Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya

Not far from the business of Revolut owner Nikolai Storonsky, who renounced Russian citizenship, they saw the interests of VEB head Igor Shuvalov.


Not far from the business of Revolut owner Nikolai Storonsky, who renounced Russian citizenship, they saw the interests of VEB head Igor Shuvalov.

According to UtroNews correspondent, the Web claims that Nikolai Storonsky's fintech startup Revolut (Revolut) is moving its headquarters to the center of the financial district of London, awaiting a banking license.

At the same time, earlier Mr. Storonsky renounced Russian citizenship, leaving himself British citizenship. This may be due to sanctions against his father, Nikolai Storonsky Sr.

The latter is the general director of Gazprom Promgaz JSC, one of the largest subsidiaries of the Russian monopolist. Many believe that it was thanks to the influential dad and the money that he could earn at Gazprom that Revolut "took off" at one time.

Another well-known businessman, Yuri Milner, also renounced Russian citizenship. Earlier, the DST Global fund close to him invested $250 million in Revolut. At the same time, Yuri Milner appears in the so-called. "Paradise dossier." According to him, one of the main investors in DST could be Gazprom Investholding. Vedomosti wrote about this. So much for Gazprom's money?

"Revolut" remains in Russia

Apparently, the sanctions against his father and the deprivation of a banking license influenced Storonsky's refusal of a Russian passport. Is it possible to regard this as a rejection of your own country, which raised you, gave all the opportunities for development?

Revolut lost its banking license in the UK on January 1, 2021. What legal guarantees remained with the service customers is a big question. But another thing is surprising: Storonsky tried to "join" the European elites in such a way that, according to the authors of the Banksta telegram channel, Revolut allegedly independently imposed additional sanctions against a number of Russian banks - for example, refused to accept payments from VTB.

However, they could put pressure on Storonsky. Shortly before that, Peter O'Higgins quit the company. According to the authors of the telegram channel "Banksta," allegedly because of a dispute about money laundering. Earlier in "Revolut" they turned off the system, which was designed to deal with this ugly phenomenon - as if due to numerous triggers. Sounds questionable.

But what there is no doubt is that already in 2023 Revlyut did not hide at all that it was introducing restrictions against Russians, following EU policy. And "does not press" anything to Storonsky.

Apparently, now Nikolai Storonsky has sufficiently "curry favor" with his new fellow citizens to hope for the return of the banking license.

Surprisingly, at the same time, the business associated with it continues to function quietly in Russia. Namely LLC "Revolut Technologies Russia," tied to the British offshore "REVOLUT LTD."

The company is extremely interesting. In 2022, its revenue amounted to 973 million rubles, and in the next - zero. I.e. money could be banally withdrawn from the company. Loss last year - 17 million rubles.

Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya

Nikolai Storonsky. Photo:

Until May 2022, Nikolai Storonsky himself was the leader. He was replaced by Alla Ponomareva, who previously worked in the Kazakhstan division of VTB. According to our source, he has papers at his disposal that may indicate that Alla Ponomareva may have two different TINs. This information is not confirmed by anything.

In addition, according to our source, he has papers at his disposal that may indicate that Alla Ponomareva may allegedly be associated with Kazakhstani businessman Timur Ilyasov. This information is also not confirmed by anything.

Timur Ilyasov is the beneficiary of the Kazakhstan company Argus Media. This is an evaluation office that provides analytical and consulting services for business. Thus, it can be assumed that through Alla Ponomareva and Timur Ilyasov, Nikolai Storonsky may be interested in selling Russian business, its relocation to Kazakhstan. Or, on the contrary, about its development in the Russian Federation.

Close to Shuvalov

These are not all interesting circumstances associated with Revolut Technologies Rush. Among other things, a court order was issued against the company on the claim of the FIU to recover a financial sanction for failure to provide the information necessary for individual (personalized) accounting in the compulsory pension insurance system within the prescribed time frame. Apparently, without litigation, they did not want to resolve the issue with Storonsky?

