Polysan from greed

Structures close to the owner of Pharmstandard Viktor Kharitonin are trying to "squeeze juices" from the bankrupt Profitmed through shell firms?


Structures close to the owner of Pharmstandard Viktor Kharitonin are trying to "squeeze juices" from the bankrupt Profitmed through shell firms?

The pharmaceutical company Polisan from St. Petersburg won a protracted court against the counterparty Profimed, the subject of which was non-payment under the supply contract.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, Profimed may still be part of the interests of Viktor Kharitonin, who is trying to recover a serious amount of money from her through his other company. "Polisan" can plan to withdraw funds received by the court abroad.

Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Money "to the base"

According to the materials of the court case, Profitmed underpaid for the delivered goods, part of which was returned, but not in sufficient volume. As a result, the court decided that the latter owed the first about 282 million rubles.

It seems like nothing criminal - the company wants to get money for the delivered product. Taking into account how many similar claims to Profitmed, there is nothing to be surprised at. However, Polisan may not be as simple as it seems at first glance.

The company is controlled by Alexander and Dmitry Borisov - father and son. The first acts as the founder - in tandem with another partner Alexei Kovalenko, the second - heads the organization. This happy trinity fell into the lens of the media a couple of times in connection with not the most "cloudless" facts in their biography. There is reason to believe that these people and their company often act as "hands" of those who do not want to glow in not very beautiful stories.

Alexander Borisov is the founder of Polisan. Photo: RBC

The first such moment is dated 2021. Then Polisan appealed to the court with a demand to stop protecting the Centroferon trademark. A few months earlier, the small company "Biserno" registered such rights. Moreover, it was the only such drug developed by specialists in a tiny (in comparison with the scale of what Polisan can afford) laboratory.

Let's discard the arguments about how to dishonestly take away its "brainchild" from a small company, and pay attention to the following. The production of Centroferon was carried out by the Nativa company, which is associated with the interests of the same Tatyana Golikova and her wife, the former head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Viktor Khristenko.

Tatyana Golikova. Photo: RBC

The fact is that the decade "Nativa" was headed by Alexander Malinin, who previously worked in the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Health during the period when Golikova was just the Minister of Health. After leaving the department, he began to lead a company that began to receive large government orders in the medical sector and was subsequently bankrupt. There are suspicions that some people could "warm their hands" well on this.

They breathed unevenly, "took Polisan"

If Golikova and Khristenko really breathed unevenly towards Nativa, then it was in the interests of this family that another could "work" - the Borisovs and their colleague Kovalenko. Apparently, Nativa wanted to "rake" more "heat" than only from one customer - so they decided to "turn this whole story around." And it turned out - the court canceled the permission issued by Rospatent. Controversy in the cassation did not help.

By the way, this was not the only such lawsuit by Polisan - in 2022 the company went to court to prohibit Solopharm from registering an analogue of its drug Cytoflavin. And although the defendant tried to prove that during the consideration of the case the fact of using the invention on the patent in the drug "Flatocin" was not proved, and the conclusions of experts Murzina O.P. and Shaforostov K.V. were refuted by the submitted reviews, and even these experts do not have sufficient knowledge and experience for forensic examination, and the claims are abstract - the court sided with Polisan.

It seems that the founders of the company may have some special relationship with the panel of judges, but this is only our assumptions so far - there is no evidence.

Another story of a completely different nature happened to Polisan in the same 2021 - the company appeared in an episode of bribery by the former head of the department for supervision of special types of work of the State Construction Supervision Service of St. Petersburg Vitaly Ponomarev.

Ponomarev, according to the investigation, was "dumped" 200 thousand rubles for signing an act of completed construction of a non-residential building on Salov Street (house 72) - in the interests of Polisan. At this address is the plant of the same name, which was built by the company "JSC" Compact. " The leader of the latter is Nikolai Kasradze. The person involved in the scandal with the Mariinsky Theater, when the Accounts Chamber revealed 290 million violations during the construction of the second stage of the theater. And the Metrostroy company was building, where Kasradze had a share. The Moscow Post covered the story in detail.

