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03 March 2024

Port "Serpukhov" and Kremlin "in the bank"

Could Umar Kremlev withdraw money from Ivy Bank with the complicity of his former colleague Roman Trotsenko, banker Alexander Plushenko?

The port "Serpukhov" changed its owner. Instead of Pavel Kuznetsov, the new founder was Mama Olga LLC, 99% owned by the president of the International Amateur Boxing Association, entrepreneur Umar Kremlev.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, the asset could be in the hands of a sports functionary in parallel with the conduct of not the cleanest financial manipulations.

Banks, "Grandfather Hassan" and bankruptcy procedures

Previously, the port belonged to the Moscow River Shipping Company (MCI), which is controlled by Roman Trotsenko. Until 2019, the notorious Alexander Plushenko, a former banker who was detained in 2020 on suspicion of fraud worth 200 million rubles, also had a share in the asset. The media wrote about his connection with Oka Khatoyev, the successor of a crime boss nicknamed "Grandfather Hassan" (Aslan Usoyan).

Plushenko was known as the chairman of the board of the now bankrupt Project Financing Bank and the chairman of the board of directors of Ivy Bank.

It follows from the materials of the case that MCI OJSC, with Plushenko's filing, entered into a loan agreement with Ivy Bank for the subsequent provision of this money to Mr. Kutukov, who was going through a bankruptcy procedure at that time, under the next loan agreement, which Kutukov repaid his loan to the same Bank.

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

At the same time, Plushenko knew in advance about the financial insolvency of Kutukov, who did not have the opportunity to service a loan taken from the same bank.

"Both detainees participated in schemes of embezzlement of depositors' funds, bankruptcies of enterprises, withdrawal of their assets. They did not disdain the banal intimidation of those dissatisfied with the methods from the 90s, sending them tombstones in the form of a warning, "REN TV quotes its own sources, speaking of Kutukov and Plushenko.

Nevertheless, the accomplices got off with suspended sentences. Strange favor - did someone cover them?

Behind the "Kremlin" wall

Returning to MCI, Trotsenko refused to buy a stake from Plushenko and soon there was a division of assets, as a result of which the port of Serpukhov went to Pavel Kuznetsov, who three years later transferred his stake in Mama Olga LLC.

Around the same period that Kremlev took possession of the asset, Mama Olga seriously expanded the list of licensed activities. Trade, fish farming, catering and others were added. Apparently, the "boxer" is going to develop the port from an infrastructure point of view.

Photo: Rusprofile

The "active" cases took place in the same period that investigative actions were taking place with Mr. Plushenko. Which, we recall, may be related to the affairs of "Grandfather Hassan." And the Kremlin was credited with such things as, for example, the development by his operatives as a participant in the so-called Serpukhov organized criminal group. According to the same data, the main asset of Umar Kremlev, LLC Kremlin Gold, grew out of a jewelry workshop, which he took away from a friend. In 2004, the future head of the FBI received a suspended sentence for extortion, and in 2007 - another for beatings. The newspaper "MK Yekaterinburg" wrote about this.

So could the sports functionary take part in the affairs of Mr. Plushenko? It is also known that under Kemlev in Moscow a tournament was held in memory of Oleg Korotaev, who is credited with the criminal past. As ironically noted on the Web, "soon we can expect the Championship of Russia in memory of" Grandfather Hassan "or a tournament on the Red Square named after Yaponchik."

In the partners of Umar Kremlev, dubious personalities are not the first time. Recently, The Moscow Post wrote about some Artem Barsukov and Nikita Tretyak, who got into his business, who can only be denominations for the very ambiguous Serpukhov deputy Andrei Kozmin, whose brother could deal with "money throws," hiding behind connections.

By the way, in "Mom Olga" Kremlev also has a partner - it seems to be also from the bureaucratic environment. 1% in the structure belongs to Kirill Sergeevich Kulebakin. According to the Web, allegedly this comrade is a registered candidate for deputy of Bolshoi Serpukhov. Be that as it may, this is clearly a man of the Kremlin.

In addition to Mom Olga, he is the head of Victoria LLC, where Alexey Valerievich, Deputy Secretary General for Olympic Boxing of the Russian Boxing Federation, has a stake.

I slept everywhere

So, if the Kremlin really took part in Plushenko's affairs, then he could, in fact, "screw up" the "MCI," and even take possession of part of the company's assets later. The big question is why Mr. Trotsenko did not react to the fact that the company under his control was turning the bank manipulations described in the first part of our investigation. Was he also in the share?

This is not the first time Mr. Kremlev has received an asset under strange circumstances. So, in April 2022, the businessman reissued Sports Lotteries LLC, the operator of all-Russian lotteries. And it is not even interesting, but the fact that as part of the founders he replaced the ANO "Boxing Progress Center." But this organization itself is also called the brainchild of Mr. Kremlin, as if directly related to the Boxing Federation.

Recall, on August 29, 2019, the Order of the Government of Russia N 1921-r. It provides for 15 years of all-Russian state lotteries in support of the development of boxing. It was Sports Lotteries LLC that was appointed the lottery operator. The official partner was VTB Group.

Why what seems to be a state organization suddenly became a "private shop" is an open question. At the same time, at the end of 2021, the company suffered a loss of 1.7 billion rubles with an asset value of minus 5.9 billion rubles! We would not risk trusting our money in such a structure... as we would personally trust Mr. Kremlev.

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