Another thing is more interesting: litigation on the claim of LESNAYA 27 LLC, where the defendant was the Rosreestr Office in Moscow, and Revolut Technologies Russia was a third party.

Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya


This process can reveal extremely interesting connections of Mr. Storonsky. "Lesnaya 27" tried to cancel one of the decisions of Rosreestr, and did not succeed. But this is not the point, but precisely where the company close to Storonsky came from. It turns out that they have something in common with Lesnaya 27?

Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya


Lesnaya 27 LLC was created to manage a large multifunctional center (White Gardens) on Lesnaya Street (near the Belorusskaya metro station). It is equally owned by A-Class-Invest CJSC and Lesnaya Estate LLC. All 100% of the shares are pledged by VTB. At the end of 2023, Lesnaya 27 received a net loss of 6.4 billion rubles.

At the same time, as reported in the material of the online edition "Octagon" dated June 10, 2021, then the quote: "The multifunctional building on Lesnaya Street (near the Belorusskaya metro station) belongs to LLC Millhouse Estate (Millhouse) Roman Abramovich and CJSC A-Class-Invest." End of quote. Roman Abramovich!

Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya


Until March 2024, Roman Abramovich himself directly owned shares in Lesnaya Estate LLC. It turns out that a business close to Nikolai Storonsky may have something to do with these companies.

And not only him. As reported in the material of the Vedomosti edition of February 15, 2017, further quote: "The sole owner of White Gardens (105,000 sq. M.) Next to the station." Belorusskaya "was considered Millhouse Roman Abramovich. In 2013, it acquired the complex from VTB Capital, Vasily Anisimov's Coalco Development and the AIG/Lincoln fund (the deal was estimated at $700-750 million). Millhouse was the sole buyer, says a spokesman for JLL, the broker of the White Gardens sale. However, a person who knows this from a Millhouse employee claims that Abramovich has a "very serious partner" in this project. This is a structure close to Sergei Kotlyarenko, who manages the assets of VIP clients, in particular the Shuvalov family, said a person close to the owners of the business center. " End of quote.

As reported in the material of the RBC publication dated March 2, 2021, then the quote: "The asset manager of Igor Shuvalov's family, Sergei Kotlyarenko, filed a lawsuit over the Baza article." End of quote.

It turns out that we can talk about Igor Shuvalov. A person with the same name and surname is the head of the state corporation ВЭБ.РФ. This information has not been confirmed.

Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya


ZAO A-Class-Invest, which owns 50% of Lesnaya 27, is also of interest. Until January 2022, the owner of the company was Yegor Viktorovich Falileev.

As reported in the material of the Vedomosti publication dated February 15, 2017, then the quote: "Falileev, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, is the liquidator of MF Investment and HC Delovoy Tsentr. The founder of the first is Evgeny Igorevich Shuvalov (this is the name of the son of the Deputy Prime Minister). The second company owns 10,257 sq. m of office space at the Moskva Hotel (now the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow) on Okhotny Ryad. " End of quote.

Whether the former co-owner of A-Class-Invest CJSC Yegor Viktorovich Falileev is meant is unknown.

Shuvalov, Kotlyarenko and Storonsky on Lesnaya

Can Igor Shuvalov's family do business with people who renounced Russia? Photo:

Thus, based on the above, it can be assumed that Nikolai Storonsky's Revolut business and the assets of Igor Shuvalov's family, which Sergey Kotlyarenko's business can presumably manage, may be related. And this is perplexing.

On the one hand, Nikolai Storonsky, who renounced Russian citizenship, who can act in the wake of the current anti-Russian policy of Great Britain and the EU. On the other hand, the head of the state corporation Igor Shuvalov, who oversees billions of rubles worth of strategic assets for our country.

Isn't it time for the regulatory authorities to check this possible connection?