"Plane" of money and a bank to boot on the "board" of God Nisanov

The group "Airplane can buy a bank that was recently pledged from an offshore company that appeared in the" Panama dossier "and associated with a number of scandals. Branches of the credit institution may appear on the criminal market "Gardener" of the God Nisanov, which was called the place where the turnover of "gray" cryptocurrency takes place.


The group "Airplane can buy a bank that was recently pledged from an offshore company that appeared in the" Panama dossier "and associated with a number of scandals. Branches of the credit institution may appear on the criminal market "Gardener" of the God Nisanov, which was called the place where the turnover of "gray" cryptocurrency takes place.

The development company "Airplane," which is associated with the interests of the family of the Moscow Region governor Andrei Vorobyov, is going to acquire its own bank. According to a Kommersant source, we can talk about Sistema Bank, whose owner is Alexei Bogachev.

Why does the developer need his bank - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Trofense Bogachev and those who joined Samiev with Govyadin

Since the beginning of this year, who is the owner of KB Sistema LLC in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities is hidden. Until this period, they were listed as Alexei Bogachev.

As The Moscow Post previously found out, Bogachev may be associated with an offshore company - TROFENSE HOLDING LIMITED, which is mentioned in a row with Bogachev, and two entrepreneurs Ildar Samiev (ex-State Duma deputy) and Sergei Govyadin in the bankruptcy case of Eurofinance LLC, and also appeared in "Panama dossier."

Photo: https://vsrf.ru/stor_pdf_ec.php?id=2277816

The matter is extremely interesting - according to the information provided in it, ProfInvest borrowed about 1 billion rubles from Eurofinance. With this money, the company acquired a land plot with the number 50:20:0010411:129 (located at: Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, s/p Barvikhinskoye, d. Zhukovka, school 128, 129). Then this site was divided in two. It turned out territories with cadastral numbers: 50:20:0010411:12286 and 50:20:0010411:12285. Total area - 14,304 sq.m.

After that, ProfInvest transferred the plots to Trofense Holding Limited, it sold them to Labini Investments Limited, and that, in turn, sold the plots to Bogachev. The bankruptcy trustee announced the affiliation of the debtor (ProfInvest) and offshore companies and said that the debtor's money went to Cyprus, and the liquid asset (land) was transferred to a third party, so now the claims of ProfInvest's creditors cannot be satisfied at his expense. Nobody bothered to pay off the debt to Eurofinance.

As the court found out, Samiev, Govyadin and others like them controlled the group. Bogachev, it seems, also acted in their interests. Thus, these gentlemen could share more than a billion rubles together, and not be held responsible for this. (Based on court documents, the funds issued to ProfInvest did not come from Eurofinance, but from another institution that issued a loan to the bank, and therefore the bankruptcy of Eurofinance, through no fault of the debtors).

The connection between Bogachev and Govyadin and Samiev is visible in another case: recently, within the framework of the latter, the court invalidated the purchase and sale of his stake in Cyprus Selby Holdings Ltd. It was acquired in 2018 by Labini Investments Ltd. of our acquaintance Alexei Bogachev.

Note that Samiev and Govyadin were partners of Albert Khudoyan. The latter in the claims just from Samiev and Govyadin in November 2021 was sentenced to 6 years for fraud with the ground on which the Prime Park residential complex is being built by Aviasiti. We suspect that Khudoyan could simply be framed. And in addition to the above-mentioned story, there are other grounds for this. You can honor in detail in our investigation "Fisun who passed through: Govyadin, Samiev, Khudoyan, the queue for Avdalyan?"

Albert Khudoyan. Photo: Emin Jafarov/Kommersant

Nisanovsky affairs: banks, cryptocurrency, shadow turnover

We will return to the story of the possible sale of Sistema Bank to Airplane. We suspect that money could pass through it, which we would like to "clear." Financial performance there is steadily unstable. So why did he interest the largest developer in the Moscow region?