Metrostroy, by the way, is now bankrupt. Kasradze's other firm, Compact, became a defendant in some crazy number of lawsuits by 2015 and almost went into bankruptcy. And this comrade, it turns out, in the story of the building on Salov, also, one might say, the gentlemen "Polisanovites" were fenced off.

Deliberate bankruptcy at the initiative of Kharitonin?

Probably, we can say that Profitmed breathes incense - its financial indicators are in deep minuses (profit for the last available year fell to -8.8 billion rubles, the organization does not have enough own funds to support its current activities, there is a risk of loss of solvency and high dependence on creditors. The company has already received bankruptcy lawsuits.

The above dynamics has been observed since 2021. In January of the current Sber lawsuit, the company's property was arrested. They did the same with the assets of the founder of the company Dmitry Svirin. True, for some reason, Viktor Kharitonin, a large entrepreneur in the industry, the owner of Pharmstandard, was bypassed by the people for all kinds of state referrals to his companies called "Golikova's favorite" (we are talking about the former Minister of Health Tatyana Golikova).

But it is Kharitonin who is considered the main owner of the company. Until 2021, he was the founder of Profit House, which owned Profitmed. In 2022, the first left the ownership of the latter - at least formally. Since then, the composition of the founders has not been disclosed. In fact, it has hardly changed since the time of Kharitonin.

Victor Kharitonin. Photo: Forbes

This is also evidenced by the fact that one of the owners of the company, Vladimir Kreiman, works in the structures of Pharmstandard, according to Openweb.

In any case, when the imminent collapse of Profitmed became obvious, the creditor Aresbank, controlled personally by Mr. Kharitonin, got into the register of those wishing to recover money from the company. It happened in February of this year - on the Day of all lovers. So did Kharitonin decide to please himself by collecting almost 600 million rubles from his "beloved" company?

For Valentine's Day

And the fact that it was he who at least stood behind the company for a long time, and accordingly, including is responsible for its condition, apparently does not bother anyone. The court is still hearing this case. More precisely, he does not even consider, but reflects on when to do this. Can everything be delayed due to the likely attempts of Kharitonina to arrange a "contract"?

By the way, in 2020, the OFAS opened a case of a cartel conspiracy for the supply of medical masks - Profitmed also appeared in the case. Who knows - how many such cases "sailed" past the antimonopoly service? Profitmed is a supplier in 3581 government contracts. But even such a love of government agencies, coupled with the loans generously issued to the company, did not save it from bankruptcy. Maybe the money was just withdrawn?

At the same time, 388 contracts are still under execution - the earliest dates back to 2011 and is unlikely to be completed. Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru/connections

By the way, in the list of OFAS together with "Profitmed" was "NPKF" "Eclyph." Now she also makes demands on the company. It seems that Kharitonin decided to go in from several sides and take the assets of the company potentially brought to his hands.

My offshore your offshore "misunderstanding"

Note that Polisan's lawsuit against the company is one of the largest. The suspicion creeps in that Messrs. Borisov and Kovalenko can also act in the interests of Kharitonin. After all, how it looks like lawsuits from Aresbank and Eclyph, the first of which directly belongs to Kharitonin, and the second was a member of the cartel conspiracy together with Profitmed.

To make matters worse, the money received from the company can presumably settle offshore. At least until 2020 "Polisan" was tied to Portuguese "PROMOTER PHARMA UNIPESSOAL LTD."

Moreover, the money of the state can also settle there. After all, Polisan is a supplier under government contracts. And not just him. The Borisovs "orbit" includes such a company as Triera-Tok. It makes good money on public procurement, which, however, does not prevent the latter from having very sad indicators of solvency, financial stability and efficiency.

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru/connections

In the meantime, the entrepreneur is trying to benefit from, possibly with his own active participation, a potentially bankrupt holding that owes to whom, in the future, his other counterparties are also not sitting idly by. This can also be said of Polisan, from which we began our history.

In total, we have the former (and maybe actually the current) beneficiary of Profitmed Viktor Kharitonin, who is trying to squeeze juices out of a company that he himself could bankrupt, and possibly also withdrawing a large amount of loans and money from government contracts - on the one hand. And on the other hand - "businessmen" from "Polisan," who can act in the interests of the same entrepreneur.