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03 March 2024

"Safe City" falls asleep, Deberdeev wakes up

Funds for R&D in the agro-industrial complex "Safe City" could go through "A-Leasing" and Ramis Deberdeev, a long-time partner of Ilya "Antiquary" Traber.

Earlier, the media circled information about violations that the prosecutor's office discovered when checking the spending of funds on the modernization of the Safe City hardware and software complex. We are talking about the first stage of work - scientific research and experimental work on the standardization of the complex systems.

It seems that the scientists of the "National Center for Informatization" took the money, but in three years they did almost nothing. We found out that scandalous businessmen Ramis Deberdeev and Ilya Traber may be involved in the disappearance of funds at the Safe City agro-industrial complex, and not only under this contract.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations is engaged in the introduction and control of the Safe City agro-industrial complex in the regions. Since 2007, about 14 billion rubles have been spent on these works. Now there is a question of modernizing the agro-industrial complex - bringing all regional systems to a single standard (names, programs, work protocols, etc.), and creating a federal law on the operation of the system.

It was these works that were to be carried out by the National Center for Informatization JSC, which, through the United Instrument-Making Corporation, belongs to Rostec. In 2020, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a customer, signed a contract with JSC for 670 million rubles. Now the prosecutor's office believes that 620 million of them could have been stolen fraudulently.

Earlier, The Moscow Post spoke in detail about the background of receiving NCI JSC this contract. It was claimed by completely different interested parties, including people and business, who may be close to the former deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Chupriyan (ball chief curator of the introduction of the agro-industrial complex) and the current head of Roscosmos Yuri Borisov.


However, what happened to those 620 million is not clear. What is the essence of possible fraudulent actions, the prosecutor's office did not disclose. The contract itself is still being executed. Money for it was allocated in 3 stages, about 30% (210-230 million rubles) each tranche, and were completely transferred only by the end of 2022.


The following detail is interesting: since 2016, a suspicious "leapfrog" with a leader has been observed in the NCI. Konstantin Solodukhin comes and goes to this position.

Solodukhin headed the NCI since January 2016. In March 2022, he moved to the United Instrument Making Corporation as Deputy CEO. In previous years, he held senior positions in various telecom companies: he was the head of MTT, the general director of Rostelecom, the deputy general director of Megafon, and the general director of Sinterra.

Maybe it was during this period that more than 600 million could have "dissolved"? The fact that Solodukhin took the post of deputy general director of the defense industry complex says one thing - he enjoys the confidence of Sergei Chemezov. He could "temporarily" leave his post so that his replacement Alexei Agapov signed the necessary "dangerous" documents for Solodukhin.

Apply for "leasing" 1.5 billion

The contract for the modernization of the Safe City agro-industrial complex involves mainly research work. However, over the past few years, NCI has concluded several related contracts related to the implementation of the system for tens of million rubles. Almost everything is with the only supplier who does not appear in open sources. And many - with the stamp "urgent purchase."

In total, there were 24 such contracts, of which over 11 were concluded in 2020 and after this year. Could funds allocated for R&D have passed through them? And why are suppliers hiding?


Several major contracts are attracting attention. The first is for the supply of equipment for the implementation of the VMiVA subsystem in order to create and implement the Safe City hardware and software complex on the territory of pilot municipalities of the Murmansk region. The cost is 16 million rubles.

The winner is not named, but the procurement protocol contains the name of the A-Leasing company, which is engaged in the provision of equipment (in the field of IT) for leasing. The same company is present in the protocols on other purchases related to the agro-industrial complex. For example, for the supply of equipment for 68 million rubles - and also to Murmansk.


A-Leasing is a structure from St. Petersburg that belongs to a little-known businessman Vladimir Khamanov. It has 25 million rubles in the authorized capital. Its revenue in 2022 is under 200 million rubles, a profit of 20 million rubles. Despite this, the organization is in bankruptcy proceedings, and information about its legal address is recognized as unreliable.


First, why does NCI work with this particular company? There are no others on the market? And secondly, why would Khamanov's structure sharply "go bankrupt," and just during the period of checking the spending of funds on the modernization of the Safe City agro-industrial complex?


Note that his entire share of 100% (25 million) was pledged in the scandalous bank "Peresvet." The bank collapsed in 2017, after which it was taken for reorganization by the All-Russian Regional Development Bank. And until February 2017, Peresvet belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church. But, as they found out in the end, the real beneficiaries of the bank could be representatives of the NBM development group, whose structures were shareholders and borrowers of Peresvet.

We are talking about the owner of the group, Mikhail Babel, who was eventually detained on suspicion of embezzlement, as well as a member of the board of directors, in the former NBM vice-president Dmitry Korovitsyn, who fled the country. In addition, subsequently in the case of the withdrawal of more than 1 billion rubles from the bank, Oleg Pronin, general director of the Peresvet-invest Group of Companies, was convicted.

"Phenomenon" by Deberdeev

For some reason, Vladimir Khamanov decided to work with such a problematic structure. In addition, A-Leasing is the defendant in a series of lawsuits worth several billion rubles. She is the defendant in the claim from the NCI itself for improper fulfillment of obligations under the contract, the essence of which is not specified. The first hearing in the case will be held on December 5, 2023.


In addition, other government agencies also have claims against the company. For example, Atomenergosbyt JSC is trying to get money from it for non-fulfillment of obligations under supply contracts.

All this is extremely suspicious. It seems that A-Leasing could contract outside of official procedures. But there was a purchase for 223-FZ - and just connected with the agro-industrial complex "Safe City." And again - with Murmansk.

We are talking about a contract for almost 1.5 billion rubles with the fire and rescue service of the Murmansk region for the supply of equipment for leasing for the work of the agro-industrial complex. All this was supervised directly by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where the now retired Alexander Chupriyan was engaged in this.


This contract is still under execution, and A-Leasing has since been closely cooperating with NCI JSC.

In addition to this company, Khamanov acted as the founder of four more legal entities, almost all have already been liquidated and resemble frank "dummies." However, there is one that attracts special attention - this is Synergy LLC, co-owned by the scandalous businessman Ramis Deberdeev.

The latter is a longtime partner and associate of the "authoritative" entrepreneur Ilya Traber, better known as "Antiquarian" in narrow circles. Earlier, they tried to attribute to him connections with the Tambov criminal group. Traber and Deberdeev are people in St. Petersburg, and throughout the country, famous. And not always from the best side. These are real "business sharks": co-owners of Primorsky UPK LLC, an investor in the construction of a port complex in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region worth 170 billion rubles.

In 2021, the partners acquired a 75% stake in LOESK, the second after Lenenergo in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The next area of ​ ​ interest is the terminal in the port of Ust-Luga, which they bought in 2020.


Vladimir Khamanov may be the "face value" of Traber and Deberdeev. The Moscow Post has repeatedly written about both - for example, we told how they both could become participants in the corporate conflict over the Axel automobile group in the northern capital.

These citizens will not miss their own, and even more so when there is an opportunity to "make money out of thin air," which, in fact, for some is the conduct of research and development work.

In addition, Khamanov's business, specifically Synergy, turned out to be associated with Rapir LLC, which is engaged in data processing, and the provision of information placement services. Until 2020, Synergy was in the co-founders of Rapier.

It is very likely that Ramis Deberdeev actively entered the "clearing" of budget development for the introduction of software systems and IT solutions, and the same "Synergy" or Khamanov could only act as "layers" in multi-level activities. In this case, it is possible that Deberdeev and his partner Ilya Traber could "agree" both with the Ministry of Emergency Situations under Chupriyan and with the structures of Rostec Sergei Chemezov.

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