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03 March 2024

Rosbuilding former does not happen: from factories to apartments with Mayakov and Gordeev

Denis Mayakov, a native of Rosbuilding, who is under investigation, together with his colleagues, who now work in digging PIK Sergei Gordeev with the help of Glinkom Management Company and Alexei Osipov, can appear in transactions with embezzlement of state real estate.

The development company Glinkom Alexei Osipov wants to place an apart-complex in Kostyakova's apartment building in the center of Moscow. Previously, the office of Mikhail Gutseriev, a member of the Safmar group, Mospromstroy, was located here.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, Osipov and a number of other persons from Rosbuilding could great "cash in" on such "apartments" illegally erected on the lands of former factories.

Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Apartville overlooking "Rhythm"

On the Glinkom website, you can see what projects the company had to do with. All this is expensive club houses, but at least some of them can be built illegally. Let's explain.

On the Internet, it can be found that the developer of one of the complexes - "Apartville" along with "Glinkom" is indicated by the "Rhythm" plant. The latter is engaged in the production of medical equipment and how it got into housing developers is not clear. At first sight.

Photo: "Novostroy"

Further, more and more interesting: in 2014, the court considered the claim of Altair-Real Estate LLC against the plant. In short, the plaintiff wanted to recognize the ownership of the premises in the building at 81 Dmitrovskoye Shosse, Moscow (this is where Apartville is now located).


Already at that moment, the plant was going to reconstruct the premises for the apart-complex. And the court decided that Altair-Real Estate wants the project, as they say, not to pass by the cash register - and they also got their share. As a result, the claim was denied, and the premises went for apartments.


And it is strange that no one was embarrassed that the enterprise received during the privatization period, which should work for the country, was suddenly reconstructed for the personal purposes of its founders. Among which, one must think, Mr. Osipov?

By the way, in one of the court cases on this site it is so direct and spelled out: "the land plot was provided by the Russian Federation to JSC" Hearing Aid Plant "RHYTHM" for administrative and economic activities and was not transferred by the owner - the Russian Federation to the authorized capital of the Enterprise during its corporatization, therefore it was preserved in the federal treasury. "

In addition, on the site there is an object that is a protective structure of civil defense, which also did not become part of privatized property.

So it turns out that the state-owned enterprise, along with its assets, was simply seized?

According to the authors of the Honest Lawyer website, the alleged legal dispute between Altair Real Estate and the plant, which we described, arose after it turned out that allegedly "most of the plant's unique equipment was sold at a bargain price. That is, nothing more than a creeping raider seizure of the territory and the immovable and movable property on it began to take place. "

Thus, it seems that Osipov could arrange a sale of property at a state-owned enterprise, and then use it for personal purposes.

The fact that Osipov could be related to those affairs of the past days is also indirectly confirmed by the fact that by number + 7-495-.... it was possible to call both a Rhythm employee and Glinkom at the same time.




Not only that, but the territory of the plant simply cannot rightfully be used for housing construction. To do this, it is transferred to another status and only then begin some kind of "body movement" towards perestroika. Whether this was done in the case of Rhythm is a big question.

In 2015, the Moscow Committee on State Supervision in the field of construction filed a lawsuit against Rhythm and demanded to stop construction in the absence of permits. But construction was stopped by a court decision for only 90 days.


Subsequently, there were still courts. "Glinkom" (more precisely - "Rhythm") could not issue a permit, or even tried. The court even ruled in 2017 to demolish the building. By that time, the equity holders of the complex had already made their "blood" and many had to terminate contracts through the courts. And the big question is - did everyone manage to get the money back?


But the building, apparently, was built after all. On the Glinkom website, this project "hangs" as sold out, reviews from 2020-2022 indicate that people have entered (although they complain about the absolute inconsistency of what they were promised in fact) on Yandex.Maps panorama for 2022 shows a house similar to the project.


Despite this, according to Roskadastre, a non-residential building is still listed here. So permission was never received? And it turns out that at any moment the courts and the debate can resume and people will be left without a roof over their heads?


And a year ago, the Federal Property Management Agency filed another lawsuit against Rhythm on this site - this time in order to return it to the Russian Federation. And received the approval of the court. Thus, "Rhythm" is now a tenant of this site for a couple with "Altair-Real Estate." It belongs to the state and, logically, a defense structure should be located here. You can only sympathize with apartment buyers who may soon face eviction, because the transactions concluded with Rhythm can now be considered null and void. Will someone refund the money? Very unlikely. Most likely, "Rhythm" in this situation will quickly cover. And Glinkom and Mr. Osipov seem to have nothing to do with it.


We talked about only one likely scam from Glinkom. But there can be much more of them.

A similar story with the Vivaldi residential complex, which was built by the Fliegel company owned by Glinkom. According to the court decision, a residential building cannot be located here, and the "Wing" is only a tenant.

And there were also proceedings, delays in the deadlines and, in the same way, now this building has not even been taken into account in Roskadastra. The buildings previously located here are declared as "objects of accommodation for commercial organizations that are not related to the residence of the population (1.2.7); areas of mixed placement of production facilities. "


Trail of Rosbuilding

Osipov may not act alone. As it turned out, the "legs" are growing from Rosbuilding, a company founded by the former head of the scandalous developer PIK Sergei Gordeev. By the way, it did not go anywhere, but was reorganized - part went to Gordeev's structures. So it is he who can be the "puppeteer" of all the above-described "theater."

In 2015, Denis Mayakov (the head of Imagine Estate, a native of Rosbuilding, who was subsequently arrested on charges of fraud in the M&A market) sold his assets under construction to Glinkom.

Mayakov is charged with the theft of retail space in the Metromall shopping center worth more than 460 million rubles. and two episodes of fraud in the sale of the premises of the former Moscow Automobile Unit Plant (Mzaa AMO Zil CJSC)

Metromall, by the way, was part of a 2015 deal with Glinkom, which now seems to be perfectly managing the space sold to it. And Mzaa AMO Zil goes bankrupt at the suit of contractors who have not received their own. At the time of the Glinkom deal, Imagine Estate was already in liquidation.

By the way, according to the authors of the Honest Lawyer website, allegedly "he (Mayakov) threw the company SMU-4 (one of those participating in the bankruptcy procedure), represented by its director Kharitonsky Vladislav Samuilovich. Vladislav Samuilovich was a contractor at many facilities and had no idea about the dirty schemes of Mayakov's team. He and his SMU-4 honestly worked out construction contracts, and as a result, dirty crooks threw him with large amounts of money, but they threw such a trick that now at least part of them cannot be returned even through the courts. " So there may be a deliberate bankruptcy with the withdrawal of money.

And potentially offshore, to which LLC Revenue Management was registered (led by Andrei Novikov, also a native of Rosbuilding), which was known as the Imagine Estate. Osipov here could act as someone who seems to have nothing to do with Mayakov's machinations, but in fact he could be well aware of the entire scheme with illegal acquisition of assets, which Mayakov is charged with, and now, perhaps, he is implementing them with benefit for the whole team.

Osipov's connection with the Rosbildinogists can also be traced through the Colosseum company. Previously, it belonged to him, was subsequently sold to ISB Finance, which is controlled by Alexander Leizerovich.


There was talk that Alexander Leizerovich was in the orbit of the legal block of the PIK and RDM group of companies, representing the so-called "top" management, and had personal ties with Sergei Gordeev and Vladislav Sviblov (another native of Rosbuilding, oligarch and gold miner).

So, Mayakov may be sitting, but the Rosbuilding case seems to be flourishing. How Gordeev and Osipov flourish.

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