Recall that for some time in the subsidiary structure of the "aircraft" there was a share of the brother of the Moscow Region governor Andrei Vorobyov - Maxim. A couple of years ago, a new shareholder appeared in the group - none other than oligarch God Nisanov, one of the largest owners of Moscow commercial real estate.

According to businessman Ilgar Hajiyev, Nisanov is friendly with the Vorobyov family and even seems to be a "transfer link" in resolving issues with developers. In this case, such continuity in the "Airplane" is quite logical and understandable.

The God Nisanov is known as the owner of the Food City agricultural cluster, which he controls through the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies together with his partner Zarakh Iliev, a native of Krasnaya Sloboda and a friend of the former owner of the scandalous Cherkizovsky market, Telman Ismailov, where Nisanov also worked.

There is a video on the Web, which tells that the bank "Accent," which had its license revoked in 2018, allegedly helped the illegal circulation of money in the markets of the God Nisanov. Officially, the bank was closed due to violations of the law "On countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism."

According to information from their website, Accent had a whole branch on the territory of the Food City agricultural cluster owned by Nisanov. The head of the Moscow branch of the bank was Shchukina Radmila Avraamovna.

According to a source from The Moscow Post, earlier she could also be related to MAST-Bank - which also worked for Food City and even appeared in the sensational investigation of journalist Ivan Golunov about the funeral business. As Frank Media wrote, the defendants in the investigation withdrew billions of rubles through it. In the same context, Soceconombank is mentioned, we will return to it.

MAST-Bank was closed due to the establishment of violations of legislation in the field of countering the laundering of proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism in terms of the procedure for identifying customers when making non-cash payments on their instructions. In the dock in the case of cashing out 9 billion rubles, as a result, his former top manager Yuri Pirogov ended up. Although the owners were the brother of State Duma deputy Alexander Ageev Andrei Ageev and a number of other persons. Among them was a certain Azi Iliev. Is Nisanov's partner Zarakh Iliev not a relative?

Azi Iliev, according to official data, has no special property or some wealth behind him, but from somewhere he owned a whole 9% of the bank. In addition, his name appeared in a court case on an attempt to return shares by a certain Malygin Andrei Alexandrovich. Who sued, but twice did not appear on him. Therefore, the court did not consider the case. Malygin frightened?

Photo: https://kad.arbitr.ru

Another bank that could work according to the scheme described in the video is Samara Sputnik. The fact is that in 2017 it was acquired by people who previously worked at Sotsekonombank and other banks with a revoked license. Soon, Sputnik operating cash desks appeared in Moscow, in particular at Food City and Moscow. This was written by the publication "Frank Media."

Now Sputnik has also sunk into oblivion, because "it was involved in dubious foreign exchange operations."

New blood

Yuri Polupanov, Director of the Financial Monitoring and Currency Control Department of the Bank of Russia, announced the turnover of shadow money in the markets owned by Nisanov, naming the amount of 600 billion rubles a month relative to the three largest shadow cash producing assets - the Moscow shopping center, Sadovod shopping center and Food City. All of them relate to the interests of the owners of "Kievskaya Square."

"Food City." Photo: https://www.cian.ru/specializirovannyy-torgovyy-centr-fud-siti-moskva-12218/

These are gigantic figures - 20-25% of the monthly retail turnover in Russia, according to Rosstat, and, according to 2018, exceeds the volume of retail trade in Moscow!

As the regulator reported then, shadow funds were transferred to cryptocurrency, entire exchangers were present in the markets, which were not registered banks or operating cash desks.

Several years ago, they began to actively cover this whole shop - law enforcement officers came to Food City with searches and "eviscerated" local merchants for two days, searched Sadovod and Moscow.

Perhaps Mr. Nisanov was not particularly happy about this coincidence. Is it much easier to organize a more complex system for carrying out all the same operations, "Airplane" (or rather, will it be Nisanov?) Needed a bank of Mr. Bogachev, not alien to various kinds of financial manipulations involving offshore companies?