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03 March 2024

"Russia" fell to Nisanov's taste

The mysterious death of lawyer Dmitry Shumkov and the silence of investigators - and here is billionaire God Nisanov?

The hotel near the Moscow park "Zaryadye," which is being built by the structure of the God Nisanov "Kievskaya Ploshchad," will be called "Russia." Earlier, the late Dmitry Shumkov, a lawyer who enters the highest political circles and was found dead with signs of asphyxia in his own office in the Federation Tower in Moscow City in 2016, was engaged in this project.

The death of "living and active, not falling into depressive states," as his acquaintances characterized him, Shumkov, was overgrown with a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the story.

Abstract at all costs

Mr. Shumkov has been involved in the project since 2014. According to rumors, Nisanov also had interest in him, to whom, together with his partner Zarakh Iliev, he was sold after the death of his "ancestor." Moreover, initially it went to Shumkov's relatives, and they have already transferred the hotel to the current owners.

Interestingly, Shumkov was Musa Bazhaev's partner in Russian Platinum. And only in words, there is no documentary confirmation of this. And Shumkov used his "privileges" to get a share when leaving the Norilsk-1 project. It is possible that then a cat "ran between the partners."

By the way, Bazhaev was credited with connections in criminal circles. Versiya writes that he attracted immigrants from the Seilem organized criminal group to business negotiations.

Bazhaev, in 2017, after Shumkov left his life, sold the Olimpiysky sports complex, which previously belonged to Shumkov, to the same Iliev and Nisanov. All this suggests that the latter, like kites, could have roared over the assets of a lawyer for a long time, and only waited for the right moment to get them. The likely conflict with Bazhaev and further events could be an ideal moment for them.

By the way, this moment is not particularly covered in the media. The words "conflict" cannot be found on the pages of publications, although Bazhaev hardly liked Shumkov's initiative to withdraw from the joint project by simply taking the money.

There were various rumors in which about the owners of "Russian Platinum" and also that allegedly Bazhaev confirmed a partnership with Shumkov. Maybe Bazhaev really wants to distance himself from his former partner. But why? Didn't want to "glow" in the story of a mysterious death? But then the assets went to Nisanova and Ilieva.

Criminogenic environment

By the way, the co-owner of the future "Russia" is now also the brother of the Tula governor Alexei Dyumin Artyom, also Bazhaev's business partner. Like the co-owners of "Kievskaya Square."

Iliev and Nisanov also did not attribute anything. Turning exclusively to the facts, we note that with entrepreneurs who could be related to them, and the truth sometimes happens misfortunes. Take, for example, last year's series of resonant murders of Moscow businessmen.

In June, entrepreneur Oganes Kamarian died at the hands of the killer. They found the suspect quickly - he did not hide much: he was not wearing a mask, and even after the perfect - he photographed the body on the phone.

As The Moscow Post found out then, the family of the deceased may be associated with entrepreneur Sergei Sarkisov, whose last name flashed on the Web next to the last name of Mr. Nisanov.

And in September 2022, Mikhail Kotov was killed - right next to the Ukraine hotel owned by Nisanov in Moscow. The perpetrator of the crime was also taken extremely quickly. And the "handwriting" is similar - the killer slowly removed from the crime scene and did not hide anything.

Nisanov is also well acquainted with the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov, who was arrested in absentia in 2017 on charges of organizing the murders of entrepreneurs: the owner of shopping malls Vladimir Savkin and the founder of Lyublino Motors Yuri Brilev

According to KO, "it was under the wing of the owner of the largest clothing market in Russia ― the legendary Cherkizon ― that immigrants from Krasnaya Sloboda Zarakh Iliev and God Nisanov began their journey."

And now to the rumors. Nisanov is also credited with other connections in the world far from the law. Spiteful critics spread rumors that the alleged criminal authority from Azerbaijan, Rovshan Janiev, who died at the hands of a killer in 2016, owned retail outlets in Food City (an asset of Kievskaya Square).

It is also worth recalling that in 2021 there was a murder of criminal authority Ali Heidarov ("Albert Ryzhevaty") in the sports club "Don-Sport," which is located in Moscow. The case is similar in behavior to the performer - the killer posed as one of the guests of the sports center and relaxed, dealing with the victim.

Word of mouth went among the merchants, they say, Heydar announced his own intention to take control of part of the currency flows of the Nisan shopping complex "Food City," including the supply of tomatoes.

It is clear that these rumors have little to do with reality.

Although the directly mentioned persons of Nisanov and Iliev do not affect, one cannot but recall the cases of riots at Food City, which led to deaths. Market tenants are even said to have been on strike for being "draped three hides" as a price for being on the market.

Fatal "Moscow City"

Returning to the story with Shumkov and how his assets suddenly migrated into the hands of our heroes, I would like to add another touch. In September 2017, the corpse of Oleg Gorchev, the former head of the Resorts of the North Caucasus enterprise, was found in the Mercury tower of Moscow City. He died, like Shumkov, in his apartment.

No signs of violent death were found - according to the official version. But then there was talk that Gorchev could allegedly have been poisoned, and there was a trace of a blow on his body.

By the way, the Mercury tower was built by Sergei Polonsky, but was subsequently sold to Vladimir Golubev, who is known in certain circles as Barmaley. Is it not because of the case

Mysterious deaths, strange murders. An excellent topic for a full-scale investigation is only no longer journalists, but officers of the FSB and the Investigative Committee.

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