"

Votsi is a Cypriot lawyer who served on the boards of directors of Transaero and Dixy Group, which are subsidiaries of Red Bell.

This company in 2009 entered into a deal with Credit Suisse to transfer shares in the oil and gas company Timan oil & gas (TOG) to it. For some reason, the CEO of the latter found out about this only after a week and was going to sue. A and a number of other publications wrote about this story, but there was no continuation. But what was it if not a raider capture attempt?

The name Votsi appeared in another similar story that developed around the Kurilov Automobile Repair Plant (KARZ). As Novye Izvestia wrote, Cortes CJSC, whose director was an offshore company under the management of Votsi, back in 2006 achieved the arrest of the director of KARZ and, after a while, gained control over the enterprise.

A possible scheme could look like this: first buy up part of the plant's shares, then sell, and then sue the plant on behalf of Cortes, demanding to recover an amount 22 times the value of the purchased shares. Presenting at the same time that the management of Cortez in the person of Pampina Votsi did not sign any power of attorney for the sale of shares.

If the first court, having conducted an examination, found that the signature was real, then the second, to which Ms. Votsi filed the same lawsuit, decided to do without the conclusion of an expert and the director of the plant was taken into custody. Without it, the company stopped normal work, and Cortes, apparently, in the status of a creditor, as a result, gained control over the plant.

By the way, if you now look at the state of "KARZ" - it is simply eliminated. The management company noted the offshore "MASTER ESTATES LTD," registered in the Virgin Islands - one must think, is Votsi managing it?

As for Lau, you can find a lot of interesting things here too. Firstly, there is also a court case with her regarding "behind the scenes" decision-making. The Refekt-Med company appealed to the court, which learned that on its behalf a decision was made to prematurely terminate the powers of the general director of the Zhakupov Company and instead put a certain Loparev Sergei Vladimirovich as general director.

Moreover, as if the decision on behalf of the company was made by the director Rigena Charalampus, who at that time was no longer the director - Eleni Lau was appointed instead. Charalampus under oath assured that she had no idea about the actions allegedly committed on her behalf. One gets the impression that Lau could forge Charalampus's signature and try to "shove" her man to the post of head of the company. Everything happened in a time period at the junction of the change of directors.

Eleni Lau was on the list of affiliates of Horus Finance in 2015. Horus Finance belonged to Horus Retail Principal B.V. from the group of the former head of the PIK construction corporation Sergei Gordeev.


Votsi could also be associated with PIK - from 2007 to 2020, at least, it was included in the list of affiliates of the company.

So, both ladies can be familiar for a long time and work for the same people.

Gordeev, Trump, Mogilevich and a bunch of "laundered" money

And Mr Gordeev may be linked to Donald Trump. PIK collaborated with Bank of New York Mellon in 2014. According to the authors of The Insider (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), allegedly in the late 90s, $10 billion was laundered through this bank - including part of the funds allocated as a loan to the Russian government by the International Monetary Fund.

During the investigation, a connection was proved between the washing companies and the leader of the Solntsevo criminal group Semyon Mogilevich, Kommersant wrote. The investigation then tried to find out which of the top leadership of Russia could be involved in the illegal transfer of IMF loans to foreign banks. Among the suspects were named Tatyana Dyachenko, Anatoly Chubais, Oleg Soskovets, Alexander Livshits and Vladimir Potanin.

There are rumors that in 2018 the interests of the bank were lobbied by a native of Moscow, Boris Epstein, an ex-adviser to Donald Trump and a White House employee. So the story is more than serious.

And in 2015, there was talk on the market that the PIK Group offered Trump to build a residential building for him in Moscow. And here the surname Votsi is again found. According to the official version, negotiations on the construction of Trump Tower were led by the head of the far from the largest group of companies "Expert" Andrei Rozov. However, the businessman's surname is not assigned to a company with that name.

But the current "Experstroy" until 2016 was called "Expert," and its founders even then and now are three offshore companies. One of them is Colinsen Trading Limited. According to the authors of The Insider (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), allegedly it belongs to Ionics Nominees Ltd, whose directors included, again, Pampina Votsi.

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Now only ΧΡΙΣΤΟΔΟΥΛΟΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΑΔΗΣ have been left there:


Stop by through the Emirates

Recently, SNS may have also bought the assets of British American Tobacco. The direct buyer then was a firm from the UAE - BFI Holding.

According to Interfax, BFI Holding is owned by Faruk Ener, Oleg Barvin, Elena Zavarzina, Andrey Osavolyuk and Sergey Kudinov. Ener and Barvin are from BAT, top managers. Osavolyuk and Kudinov can represent the interests of the BAT distributor in Russia - SNS Group of Companies.

The fact is that Osavolyuk was a co-owner of the beverage supplier Fresh Bar, E-ON, Tornado Energy Global Financial Drinks Rus, which are part of the SNS portfolio. And Kudinov headed one of the structures of the group - "SNS Center."

And it is Fresh Bar, E-ON and Tornado Energy that are now, by the way, planning to sell through vending machines.

At the same time, the SNS group itself denies any involvement in the deal. Although last year the company's website published information that after the departure of BAT "the distributor and long-time partner of BAT - SNS Group of Companies, which promises to keep production and supplies at the same level, will manage the business."

Photo: official website of the SNS Group of Companies

Now the company seems to have decided to "hide" behind a foreign firm and nominees. Perhaps he does not want to shine potential ultimate beneficiaries. But the journalistic eye sees everything...

And the story of the sale of BAT assets is not the most honest: the head of the company's head business, Tadeu Morocco, did not fail to speak out about the sale of business in Russia, saying that the company received much less than what its assets actually cost.

Trump and Gordeev "squeezed the zlotys"?

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